If you click good photos, you need a good photo viewer in your computer to enhance them.
As we all know, the basic photo viewer which everyone is familiar with is the Windows Photo Viewer. It provides all the necessary functionalities like simple view, slide show, photo printing, sharing via emails, etc. But lately, Microsoft has upgraded their photo viewer from Windows Photo Viewer to something called Photos. Though not liked much by the users, it is the default application for Windows 10. Apart from the default software which Microsoft provides, there are a number of choices and alternatives which have proven to be more user friendly. Find the Best Photo Viewer for yourself with this article.

Top 5 Best Photo Viewer

Here are the 4 best tested Photo Viewers for the best photo viewing experience. Choose the best one for yourself.


Old is always gold and IrfanView proves this in every way. It was first launched in 1996 and is still one of the most popular photo viewers. It is available for free. Most important advantage of IrfanView is that it is simple and reliable.


IrfanView is the Best Photo Viewer and optimized software for fast image display and loading times. It comes with all basic editing tools like resizing, cropping, red-eye detection, rotation, etc.

User can create a slideshow with an audio file in the background. Slideshows can contain video clips too.

It supports various file types and image formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, APNG, TIFF, ECW, raw photo formats from digital cameras, etc.

The current version of IrfanView is 4.52 which is suitable for all Windows versions.

Download IrfanView here

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HoneyView Image Viewer

If you are still not used to the absence of Windows Photo Viewer, HoneyView can fulfil your demands. Basically, it provides a similar kind of environment.

HoneyView Image Viewer
HoneyView Image Viewer

Some basic functions of this Photo Viewer include features like rotation, resizing, fitting the image by height and width percentages, zoom in and zoom out, etc.

It is good for users which like doing tasks in one stroke of key.

Major file formats supported by HoneyView are JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, etc.

There are no advanced editing tools available.

The latest version available is 5.31.

Download HoneyView Image Viewer here

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FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone is a free and open source tool. This Best Photo Viewer provides a relatively faster high quality image viewing. It is stable and reliable. It supports multi-monitor configuration, colour space management, magnifier lens, etc.

FastStone Image Viewer
FastStone Image Viewer

The most appreciable feature of FastStone is it supports batch renaming and converting. User can also have a portable version in a flash drive which can run without installation.

The files can be directly attached to emails. Drag/Drop and Copy/Move features are also available. Also, it supports many languages.

FastStone supports all measure image formats like JPG, PCX, GIF, TIFF, WMF, ICO, etc.

For educational and non-commercial use, a latest version 6.6 is available.

Download FastStone Image Viewer here

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XnView is one of the Best Photo Viewer and editing software as well as it works as an image organizer and a general purpose file manager. Some of its built-in features include batch renaming, hex inspection, screen capturing.


Previously it was available for UNIX as well. It is a robust software and supports multiple languages. Most of its features are similar to IrfanView but comparatively it is fast and the image rendering quality is good.

XnView can be used as a portable version too. Raster images can be edited using this software. It supports large file format base.

It supports all the image formats which are close to around 500.

Download XnView here


If you are someone who uses photo viewers and photo editors very frequently, you must be familiar with picasa.

It is one of the most well known photo viewing software of all times. It scans every image from your device and helps you arrange them in a timeline format so that you do not have to search for images in various folders.


It also offers options to crop,cut and edit your images with various filters. You can also set privacy options by selecting which drivers and folders to be accessed by the software.

Download Picasa here


Here are some of the Best Photo Viewers that are tested and compiled so that you can chose the best suited one for yourself, now stop worrying about arranging images among folders and drivers for a better view, just download any of these software and you are good to go.


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