Best Chinese Board Games Of 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

Chinese Board games were invented as a way to bring people together. They have always served as games that can help people bond, pass the time and even develop specific skills. Board games and online slots are like puzzles because they require players to think strategically and be creative to win the game.

Here are the best Chinese board games:

  • Mahjong
  • Chinese CheckersFF
  • Wei Qi
  • Xiangqi
  • Pai Gow

While various board games are available, Chinese board games seem to have made a mark on consumers. Let’s check out some of the best board games from China.

Why Play Chinese Board Games?

A consumer indeed has many options when choosing a board game. However, these China board games promise to be very innovative and creative. Though the complexity of these games might be difficult to understand, they do not require a great amount of investment and can even be made at home! Every age range will be able to fit in here.

chinese board games

Games such as Pai Gow and Xiangqui have helped people develop focus and improve their decision-making and strategizing skills. In this context, there is no doubt that these games will be popular and more so in the year 2024.

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List Of Popular Chinese Board Games

There are many Chinese board games, so let’s look at some of the most played ones.


Believed to have been made in 500 BCE and designed by the great philosopher Confucius, this ancient Chinese game is based on a tile format and has undergone evolutions since its inception. Initially designed to have three tile sets, its current format uses multiple tilesets called Peng He Pai.

mahjong game

The main goal is to assemble four sets with different styles and a pair. The game involves a minimum of four players and a total of 136 tiles divided into the form of circles, characters, and bamboo. It also includes dragon tiles and wind tiles. The game commences by distributing 13 tiles to the players and 14 tiles to the dealer nominated from among the players. Also, you can play games like Mahjong which are equally fun.

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Chinese Checkers

Every player adores Chinese checkers because it is one of the most well-known board games. It has a board in the shape of a star and accommodates up to 6 players.

chinese checkers

The number of players has to be even, i.e., in sets of 2, 4, or 6. Each player has marbles that need to move entirely to the other players’ end. A player must move all their marbles first to ensure victory.

Contrary to popular opinion, Chinese Checkers originated in the United States of America as early as 1883. It later became Germany in the 1890s and was commonly called Stern-Halma.

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Wei Qi – A Classic Chinese Board Game

Wei Qi is among the most popular Chinese board games, is older than Mahjong, and is perhaps the oldest board game ever invented. Its origin dates back to 2300 BCE. This game has found mentioned in Japanese as well as Korean literature.

wei qi

Typically, the objective of this game is to surround your opponent as quickly as possible. Like in Chess, Wei Qi also plays between two players. Here, however, the player with black stones makes the first move. The aim is to surround your opponent’s stone and “capture” it.

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Analogous to modern Chess, this game, Xiangqi, contains more or less the same characters, a king, elephants, bishops, and pawns. It, however, has a few differences.


In Xiangqi, a king cannot directly check another king, and a player cannot attack a defenseless piece. A checkmate or even a stalemate can result in victory. This game bases itself completely on strategy and dynamic thinking.

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Pai Gow

Pai Gow, which can be called a Casino in the simplest sense. It consists of 32 tiles, each with around 2 to 12 spots. Each tile is given a rank, and every tile is part of a pair. Thus, 16 pairs are ranked in order. The highest rank for any pair is 9. This game also belongs to one of the commercially famous Chinese board games,

 pai gow

If you’re looking for something fast-paced and exciting, there are many online casino games you can try (be sure to check the gambling laws in your area first). These can offer similar thrills and strategic thinking challenges, but with a modern twist. Just remember to gamble responsibly!

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Feilong is an extremely real board game that tests players on their knowledge of the history of China. It contains an exhaustive set of question cards divided into three difficulty levels.


These questions will make a player put on their thinking hat. The knowledge imparted by this game is such that even university students play Feilong to understand Chinese history better.

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Newer Variants

These were the list of board games that have existed traditionally and that every household enjoys even today. Apart from these, there also exists a range of board games that have been created in recent times and are in constant circulation; some of these are:

Gugong Chinese Board Game

Manufactured by Tasty Minstrel Games, this board promises to be an exhaustive play. The game is set in the 1570s depicting the rule of the Ming dynasty.

gugong game

Each player in the game resembles aristocratic Chinese families that must wage strategize to consolidate power and wealth. Any age group can play Gugong with a maximum of 5 players. 

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Lanterns Board Game

The Chinese obsession with colorful lanterns drifting through the night sky is not new. This tradition has been transformed into a game called Lanterns: The Harvest Festival.


This game celebrates harvest season, and players must carefully pile up tiles representing lanterns of different colors.

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Where can I get these games?

Today, online platforms and e-commerce websites like Amazon offer the availability of most Chinese games for ordering..

Do I need to know Chinese to play these games?

Even though these are board games in Chinese, most of them come in their English version distributed by various manufacturers. However, a non-English and non-Chinese version may seldom exist.

How expensive are these games?

The cost of each board game depends on its authenticity and type. For instance, games such as Mahjong and Pai Gow are a bit complex and traditional. As a result, you might have to pay extra. On the other hand, a game such as Chinese Checkers is very common and simple to understand, thus bearing a reasonable cost.

What is the Age Group to play these games?

All age group people can play this game. Most of the games mentioned above are tactic and require some level of intellectual maturity. On the other hand, anyone with basic game sense can play most of these games and find them enjoyable. Children, as well as adults, love to play games like Chinese Checkers.

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I hope this article helps people who are looking for a game that is not only fun but also challenging. These trivia Board games are a great way to spend time with friends and family. They can be a source of entertainment and mental stimulation. These board games are also educational and popular with students. You must choose the right game for yourself and your family members.

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