The 8 Best Ever Funny Faces Apps For Android | 2023

In this modern era of chatting, searching and surfing technology and social media play a vital role. Not only loved by youngsters but also by elders Social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat are must-have applications in a smartphone. We all are aware of different apps or commonly known as apps which are freely and readily available in your android phones. However, the most lovable ones are the funny faces apps to improve everyday lifestyle.

Among all apps, Different and distinct Funny face application are available on android which makes your photo experience much more better and real. Face apps help you make your photos more attractive, funny, fun and enables you to grab those extra likes on your social media platform. Additionally, You can click or edit pre-clicked pictures on your phone stored in your gallery. You can also have fun by using baby face generators.

However, Some apps are so amazing that it will just change your photo clicking experience forcing you to click/change more and more photos. So, Be ready to activate that great photographer or editor within you with these funny fave applications.

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Here are Funny Faces Apps for your Smartphones

The following are the eight best ever funny face apps for Android . These apps can enlighten your social media wall with amazing features they provide.

Funny Face Maker App

So the first app which hits the list is Funny face maker. This app is a perfect blend of funny face app and photo editor . You can add special effects and filter to your photo Cropping and resizing your photo will be much more fun with this funny face maker.

Funny Face Maker

And like the cherry on the cake, this app is absolutely free you can download it with a press of your button easily.

Download : Funny Face Maker App

Face swap app

As the name suggested face swap gives you a fantastic experience by swapping your face with real-time and surroundings. Whether it be your friends or relatives, you can swap your face anytime, anywhere. Face swap is one of the most loved face apps.

Face Swap App

This app doesn’t include unnecessary features that make it easier to use. The app free to use and readily available at your play store present in your android phones.

Download : Face Swap App

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Face changer app

Ever wondered how people manage to look so stunning in their photos than in real life. Being little chubby in real and toned in reel life is just magic done with the help of face changer help. This app is perfect for someone who wants little fun with a serious makeover to their photos.

Face Changer App

You can easily be skinny and sexy. Chubby and hottie with this face changer app as it changes your face quickly. You can also change the photos stored in your gallery. It is available absolutely free in your play store.

Download : Face Changer App

Ugly Camera App

With ugly camera app being ugly is no worse. Being ugly will turn into myth. With the help of ugly camera app, you can instantly add a funny twist to your photos. It can just add some volume to your eyes thin your lips at the same time making your face little ugly, but weird there is lot more fun you can do with this app.

ugly camera app

With your phone camera, you can directly take photos using the unpleasant camera app feature. This is among the best Funny Face apps that is also free of cost and readily available.

Download : Ugly Camera App

Animal Faces App

Everybody loves animal but adding some features of the animal to your photo or face is add fun to your photo. You can choose over 90 styles of animal faces which can make monkey within giggles instantly.


You can click the photo in real-time or can use this filter on pre-loaded photos. This app is available on both android and IOS free of cost.

Download : Animal Faces App

Clown face changer App

The clown is a word that is associated with fun. And clown face changer helps you to add that little fun to your photos. Lots of options to choose from, loaded with many features make this app more unique.


This app is must amazing for kids. Freely available and easy to use .

Download : Clown Face Changer App


One of the most popular funny face apps is face app which gives rise to many funny memes on social networking sites. This app provides you with the feature of getting old not in the ages but within a second. You can select or click the picture to have a look at how amazing you look in your old avatar.

Face App

Rated top among all face apps , this is among the funniest of the Funny Face apps is freely available in play store! It is a must-try app.

Download : FaceApp

YouCam makeup- makeover App

This for all those sexy but lazy girls out there who are tired of spending too much time and money on makeup. Youcam makeup app is just perfect for giving you that makeup glam look on the go. Additionally, Features like lipstick shade eyeshadow shade and many more will provide you with a makeup look.

youcam makeup

Therefore, This app can detect and apply makeup to your face without any hassle. And also, Available readily and free of cost for all android phones.

Download : YouCam Makeup- Makeover App


These were some of the amazing Funny Faces apps to brighten your mood and face of course.

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