Chinese Music Apps to Download | 6 Best From 2024

We are aware of the fact of how huge the Chinese market is. So huge that it could outdo every other market in this world. The Chinese people have their own set of popular music apps, and the article aims to focus on six of the best Chinese Music Apps to download in 2024. Most of these Chinese music apps could be used by those who live outside of China.

Here is the list of best Chinese music apps in 2024:

  • KuGou Chinese Music App
  • QQ Music
  • KuWo Chinese Music App
  • NetEase Cloud Music
  • Xiami Music
  • Duo Mi Chinese Music App

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Top 6 Chinese Music Apps

Let us take a look at a list of the top 6 Chinese Music Apps in 2024:

KuGou Chinese Music App

The KuGou Chinese music app topped the list of the best Chinese Music Apps to download in 2024. The app is a hit among the huge audience that forms its fan following. The name means Cool Dog and has found a place among the local hipster population. What makes this app so loved by its users is its feature to integrate KTM streaming, through which the users get a chance to obtain song coins and can get the same converted into genuine currency.

kugou chinese music appBesides, the app seeks to engage its users by making it interactive through a social platform. The users can comment while listening to songs through bullet screens in such a way that it streams across the video. Isn’t that an amazing and unexpected feature?

Owing to all these attributes, the app has a whopping 228 million MAU and earns through Fanxing, its live streaming service.

Visit: KuGou

QQ Music

Second on the list, after the KuGou app, is the QQ music app, and both share a few common features. The app is a product of Tencent, which holds an influential place in the Chinese market and focuses on the urban strata of the country.

qq musicCurrently, this Chinese music streaming app for Android has about 211.43 million users and, evidently, has been a huge success. Initially, it was a mere instant messaging tool but later started offering articles to its users fond of reading. Not only that, it enables its users to watch music videos, concerts, and even interviews with famous international stars. This is definitely a top-tier feature that no other music app provides.

Lastly, it also provides an online payment service through which users can pay for concert tickets and whatnot!

Undoubtedly, the app deserves the second position under this comprehensive list.

Visit: QQ music

KuWo Chinese Music App

Another app that finds its place in the list of the top six Chinese Music Apps and has 107.72 million MAU is the KuWo app. The app focuses on KTV streaming and hosts a plethora of KTV tournaments with exciting cash rewards. Like all other music apps, KuWo offers its users to purchase and subscribe to songs and even comment through bullet screens. What makes it different is its streaming and broadcasting service that lets you watch well-liked shows and comedies at the ease of this app.


KuWo is a brand in itself and makes money with its in-app gaming aspect by coming up with its own branded headphones and speakers.

 Visit: KuWo

NetEase Cloud Music

This Chinese music app has a 62.7 million MAU and is the first music service Unicorn to secure RMB 750 million in Series A financing. The app is highly interactive and lets the users connect with performers who have their profiles made on the app. The app gives tough competition to others in line and focuses largely on promoting budding indie artists.

Another major quality that this Chinese music streaming app provides its users with is a feature called Run FM for joggers who wish to listen to music with a BPM rate that matches their running pace.

netease cloud musicKeeping aside its mainstream functions, the app allows its users to watch short videos and listen to podcasts. Also, Read this article about how these music channels have evolved.

Xiami Music

With 14.4 million MAU, the app is owned by the Chinese industry giant Alibaba and another app called Alibaba Planet

xiami musicThis free Chinese music app features a variety of emerging artists. It gives their talent a new platform by encouraging their original work. With its unique talent hunt program called The Undiscovered Nationwide Spotlight music program, users explore various artists and select favorites. This way, the app has undoubtedly won a million hearts!

Duo Mi Chinese Music App

With over three million copyrighted and wide ranges of music tracks and a free download feature, Duomi Music Player successfully comes in the top six Chinese music apps.

duo mi chinese appThe app makes downloading easy and effortless. The app user has millions of high-quality soundtracks to choose from. The interface is unique and allows the users to experience top-notch, undisturbed music. All the soundtracks are of premium quality with high bitrate playback, a pretty good deal!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can foreigners download Chinese music apps?

It is possible to download and utilize several Chinese music apps outside China. Some applications have expanded their services to include users outside of China because of the widespread appeal of Chinese music and the rising desire for foreign music in China.

What are the most popular Chinese music apps?

KuGou, QQ Music, KuWo, NetEase Cloud Music, Xiami Music, and Duo Mi are some of the most widely used music apps in China. These apps have a sizable user base, including services like streaming, downloading, social engagement, and carefully selected playlists.

How do I access and download Chinese music apps?

You can install Chinese music apps on your mobile device by downloading them from the appropriate app stores. Following installation, you can access the app by logging in with your credentials or making a new account.

Can I use Chinese music apps to listen to foreign music?

Besides Chinese tunes, many Chinese music apps provide an extensive range of foreign music. These apps know music's widespread appeal and cater to various user preferences.

How do Chinese music applications work?

Chinese music apps are programs created in China that let users stream, download, and enjoy musical works. These apps cater to the Chinese market and provide various Chinese songs and international music.


In conclusion, all the above-mentioned Chinese Music Apps are by far the best ones for any music lover to download immediately! Above all, as the industry is highly competitive, these apps have found themselves a firm place and are here to stay. Hope this article helps those keen to know and understand Chinese music via the Chinese song app. Discover all the popular Chinese songs now!

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