How Long Does Twitter Follow Limit Last | Complete Guide

To stay up-to-date on the issues or persons you’re interested in, you must follow the accounts related to them on Twitter. On Twitter, there is a limit to the number of accounts you can follow. This is done to prevent spam and abuse of Twitter following policy and ensure the site’s dependability. All you need to know is how long Twitter follow limit lasts.

Each Twitter account has a maximum limit of 5,000 accounts that it can follow. If this limit is reached, you might have to wait until your account gains more followers before you can follow additional accounts. The specific number is determined individually for each account and is based on the ratio of followers to accounts that the account is following.

Due to the one-sided nature of Twitter followers, we’ve also implemented some guidelines for following accounts to encourage genuine interactions. We provided a complete guide on how long Twitter follow limit last below. Keep reading!

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How Many People Can I Follow On Twitter?

How long does Twitter follow limit last is one of the most important activities that accounts perform to discover current trends and what people do.

follow on twitterEvery Twitter account has a daily following limit of 400 accounts. Some ratios become effective while following a certain number of accounts and daily limits. Each Twitter account can follow up to 5,000 accounts. Twitter wants to prevent the unauthorized use of the following to safeguard the integrity of the service. Technical limitations exist to stop such occurrences.

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What Are Twitter’s Following Limitations?

According to Twitter, there is no restriction on the total quantity of accounts a person can follow. You can generally follow as many profiles as you want. There are various restrictions, such as daily caps and ratio caps, on the speed of your next action:

Twitter Follow Limit: Daily Twitter Follower Cap

You can implement up to 400 accounts daily with a standard Twitter account.

twitter follow limit

An authentic profile may follow up to 1,000 Twitter users per day.

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Twitter Follow Limit: Twitter Follower Ratio Cap

It may be necessary to wait until you have followed a certain percentage of Twitter accounts before you can follow new accounts. You should add more followers after achieving 5000 friends or followers to balance the two. After that, you can keep following new Twitter accounts.twitter follower ratio cap

The ideal Twitter follower ratio varies from account to account on Twitter because each has unique friends and followers. Twitter calculates this based on the specific number of followers you have in your account.

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The Twitter Follow Rules

Twitter has a set of rules on how long Twitter follows the limit last, which is valid to prevent any conduct that would discourage users from participating in the public discourse there. Twitter prohibits posting content that promotes harassment and violence.

twitter follow rulesThese Twitter policies include cautions against dishonest followings, which could result in suspending your account. The goal of Twitter policies on the abuse of the following action is to prohibit spam and platform manipulation.

Twitter follow limit ratio relates to “misuse of Twitter product features” in terms of manipulating the platform and breaking Twitter policies. One of Twitter’s functions, “Following,” has the potential to be abused.

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How Is Twitter’s Following Feature Mistreated?

Twitter says the following accounts can’t post or interact in certain ways. The following are examples of probable deceptive behavior:

  • “Follow churn” refers to increasing your followers by following many accounts and then unfollowing themfollow and unfollow limits
  • Following and unfollowing many accounts in a short amount of time.
  • Taking on the followers of another Twitter account.twitters following feature
  • Employing a service that creates followers.

In light of this, Twitter may display the message “You are not able to follow more individuals now.” in its “Follow limit” warning. When a ratio changes, you will receive this alert.

How Long Does Twitter Follow Limit Last?

You might have finished all your daily Twitter follow limits. If this is the case, you will be able to follow any more accounts on Twitter for a part of the day. It’s possible you connected too many accounts. After an hour or so, you’ll still be able to follow Twitter profiles. You may have hit the maximum follower-to-follower ratio on Twitter. If your account gains new followers, you may follow fewer accounts or stop following any accounts.

twitter's follower capTwitter’s functionality is restricted to locked accounts. Twitter may have placed Twitter follow limits on or even suspended your account. Twitter took this action because your account violates Twitter’s Rules or Terms of Service. The uses of accounts that got restricted in a way are also restricted. The following operation is part of the restricted Twitter functionalities.


How do I bypass Twitter's arbitrary limit of 5000 followers?

There is no way around the restriction, and the Twitter support team cannot lift the restriction. After gaining additional followers, the ratio will be reset, and you'll be able to resume following people.

Why is it that Twitter only allows you to follow 5000 members?

You may need to gain new followers once you've amassed 5,000 friends or followers. As time goes on, you can keep adding new Twitter accounts to your list of followers.

How many Twitter followers are lost every day?

Attempting to follow more than 2,000 users on Twitter may result in an error notice. You can only follow a maximum of 1,000 people daily, in addition to 10,000 people.

For what reason do I constantly reach Twitter Follow Limit?

You may receive a notification that your account's characteristics got limited for a period that varies depending on the nature of the violation if your account appears to have showcased forceful following or forceful engagements (including likes, Retweets, as well as Quote Tweets), in infringement of the Twitter Rules.

If you have 10,000 Twitter followers, what do you do then?

You can now make money off of your tweets in this manner on Twitter if you possess over 10,000 followers. Super Follows is a new Twitter tool that lets select users charge others for access to subscriber-only material.


Twitter has become useful as a platform to cultivate connections for various purposes. The more individuals desire to be on Twitter, whether for business or pleasure, the more active the platform will become. Knowing what a Twitter user may and cannot do is essential for either Twitter account. Understanding the limitations and potential of Twitter for professional company accounts is vital. Your brand’s influence in the market may weaken or grow.

Familiarity can affect your Twitter strategy with this function. A Twitter user is subject to several restrictions; among the most significant ones is the number of people they can follow. The more you know how long does Twitter’s follow limit lasts, the better it will be for you. The reliability of your brand’s Twitter account’s followers might be enhanced by mastering the follow limit on Twitter.

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