Learn How To Remove Contact From WhatsApp But Not From Phone

WhatsApp is a well-known chatting, voice, and video calling app. Also, people can share videos, photos, and audio with each other over WhatsApp chats. Despite all that, do we know how to remove a contact from Whatsapp but not from a phone? Learn how to fix grainy pictures.

There are several ways of removing a contact from WhatsApp. We can remove the connection from the phonebook and instead save the number in notes for future reference. This way, contact is deleted from WhatsApp automatically since it is out of the phonebook. One can also block the phone number on WhatsApp if they don’t need it on their WhatsApp contact list. 

These are a few methods for how to remove contacts on WhatsApp. For further assistance, the article given below will guide you.

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How To Remove Contact From WhatsApp But Not From A Phone? 

There are a few ways to remove a contact from Whatsapp but not from the phone. So, When a contact is deleted from WhatsApp, the deleted contacts aren’t necessarily aware of it. Because they can still connect and converse as long as they aren’t restricted from using WhatsApp.

Below are specific ways to remove a contact from WhatsApp but not from the phone.

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Block The Contact On WhatsApp

I know what one must be thinking after reading this. Blocking a contact is unfair! Isn’t it? 

Blocking a contact on WhatsApp doesn’t necessarily mean we want them out of our contact list. Not. One can still be in contact even after the numbers are blocked in the WhatsApp contact list. After all, It is possible to keep in touch through phone calls and text messages.

Well, then, how to remove someone from WhatsApp by blocking them?

  1. Look out for the names to block 
  2. Open the chat box of the contact you want to block  open chat box
  3. Select the menu option which had three dots.
  4. Click on view contact open from the list. block option in whatsapp chat
  5. If you click, there will be a block option that will confirm blocking the contact selected.

After blocking the contact, we will notice that we cannot chat, check their status, and view their profile picture. Despite this, the contact will be there in the address book. Click here for the best Blue Light Filter for your PC.

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Delete The Contact From The Phone Book And Save It In The Notes

Deleting the contact from phonebooks is one of the methods where the contact is automatically removed from WhatsApp. 

The steps are explained below:

  1. Go through the contacts on your phone.
  2. Look out for the contact to be removed from the address book. view address book
  3. Look out for the edit option sign. delete in address book
  4. Click on it and delete the number from your address book.

To check if the contact has been removed, we can refresh WhatsApp, after which the deleted contact won’t be visible. Check the older version of WhatsApp in the settings options by refreshing contacts.

Need the contact number for future reference? Well, we can copy-paste the contact details and number in the notes option on the phone. Hence this is how to remove a contact from Whatsapp but not from the phone.

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Save The Contact Number On The SIM Card

This method will only work on the old versions Of WhatsApp.

One of the methods will work only on the older version of WhatsApp. There are specific steps to be followed, which are:

  1. One can click on the contacts from the settings options on the phone. 
  2. Go to display preferences/options.
  3. Put a tick on the phone contacts’ check box, which will display on WhatsApp.  tick show all contacts
  4. Check settings on WhatsApp.  settings on whatsapp
  5. Untick the show all contacts option.

 This way, the saved contacts on the phone will only be visible. Click here to learn if an Unknown Address Message is Not Found

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Deleting Contact From The WhatsApp Chat

Wondering how to remove a contact from WhatsApp but not from a phone by deleting a contact from WhatsApp chat?

Well, it is pretty quick and straightforward. 

  1. Scroll down the WhatsApp chat to find the contact to be deleted. scroll down chat
  2. Press the contact and hold it. It will reflect a delete icon on the bar on top.  press and hold
  3. Press the delete icon.

Hence This is how to remove a contact from WhatsApp, keeping it intact on the phone. Click here to learn simple ways to transfer text messages from Android To iPhone.

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How to delete WhatsApp contact not in address book?

It is possible to delete contacts from WhatsApp, skipping any changes in the address book. It is possible by blocking the particular number or contact so that it doesn't get deleted from your address book.

I don't want all my contacts on WhatsApp. What is the way out?

There are certain ways out to it: The simplest method is to remove the contacts from our address book on our device. For future reference, we can copy and paste those numbers and keep them in the notes section on our phones. Another way is by saving the numbers on the SIM card, which is possible but on the older version. Next, we can keep deleting the chats on WhatsApp in case we don't want them on our WhatsApp list. By blocking the contact on our WhatsApp, we can avoid keeping the number on our WhatsApp list. So, this is how to delete WhatsApp contact.

What is visible to the contact list on WhatsApp?

last seen, profile picture, statuses, etc., are visible to the contact list on WhatsApp. By changing the settings to my contacts or my contacts except for options, we can modify it.

How to modify the controlling of contacts?

Go to the settings options followed by the accounts option. Click on the privacy option. We can change the last seen, profile photo, about, and status options as per our preference by clicking on them.

Do the deleted contacts come to know about them being deleted from someone's WhatsApp?

The deleted contacts will not come to know that they are removed from anyone's WhatsApp. It will still be possible for the deleted contact to send messages, calls, etc. this is why they do not come to know about their removal from WhatsApp.

Is it possible to be tracked on WhatsApp?

Since the time end-to-end encrypted has paved its way, things have become much safer and more secure. That is, not everyone can see the location other than those with whom they live location has been shared.

Why does WhatsApp need an internet connection to work with?

Whatsapp requires an internet connection for communication. An internet connection is a key to using WhatsApp.

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To sum up, Whatsapp is easy to use and is free of cost. Millions of people use it. It just needs a phone number to sign up, and the rest is pretty quick to grasp. Whatsapp, like any other social media app, keeps us connected to people all across the globe. Due to the rapid advancements in technology and functionality today, we depend on these apps to keep us current and in touch with our surroundings. Also, learn 5 methods on how to Block Text Messages on Samsung.

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