The 13 Best Guitar Apps For Android Users in 2024

Music brings harmony to the world because when words fail, music speaks, so learning any musical instrument is essential. Researching the world of music provides some really good apps that can be efficient.

Some of the Best Guitar Apps For Android Users are Backing Tracks Guitar Jam, B’ Metronome, Justin Guitar Beginner Lesson, Ultimate guitar tabs and chords, Yousician, etc.

The portability of having these jamming tools on the device makes it easier for passionate musicians and guitarists to learn and teach. Guitar apps can help you perfect your playing skills better and learn faster. 

Top 13 Guitar Apps For Android in 2024

Here is a list of the top 8 best guitar apps for all Android users:


Yousician, with a 4.⅕ score on the Google Play store, is an Award Winning Music Education app for guitarists. Additionally, This app is synchronized with the tracks of the songs, which exercises based on an individual’s skill level occupying a space of 60 MB.


Yousician has a flexible practice mode, giving us time to track down the song. Moreover, it adjusts the speed accordingly, ranking us on the challenge board. This app has a built-in tuner, auto speeder, and chord diagrams. Yousician plays through our device’s microphone giving us feedback and adjusting tracks accordingly. Finally, This app is mostly built for beginners and advanced guitarists, allowing everyone to learn guitar comfortably.

Visit: Yousician

Ultimate guitar tabs and chords

‘Ultimate guitar tabs and chords is yet another Android app with a 4.⅘ score designed for guitar learners. It has almost 400,000 pre-loaded songs with an additional feature of chord diagram fingering.

ultimate tabs and chords

This app has a playback feature with multiple instruments and a chord library with over 2 million guitar chords. Besides, it is free of cost on Play Store with the essential tools containing catalogs of acoustic, chords, tabs, and lyrics. In addition, there are different songs based on genre, tuning, and rating, and the feature of left-hand mode, makes it portable. To add a cherry on top, the tabs can be downloaded even if there is no internet connection making it easier and more comfortable.

Visit: Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Chords

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Justin Guitar Beginner Lesson

This is another guitar-learning app with a 4.6/5 star on the Google Play store. Justin Sandercore from Justin guides through the songs in a very interactive step-wise method creating a play-along style. This app gives a fundamental idea of guitar chords, tabs, scales, etc., at the beginning and keeps the learner engaged.

justin guitar lessons for beginners - europowen

The songs available are arranged and displayed in a play-along style, with tracks and lyrics adequately set. One can easily adjust the soundtracks and notes according to their taste on this one of the best guitar apps. This app gives an exclusive chord change counter and a self-assessment option where weekly records and points can be seen to keep a record of improvement. This thrilling app gives maximum knowledge and the advantage of learning guitar. 

Visit: Justin Guitar Beginner Lesson

B’ Metronome

B’ Metronome has a score of 4.7/5 on the Google Play store, and it is reliable with a feature of precise timing. This app is free. Build by a musician himself, and it has no ads. It occupies only 500 kB making it friendly and lightweight for Android users. If using a small screen, I must also grab your attention because it has sharp pixel graphics making it comfortable for us. The feature of tabs being fully customizable adds to the advantages that come with B’ Metronome. 


It is available in English, the most suited language and can be easily installed on Android.

The download link is safe and secure, making it easier to install. This app can be downloaded through the official site of B’ Metronome.

Visit: B’ Metronome

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Backing Tracks Guitar Jam

Backing Tracks Guitar Jam comes up with lots of jam music. This app is excellent for people wanting to learn jamming tricks, and solo songs and people wanting to excel in playing music through guitars. Unlike other Guitar apps, this app gives a feature of recording and listening to songs simultaneously correcting any errors made with sorting and filtration.

backing tracks guitar app

It has access to over 5000 guitar chords and 2000 scales with a backtrack including 30 different styles. The taste of genre, rock, jazz, blues, metal, pop, funk, etc., satisfies every individual’s taste. 

Visit: Backing Tracks Guitar Jam


Amplitube changes a phone into a mobile guitar and bass multi-effects processor offering digital versions of some amplifiers. This app has five amplifiers, two mics, and an operating guitar function. It gives everything required to create a dynamic tone, whether jazz, folk, country, or metal.amplitube This app is flexible, and we can enjoy the excellent quality Sonic, turning Android into a complete mobile musical instrument.

