7 Best GBA Emulator PC For Console Games

In computers, an emulator is a hardware or software program that helps create the hosting service space to adapt to a foreign network. In other words, the best GBA emulator pc enables the imitation or acts as an intermediate for a foreign system to work on the local computer system.

We have compiled the best GBA emulator PC for you:

So, in this article, we have mentioned the top 7 best GBA Emulators.  

Types of GBA Emulators PC 

These are the following:

Logic Stimulators

The use of computer programs to emulate the operation of processors in the computer system.logic stimulator

Functional Stimulators

Using computer programs to execute the system’s complex programming language eases the work of programmers in finding the source code without any programming errors.functional stimulator


These software programs enable access to a foreign application to work in the computer mainframe without issue.terminal

Video Gaming Consoles

These software emulators enable any video game to interact with the personal computer system. video game consoles

Allowing the user to play an internet game on the inviting platform without any additional software to install.

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Gaming Emulators

With the rise of the internet, things have been relatively easy to handle, from access to working with the required program. And in this era, where almost everybody craves playing computer games, especially internet video games, emulators have helped people play video games for free and not buy the actual game.

There have been many competitions for producing the best GBA emulator pc since most of these emulators developed are either illegal or cheap programs containing malware, bringing system failure.

gaming emulators

Many people are addicted to games on handheld gaming consoles like the Game Boy Advance, designed and produced by Nintendo, a successful Japanese-based multinational company.

Since the popularity of the Game Boy Advance was worldwide and with the rise of computers, people have shifted playing games from handheld gaming consoles to their personal computers. Still, the addiction to handheld gaming console games was not easy to let go of, creating an issue with bringing these games on computers.

So, the solution was emulators, the need to develop gaming console emulators to still enjoy the same on their PC. Nintendo created its own Gameboy Advance emulators to allow gamers to access the handheld consoles on their computers.

GBA, or the GameBoy Advance Emulator, is one of the best gaming console emulators in the world.

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4 Best GBA Emulators for PC

Gaming is one of the past times that everybody loves to accomplish out of the blue. We all love to mess around, whether on PC, portable, or gaming supports. The gaming business has seen a critical interest throughout the past few years, with organizations driving themselves to bring cutting-edge titles on the lookout.

Everything began with the exemplary past GameBoy Advance for us and most gamers. For those who’re ignorant, the handheld reassure was dispatched path back in 2001. Unfortunately, it ceased after carrying bliss to gamers for around ten years.

best gba emulators

Although you may now get some lovely designs and serious titles with cutting-edge systems, the furor for retro titles is still present. That is the place where GBA emulators become possibly the most critical factor. With GBA emulators, you can play good retro titles on different stages like Android, Windows, Linux, and even Mac.

After going through this bullet point article, you can track down your undisputed top choice GameBoy Advance emulator. We should bounce directly into a paper without further ado and discover the best GBA emulators pc dominating the present era.

Game Boy Advance is one of the most famous creations by Nintendo to date. First released in 2001, the handheld game console has sold multi-million units worldwide. For those of us who prefer PCs, though, GBA Emulators also do the job.

Game Boy Emulators are far and wide in number, each with advantages and disadvantages. We have, however, compiled a list of the best among them. Here are the seven best GBA emulators for Windows:

1. VisualBoyAdvance

This one is a classic. Released in 2005, VBA has been used by millions of people around the world. Often known as the most stable and best GBA emulator pc, VBA has plenty of features that make it worth using. It supports old and modern operating systems and gets constant updates to be compatible with new releases.

It supports cheat codes and allows users to save their game whenever they want. VBA also allows users to take screenshots and even record gameplay videos. Lastly, it will enable the user to speed up the game whenever they want to. Even though VBA is not very good with old hardware, its pros outweigh the cons.



  • Save the game anytime, anywhere
  • It supports gaming controllers and also
  • You can record your gameplay

You can use cheats as well

Visit: VisualBoyAdvance

Pros of VBA

  • Consistent similarity with practically the entirety of the known GBA ROMs. 
  • Fast Keyboard Button custom Key Mapping. 
  • Backing for Joystick. 
  • It supports taking screen captures while messing around. 
  • Permits are utilizing cheat codes. 
  • Cross-Platform and free
  • Save your game advancement whenever to proceed from that point later. 

Cons of VBA

  • No con, accordingly. It works fine even with low-end CPU frameworks, yet it may crash or not work with weighty ROMs on old machines with low registering power.

2. Higan (PC Emulator)

Originally named Bsnes, Higan was initially released in 2004. Its first stable version was released in 2020. Higan is a cross-platform emulator and is a reasonably fluid one that is easy to use and allows the user much breathing room to use it how they want. One of its most attractive features is its simplicity.

Higan is easily set up and compatible with almost all kinds of hardware. It supports most ROMs and emulates numerous console types. It is an excellent choice for a GBA Emulator if you need something simple, versatile, and easy to use.


Some of the key features are

  • Apart from GBA games, it supports sport emulation for Famicom, Sega Master System, Gameboy Color, Super Famicom, etc.
  • Supportive to multiple consoles
  • Easy-peasy setup
  • Better and advanced color modifications

3. No Cash GBA or No$GBA

No$GBA initially earned popularity because of its short name, but it offers much more. Though it is still developing and cannot support all games, it is still a great option.


