Best APA Generator Tools For You to Download in 2024

APA stands for American psychological association. It is a popular writing style in academic and scientific journals and papers. Citing the source of the information mentioned in your journal or paper is the core principle of writing in APA style. Citing your source is valuable if you are working on an academic document. Thus, you must know about the best APA generator tools out there.

If you are making a conclusion or stating a fact, it is vital to give a relevant source of your information to back up the conclusion that you have made. Above all, you cannot use someone else’s information without giving them due credit in your academic paper. If you include such information in your project without citing its source, people will consider it plagiarism. You can even face legal charges if you publish your journal without proper citing. So, it is better to use a suitable APA Generator Tool. The best APA Generator Tools For Downloading are Bibme APA Generator Tool, Citation Machine, Citavi APA Generator Tool, Citefast, Citelighter, etc.

Finding and citing the source of information in your journal was a tedious task earlier as you had to go through all the journals and books published on that particular niche. It is not the case anymore. Thanks to the internet, many online citation and bibliography tools will help you in finding relevant citations and bibliography. Best APA Generator Tools are the easiest way to find a relevant source for backing up your journal. There are many APA generator tools out there.

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Best APA Generator Tools

Bibme APA Generator Tool


This is one of the best, most-used, and Best APA generator tools on the internet. This website finds relevant bibliography and citations required for your journal. This website is used by eLearning content developers a lot. E-Learning developers have to cite the information mentioned in the chapters and lessons to make it more trustworthy. This website also has a plagiarism checker, which will help determine if your project has any plagiarism. This website covers books, journals, websites, etc., as the source. It covers both digital and print formats of books, journals, etc. With such a wide range of sources, finding citations and bibliographies has never been this easy.

Visit: Bibme

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Citation Machine

The citation machine is one of the Best APA Generator Tools that are pretty popular. Thousands of researchers and academic writers use this website to find citations and bibliographies for their projects. Citing or giving credit to the person whose information you are including is ethical. You should give credit to that person for his hard work.

citation machine

You can now easily do so with the help of the Citation machine. This website covers thousands of journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. This website also has a plagiarism checker. This website’s valuable feature is the detailed guide that explains how to find citations using this website easily.

Visit: Citation Machine

Citavi APA Generator Tool

Citavi is a very popular APA generator tool. It has made different versions for students, researchers, organizations, and libraries. Whether you want to find a citation for your final year degree project or research, Citavi will help you find it. It has a free and paid version.


The design of the website is very user-friendly. This is a software that can be downloaded to your computer for free. You can find up to 100 references for free using the free version of Citavi. You will have to pay some money once these 100 references have been completed. Citavi can be run on PC with OS Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Visit: Citavi


The best thing about this website is the simple and user-friendly interface. On its homepage, you will find a citation-finding tool. All you ought to do is select the format and source before looking for a citation or bibliography.


You can search for references among thousands of books, journals, newspapers, etc. If you do not understand how to find citations using Citefast, you can watch the video tutorial on its website. This tutorial explains the process of finding citations in detail.

Visit: Citefast

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Citelighter is a complete digital writing solution. The website of Citelighter is very professional and well-designed. It is used by students, teachers, researchers, and writers equally. A demo and a paid version of this one of the Best APA generator tools exist. The free version has many great features. They posted a video to understand how to search for citations using this website.

best apa generator tool cite lighter

Citelighter automatically generates Bibliography for you. Moreover, this tool has won many awards in this category and has been the leading brand among all APA generator tools. Citelighter claims to be 80% cheaper than all the other paid APA generator tools.

Visit: Citelighter


Ottobib focuses mainly on printed versions of books and journals. The source of Ottobib is mainly material as compared to only digital materials. In the digital era, lots of information published in books all these years is fading away. Ottobib helps you find citations from printed books, journals, and newspapers.

best apa generator tool ottobib

You can add these awesome Best APA Generator Tools to your Google Chrome browser as an extension. This tool supports formats like APA, Chicago, MLA, etc. The website of this tool is fundamental with an extremely simple layout. Getting citations using this website is very easy. Finding references and citations on Ottobib is not at all time-consuming.

Visit: Ottobib


What is the most accurate APA citation generator?

The citation generator by Scribbr is considered the most accurate. It provides comprehensive guidance and support for creating proper APA citations for various sources, ensuring adherence to formatting rules and academic integrity.

What is the best tool for APA referencing?

Try these websites for APA referencing, Academic Writer, APA Citation Wizards, BibMe, Citation Machine, Cite This For Me, and EasyBib.

Are APA generators accurate?

The APA generators are inaccurate as they are insulated against errors. They will give wrong citations for incorrect information. Do check your inputs before entering anything in the citation generators.

Does Grammarly help with APA?

Yes, Grammarly assists with APA style by identifying potential grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors. However, it's advisable to cross-reference Grammarly suggestions with the official APA guidelines for complete APA compliance, as Grammarly might only catch some nuanced formatting requirements specific to academic writing.


This was a well-compiled list of 6 best APA generator tools to download. We hope you like our preference. Share your favorites down below in the comments.

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