Visit: Amplitube

Songsterr Guitar Tabs and Chords

Songsterr Guitar Tabs and Chords has a score of 4.⅘ on the Google Play store with 500,000 tabs and chords with a feature of offline access to tracks and songs previously recorded. The loop function helps in the playback of selected measures repeatedly, and the solo feature allows us to hear one particular instrument at a time.songsterr

The application of this platform allows us to carry around the tablet or phone with guitar tabs of our choice, whether we play this instrument or not. Unlike other Guitar apps, this app has a separate section for favorite songs and history. This helps save the songs we have recorded and loved so we can use them later when required.

Visit: Songsterr Guitar Tabs and Chords

Andy Guitar

Unlike other guitar apps, it has a strikingly exceptional app that provides in-depth knowledge about learning how to play guitar.  Tutorial-based videos that this app contains will guide you from the beginner’s level until you master it.

justin guitar

You can have complete freedom in choosing the songs which you want to. Moreover, it comes with the added benefit of you being able to download the videos and access them offline.

Download: Andy Guitar App

Real Guitar

If you want to learn the chords and strumming to the tunes without an actual guitar, this app will transform that wish and give you a real-time experience.

real guitar app

It comes with many perks ranging from excellent sound quality, a user-friendly interface, numerous choices of chords, and features like recording your streams, which can be exported and shared.

Download: Real Guitar App 

Guitar Lessons by GuitarTricks

It is one of the best guitar apps you can find if you want to learn the art of playing guitar. This app offers a fantastic interface to high-quality content video tutorials with the best experiences, which will help you develop the desired skill sets.

guitar lessons by guitar tricks

You can access multiple videos of exciting exercises, though some of which need extra tools or an additional subscription.

Download: Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks App

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Another fantastic app packed with educational and easy-to-learn videos. Moreover, the interface is user-friendly, and even kids can easily comprehend the informative tutorials.

acoustic guitar lesson

The reviews for this guitar application give it an extra edge for the simplicity of it is being admired by its users, some of whom have ultimately acquired professional synergy of skills in playing guitars.

Download: Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Learn Guitar with Simulator

Apt for those at the beginning stage of learning how to hold a guitar and play the chords. This app comes with features that will help you test your knowledge. Here you can access various video lessons comprising the basics and multiple exercises to give you the hang of it. 

learn guitar with simulation

You can utilize the chord editor to edit and create your chords. In addition, The simulator mode enhances the high-end user interface and the excellent sound quality to help you navigate through a classic piece of melody. Finally, this is one of the best guitar apps ever used.

Download: Learn Guitar with Simulator App

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

It is probably one of the best guitar apps accessible on the Internet. It allows you to search for songs and utilize various tabs on the fly. You can benefit from this app if you are a busy teacher looking for a specific tab in minimal time.

ultimate guitar tabs

You can do the job without losing much time on the Internet while trying to find the chords of a song. Find it in your smartphone and access various features that tag along with this application.

Download: Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Chords App


Do guitar apps actually help?

It's a dual response: yes and no. Guitar learning apps do indeed prove effective and offer an enjoyable learning experience. However, it's essential to recognize the presence of more advantageous alternatives. These articles engage in a comparative analysis, juxtaposing the primary guitar app against the foremost guitar learning websites. This approach furnishes readers with comprehensive insights into the array of options available for guitar education.

Is Simply Guitar free?

You have access to various subscriptions and a free option, though it's important to recognize that the latter comes with limited functionality. Simply Guitar's free version allows you to progress through only a few very basic levels, offering a glimpse into the platform's offerings. For a more comprehensive experience, the available subscription plans provide broader benefits and features.

Where can I learn guitar on an Android app?

Whether you're a complete beginner embarking on your journey or an accomplished player seeking further progress, Yousician stands as the perfect app for mastering guitar playing. Through Yousician, you actively engage with well-known songs across various genres using your acoustic or electric guitar.

Is 'Guitar Band' free?

In Guitar Band Battle, players can enjoy a completely free-to-play setup, although it's noteworthy that real money transactions enable the acquisition of certain in-game items. You have the flexibility to manage and control these purchases directly on your device. Additionally, it's essential to maintain an active internet connection to fully immerse yourself in the game.


In conclusion, The list covers most of the popular and best guitar apps available for android users. Additionally, Make sure to check them out and upgrade your guitar skills!

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