5 Best iOS Emulator for Android in 2020 for You

iOS Emulator for Android is software or hardware that helps in running iOS software on Android-based instruments. They are built for letting users of Android have the experience of using iOS-based software on their devices. iOS-based tools are not affordable for every consumer. Thus such software is built for the satisfaction of the consumers who are not able to use the benefits of using such high-end instruments, by developing for devices that are rooted and not rooted.

List of 5 Best iOS Emulator for Android 2020

These are the most commonly known iOS Emulators for Android by consumers.


Cider is the best and one of the most straightforward iOS emulators for android for the consumers. It is the most common and easily downloadable. It runs for most of the android instruments.


The best feature of this emulator is that its user friendly and easily accessible. The founder of this app is Columbia Cycada(commonly known as Columbia University). 

 Visit: Cider


Widely known as Pandoid. BuildStore builds this software. The app is the second-best among the iOS emulators for android users. At the same time, it has a user-friendly interface.


The only thing you need to remember after installing this software is to permit the unknown source of installation. 

   Visit: IEMU


XDA is an iOS emulator for Android, the software where you can efficiently run iOS software on Android instruments. The best thing about this emulator is that it can also give you the feature of Siri, which is the most common in Apple Hardware.


Android run devices have Google Assistant, which makes Siri a second preference. That’s is why it makes it a bit uncommon between users. 

Visit: xda 


This is another iOS emulator for Android software as the software used for running iOS-based software on android devices.


This software may not be as standard as the others but will help the consumers to have the experience they want. Rooting of the devices may require using this software on some devices.



It is a Seattle based company software build to emulate iOS software on android devices. Appetize might be the last in the list of software as a suggestion but has some the same features as the other four in the list. It is the software compatible with Windows as well. The interface is simple and user friendly. It does not require rooting the device.


The iOS emulator for Android software mentioned above’s apk is readily available on the internet. Not all software given above is usable for every android device. And, Please go through the procedure of how to install the software and then only try to use them.

Visit: Appetize.io


If you want to experience two different software at the same time, then the iOS emulators for Android would be the best option for you. But, there are a lot of emulators on the internet, but the list of emulators I have put in this article is the easiest and most user friendly. 

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