How To Set Pattern Lock For WhatsApp | 2024

How to set a pattern lock for WhatsApp? Nowadays, if someone tells you to stop using your WhatsApp for a few days, you will feel like some of your body parts are missing. In previous eras, communication was mainly carried out through letters. Then’ its place was taken by new tech like SMS. But now, it is overpowered by WhatsApp due to its very usefulness. WhatsApp lets users send messages, pictures, and videos (GIFs). It can be a meaningful remedy for transmitting applicable content, photographs, or videos. It also offers privacy in the form of a Whatsapp Pattern Lock.


To Set Pattern Lock For WhatsApp, Tap More options > Settings > Privacy after opening WhatsApp. At the bottom, select App Lock.

But when you hand over your device to another user, it is likely to be the possibility of hampering or misusing the data when you are not around. WhatsApp does not have any locking measures for the app. So it is very crucial to use other means for securing WhatsApp; some apps are suitable for Whatsapp Pattern Lock with a password which is as follows

How To Set Pattern Lock For WhatsApp

Here are some of the methods using which you can successfully add Whatsapp Pattern Lock.

CM Security Antivirus AppLock (Now Security Master)

The user can get this app quickly on the Google Play store present on the mobile device. After opening Google Play, search for CM Security and install the app. Now, successfully open the app; it might consume some time at first start. Now the primary task comes, click on the lock type icon on the upper side of the screen; then, you will have to choose the checkbox in front of the different app icon to select which app password should be set.

cm security

Click the checkbox before WhatsApp and click the “Protect” button below. Then you choose the Whatsapp Pattern Lock again, draw it to confirm the pattern, and click the “Done“ button. Vola!!! Now you have set the password for WhatsApp, and currently, on Word, you have to draw a pattern to unlock it.

WhatsApp Lock

It is one of the most useful, secure apps for protecting your information on WhatsApp. Instead of the pattern, it asks for the 4-digit number or PIN (Personal Identification Number). The exciting feature of this app is that it takes a photo of the user if they entered the wrong password to prevent the hampering of data. This app is readily available on the Google Play store and has a straightforward interface. After installing the app, you will be notified regarding entering the “PIN” (to set PIN).

Then there are “On” or “Off” buttons available for the locking purpose; there is also an auto-lock system whose time you can set up to 15 minutes. So the only need is to hit the “On” button to set the WhatsApp lock.

whatsapp lock

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Lock For WhatsApp

This app also provides users with an excellent secure environment and Whatsapp Pattern Lock to avoid intrusion. Contrary to the WhatsApp lock, it Uses a pattern as a safety means, and you can easily download this app from the Play Store. After installing the app, you will get the window to set the pattern to unlock the lock. When the user has to accept the license agreement, only the user can access the settings.

lock for whatsapp

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Can we put password locks in WhatsApp?

You can protect your chats using the chat lock feature on Android or iPhone devices. The chat lock feature unlocks the messages using face ID, fingerprint, or passcode.

How can I use an additional app to set a pattern lock on WhatsApp?

Download a trusted app like 'AppLock' from your device's app store to set a pattern lock for WhatsApp using an app. Install, set a pattern, and grant permissions. In the app's settings, select WhatsApp to apply the lock. Your chats will be protected by the pattern you've set through the app.

How can I lock my WhatsApp chat without any app?

Though WhatsApp doesn't offer a chat lock feature, you can lock WhatsApp in the latest update. Please ensure your WhatsApp is up-to-date and select the chat you wish to enhance security for. Next, in the info section, choose Chat Lock Set the Chat lock by entering the password, fingerprint, or face ID.

Is using a third-party app to lock WhatsApp safe?

Employing trustworthy application-locking applications can introduce an additional level of security. Nevertheless, practice prudence and opt for highly-rated apps from reliable origins to sidestep potential hazards. Continuously remain attentive to the permissions you authorize and update the application to uphold your protection.