8 Best Crochet YouTube Channels To Follow In 2024

If you are creative and love DIY crafts, you must have thought about learning crochet as a hobby. But crocheting is more complex than it looks and needs your time and patience with some good resources. Nowadays, you can find tutorials on everything on Youtube, and crochet is not far behind. But many videos are available online, so how do you decide which are the best crochet Youtube channels?


Some of the most popular Youtube channels that create video tutorials on crochet and knitting are Bella Coco, The Crochet Crowd, Happy Berry Crochet, Jayda InStitches, Marly Bird, Moogly, AllFreeCrochet, and Atreyu Crochet.

These channels provide the best stepwise tutorials and new crochet project concepts and patterns to learn from. So get ready to learn in detail about these channels and pick your preference from the list.

Bella Coco

Bella Coco is one of the best crochet YouTube channels. The channel displays videos mostly focused on crochet and craft. Bella Coco is hosted by British blogger Sarah-Jayne Fragola who is very clear and precise in her tutorials and uses both British and American crochet terms.  

There are multiple playlists suitable for beginners, especially Absolute Beginner’s Playlist and Absolute Beginners, and there are many new ideas for everyday crocheters. The channel also consists of some stitch and pattern tutorials. 

bella coco youtube

Bella Coco was launched on Youtube in July 2007; however, the first tutorial was published in 2013. Since then, the channel has developed a new crochet video every week. The step-by-step tutorials are easy to follow, and most have more than 1 million views. Currently, Bella Coco has over 1 million subscribers with 123,821,599 total views.

Visit: Bella Coco

The Crochet Crowd

The Crochet Crowd has the best crochet tutorials for everyone who wants to learn crocheting. Hosted by Canadian YouTuber Michael Sellick, aka Mikey, the channel boasts videos ranging from beginner guides, stitching lessons, and new ideas and instructions for crochet projects. One of their playlist, How To Crochet For Beginners With Stitch Tutorials, has some of the most thorough and instructive tutorials for beginners. Other videos describe basic terms and tools used for crocheting.

the crochet crowd youtube

Since its beginning in 2008, The Crochet Crowd has become one of the most popular crochet YouTube channels, with more than 1 million subscribers and over 16 million views. All the videos on this channel are in English and mostly come with subtitles. However, you can watch these videos in 35 other languages.

Visit: The Crochet Crowd

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Happy Berry Crochet

Hosted by British Youtuber Laura Eccleston, HappyBerry Crochet has some of the best crochet videos on Youtube. There are videos for every level of crocheting, starting from beginner to expert. You can also learn amigurumi patterns, advanced stitching techniques, and other crafts. 

happy berry crochet youtube

HappyBerry Crochet was launched in August 2011 and had approximately 848,000 subscribers and 92,001,089 views. The videos are presented in English and incorporate UK and US crochet vocabulary.

Visit: Happy Berry Crochet

Jayda InStiches

Jayda InStitches is a Canadian channel with some amazing Youtube crochet tutorial videos. You will find knitting tips, ideas for new patterns, and overall video tutorials for everyone, regardless of age or expertise.

jayda institches youtube

As one of the best crochet Youtube channels, their videos are super fun and easy to follow. The channel develops new weekly lessons and gives crocheting tips and tricks through live streams. These video tutorials are very simplistic in their approach and very instructive. Jayda InStitches has approximately 488,000 subscribers and 56,687,944 views.

Visit: Jayda InStitches

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Marly Bird

Passionate about knitting and crocheting, Marly Bird started her career in 1999 as an artisan and crochet designer. She started her YouTube channel in June 2014, which now has some enormously popular Youtube crochet tutorials. She comes up with basic and advanced crocheting techniques on her channel with detailed tutorials. 

marly bird youtube

Her cheerful and approachable personality adds a distinct charm to her videos and makes them likable instantly. These videos are really helpful for beginners who want to learn crocheting. One of the channel’s playlists, Beginners Basic Crochet, has the best crochet tutorials on Youtube. Marly Bird’s Youtube channel currently has approximately 285,000 subscribers and 20,734,169 views. 

Visit: Marly Bird


A list of best crochet Youtube channels is complete with mentioning Moogly. Blogger Tamara Kelly hosts this channel. Tamara started her knitting business in 2011 and came up with her Youtube channel the next year. 

moogly youtube

Moogly comes up with new crochet projects frequently and uploads video tutorials for beginners and expert crocheters. Tamara also shares her original designs and patterns on the channel. The videos are crafted differently for left-handed and right-handed designing tutorials, which is very thoughtful. This very popular channel has around 194,000 subscribers and 23,747,799 views.

Visit: Moogly

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AllFreeCrochet is a channel that is a treat for crochet lovers. It has over 10,000 video tutorials on crocheting, free crochet designs, etc., for beginners and skilled crocheters—all types of crochet designs in their videos, from Afghan to Tunisian. 

allfreecrochet youtube

The channel also provides tutorials for knitting scarves, shawls, ripple afghans, hats, etc. Since its start in 2010, AllFreeCrochet has attracted around 168,000 subscribers and 19,563,053 views.

Visit: AllFreeCrochet

Atreyu Crochet

Atreyu is a crochet artist who believes that crocheting is not meant for women only. He is a crochet designer who loves to share his designs and patterns and teach crocheting to people who are eager to learn. It is good to see male crocheters intending to teach this topic alongside women.

atreyu crochet youtube

It’s a great channel for beginners to understand the fundamentals of crocheting and knitting. Atreyu’s tutorials are super simple and funny, and anyone intending to learn will enjoy the lessons, which are easy to follow. The channel currently has 11.4k subscribers and produces new videos weekly.

Visit: Atreyu Crochet

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What things should a beginner start crocheting?

While starting, a beginner should crochet a simple scarf or any small rectangular thing. These projects let you refine your crocheting skills and are easier to try while starting out.

Which are some good crochet websites?

These are some popular crochet websites: Knit Picks, Ravelry, We Crochet, Lion Brand, Free Patterns.com, Moogly, etc.

What are the best crochet ideas for beginners?

Some crochet projects you can try out as a beginner are: Crochet dishcloths, Crochet Christmas Baubles, Crochet bobble headbands, infinity scarfs, crochet beanies, etc.

How much time does an average person take to learn crocheting?

You can learn basic crochet stitches in 1-2 days with good practice. However, complex stitches and techniques take more time. It may take a week to months, depending on the complexity and time you can spare.


We hope you find this list of the best crochet Youtube channels helpful. If you are a beginner interested in learning crochet skills, then you can pick any channels mentioned in this article. However, you can choose the channels and content per your preference and choose the best resources to get going. Our top picks are Bella Coco, the Crochet Crowd, and Moogly. If you’re interested in art as well, you make check out some of the top art history channels on youtube.

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