The Best Car Channels On Youtube [Updated List]

YouTube is ideal for viewing movies about cars and other vehicles. Automotive video on YouTube has developed from basic automobile vlogs to highly-produced, personalized programs with their special slant and hook, all while straddling the border between mainstream and subculture. The post describes the best car channels on youtube.

There are numerous automobiles available on YouTube, whether repairing or modifying automobiles and off-road vehicles interests you or ning how to live with multi-million dollar supercars. Here are some top automotive youtube channels you should watch, like Chris fix, Donut Media, Jerry on youtube, Doug DeMuro, Hoonigan, and more below.

carsHowever, we’ve chosen the best car channels on YouTube to satisfy your passion for cars. So let’s go! And don’t forget to check out our top pick for Business Channels On YouTube! 

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The 7 Best Car Channels On Youtube Are-

One by one. All the top youtube car channels are explained below in detail.


ChrisFix is the go-to source for more pragmatic viewers that require auto repair guidance. The channel’s hundreds of videos provide instructions, from fixing an exhaust leak to utilizing a diagnostic instrument.

chrisfix youtubeChris Magello, born in New Jersey, keeps a low profile in his movies and doesn’t appear in front of the camera. Instead, he records from his point of view. You can have an immersive experience with car maintenance and take in all the details.

Visit: ChrisFix – YouTube

Motor Trend Channel

MotorTrend Channel is a channel you must subscribe to if you love vehicles. One of the most popular Car YouTube channels is the Motor Trend channel, which is understandable given that it is powered by, the world’s largest auto magazine. The video topics include everything from test drives and reviews of new cars to entire feature films about cars. The Motor Trend Channel offers a variety of automotive shows, including “Head 2 Head” and “Ignition.”

motor trendBy subscribing to the Motor Trend Channel, you can see its selection of interesting movies and stay up to date on all the most recent automotive news. Supercars, hypercars, concept cars, and more are featured on the channel worldwide. One of its most spectacular and distinctive attractions is the World’s Greatest Drag Race movies on the Motor Trend Channel. A runway at an airport serves as the racetrack for some of the most powerful cars in existence.

Visit: MotorTrend Channel – YouTube

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Doug DeMuro

DeMuro is one of the top car YouTubers. The multi-talented Doug DeMuro is a writer, YouTuber, businessman, and general gearhead. Before working as an automotive journalist for publications like Jalopnik, DeMuro was a Porsche employee. The San Diego-based content creator now creates amusing and insightful reviews using the expertise he has acquired over his work in the auto industry. DeMuro’s evaluations have a distinctive vibe because of his near-encyclopedic knowledge and his ability never to take himself too seriously.

doug demuroWhile the channel focuses primarily on high-end supercars and exotics, there are occasionally movies on incredibly common vehicles (often known as “cheap cars”) and luxury automobiles, trucks, and SUVs. DeMuro also occasionally throws in some absurd car stunts to keep things interesting.

Visit: Doug DeMuro – YouTube

Donut Media 

Donut Media is the best option if you want entertainment in addition to guidance. The L.A.-based team, led by hosts James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes, will make you laugh as they explore every corner of the automobile industry.

donut mediaThe Donut Media team worked very hard to create videos epitome of infotainment. These people cram the data into several series, such as the off-road-focused HiLow or the more journalistically-oriented Wheelhouse. At the same time, their editing team adds the perfect graphics, effects, and cuts to keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Visit: Donut Media – YouTube


Any automotive enthusiast must watch this channel because it comes under the best car channels on youtube. The biggest and finest vehicle stunts, drifting, drag racing, and other activities are all captured in its recordings. Their “Gymkhana Ten” video, in which Ken Block cruises Los Angeles in his all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR V2, is a masterpiece.

hoonigan carsOn YouTube, it is getting close to 50 million views. Daily Transmission, one of the several video series available on the channel, contains anything from drifting in vintage muscle cars to cruising through the streets of Los Angeles. Additionally, there are web series like Build Biology, Donut Garage, and Field Trip.

This is the channel to watch if you want to see street racers perform wild stunts in various vehicles while drifting around curves.

Visit: Hoonigan – YouTube

Jerry Pan and Cars on Youtube

This choice might be biased, but stick with us!

Although having a better grasp of cars might help you drive more safely, owning a car involves more than just knowing how it operates. Visit Jerry’s YouTube channel if you need guidance or are new to auto insurance.

jerry pan and carsIn addition to answering frequently asked concerns about various forms of coverage and offering helpful advice on lowering your premiums, our movies also help illustrate the advantages of using the Jerry app. Could you take a look at them by scrolling?

Visit: Jerry Pan and CARS – YouTube

Engineering Explained

The most comprehensive channel on this list is Engineering Explained. The owner and face of the channel, Jason Fenske, covers everything from the newest models to how car parts work. The most complex automobile topics are made understandable by Fenske. For an example of what a mechanical engineer is capable of, watch the movie he created above, showing the dangers of hydrogen combustion engines.

engineering explainedMost of the videos on this channel are narrowly focused on a subject, such as the operation of four-wheel-drive systems or the reasons turbocharged engines are more economical than naturally aspirated ones. But he also has a series where he looks at the connection between drag racing and aerodynamics. A further one examines the effectiveness of various transmission systems.

The weekly videos about Jason’s work are in addition to these series. He constructed an electric vehicle using an EV West kit from a Porsche 911 Turbo. Additionally, he is constructing a Tesla Model S drivetrain to be installed in his Mazda Miata.

Visit: Engineering Explained – YouTube


Which automobile evaluation is most accurate?

One of the most relied-upon resources for auto pricing used by individuals buying or selling cars is the Kelley Blue Book, along with its equally well-liked website. Kelley evaluates the following values: certified pre-owned (CPO) value, suggested retail value, private party value, and trade-in value.

Are automobile appraisals negotiable?

You can bargain, of course. Jones advises against accepting the first offer. 'It's doubtful the dealership will make the initial offer that gives you the most money for your automobile,' Jones advises being ready to justify.

Which sort of car is the rarest?

The world's top five most unique automobiles 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé by Mercedes-Benz This vehicle is the rarest and the most expensive. F1 McLaren LM. Type 41 of Bugatti (Royale) Veneno from Lamborghini 250 GTO Ferrari.

Which automobile is the least produced?

The answer is A $35 million Rolls-Royce 15 horsepower. In Manchester, England, in 1904, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce created their first automobile, the Rolls-Royce 15 horsepower. One of the oldest and rarest automobiles globally, the Rolls-Royce 15 hp is one of only six that were ever produced.

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It can take time to decide which instructional and top car channels to watch on YouTube. To test whether other options work, feel free to try out more options. We decided to showcase the best that the platform offers with this guide to the best car channels on youtube because this industry has recently reached its most competitive moment.

With the help of this list of the top 7 best car youtube channels, we hope you can identify the ones you like the most. Through this post, We sincerely hope you’ve discovered a new resource for car-related news, information, reviews, and analysis that suits your needs.

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