The most captivating feature it has is its optimization. No$GBA allows users to optimize the game how they want, along with easy configuration. Another great feature is that users can run Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS games. Additionally, it allows users to save multiple games at once.


  • Allows controller-support.
  • Runs several Nintendo DS games.
  • User-friendly UI.
  • It lets the player configures his game the way he likes.

Pros of No$GBA

  • Byte measured application. 
  • I upgraded game conveyance with a smooth gaming experience. 
  • I am backing game regulators—adaptable critical planning. 
  • I am backing for playing multiplayer games. 
  • Save your game to play from the equivalent timestamp once more. 
  • Supports Nintendo DS alongside GBA. 

Cons of No$GBA

  • Not cross-stage; it needs support for Linux and Mac.

Visit: No$GBA

4. BatGBA

BatGBA is pretty much the simplest Game Boy Advance Emulator out there. It is very is to use and takes the smallest amount of space possible for a GBA emulator. BatGBA promises to be a great lightweight emulator and does its job marvelously.

It runs all GBA games, whether commercial or non-commercial, on almost all available types of hardware and is a fantastic option for those who want something accessible and easy to set up and handle.

However, its simplicity also means it lacks certain features in more advanced GBA emulators. Even so, it does its job well enough.


Pros of BatGBA

  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Showcases FPS while playing. 
  • Can play GBA, GameBoy, and GBC ROMs. 

Cons of BatGBA

  • It comes up short on specific highlights when contrasted with different emulators. 
  • It’s not cross-stage, just backings Windows. 
  • UI looks old-fashioned. 
  • Framework Requirements

Visit: BatGBA

5. RetroArch

RetroArch is a cross-platform Game Boy Advance emulator on almost all operating systems and some gaming consoles. It is pretty versatile. Although its installation and compilation process is slightly complicated, the creators have provided videos with guidelines on their YouTube channel, which are straightforward to follow.

RetroArch supports keyboards and joysticks and has numerous advanced features that make the complicated installation worthwhile.

It also supports many games and is compatible with ancient operating systems. When we say old, we mean ancient works on operating systems we, as a society, have collectively forgotten about.

However, RetroArch is not the most stable emulator and can crash without warning. You can solve this by downloading one of the older versions, which tends to be more durable.

retroarch- best gba emulator

The features of this emulator are

  • This allows you to have all the emulators installed in one single space.
  • It supports the oldest version of operating systems.
  • Supports a majestic number of games.
  • It supports keyboards and joysticks.

Pros of RetroArch

  • A cross-stage emulator that upholds Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android just as iOS.
  • Permits are introducing numerous center emulators to play all games in a single spot. 
  • Smooth Gaming Experience. 
  • Save your Game Progress. 
  • I am backing for keymapping and joystick. 
  • Cons of RetroArch

 The accessibility of such a large number of alternatives aggravates the design. Setting this up requires some time. It’s not simple to set up.

Visit: RetroArch

6. Mednafen

Mednafen stands for My Emulator Doesn’t Need A Frickin’ Excellent Name, which, I must say, is quite ironic because I find its name excelling the most out of the group. It is pretty stable and is compatible with almost all GBA games.

It supports joysticks and keyboards and is moderately robust; it also allows users to record screenplay with audio and has the provision for taking screenshots. One of its disadvantages is that it only supports command-line inputs, but downloading any graphical front ends as MedSat will quickly solve it. Mednafen can be a little complicated, but it is a lot of fun after getting used to it.

mednafen- best gba emulator


  • It supports many systems, including Apple, Atari Lynx, Sega Game Gear, Sony PlayStation, and many more.
  • The most stable compared with other emulators.
  • It can record your gameplay as well.
  • It supports every GBA game you come up with.

Pros of Mednafen

  • Supports remapping hotkeys and the joystick at the same time. 
  • Save your game advancement up to 10 distinct openings. 
  • Stable gaming experience. 
  • It supports taking screen captures. 
  • Intended to help an assortment of gaming frameworks like GBA, Gameboy Color, PlayStation, and Virtual Kid, and the sky is the limit from there. 

Cons of Mednafen

  • Order Line Interface makes it challenging to set up and use.

Visit: Mednafen

7. mGBA Emulator 

mGBA is another age open-source GBA emulator for PC, presumably a standout amongst other GBA emulators accessible for playing GBA games on PCs. The engineers made it quick and could run on low-end equipment without forfeiting exactness or movability.

mgba- best gba emulator

Some of its features include

  • You can play all GBA games because of its massive library.
  • Enables to use of cheat codes
  • You can rescue the game and patches the way you like, and also, it can override sports and empower ROM patches.
  • The setup and installation are pretty user-friendly.

Pros of mGBA

  • mGBA is very lightweight, allowing you to mess around quickly, even on low-arrangement equipment. 
  • This is cross-stage and free, which makes it appropriate for Windows, just like Linux or Mac. 
  • Supports various GBA ROMs. 
  • Significant shading copying of the games. 
  • This emulator additionally upholds utilizing cheat codes. 
  • mGBA permits you to save game advancement from proceeding with later. 

Cons of mGBA

  • It comes up short on specific highlights as what different emulators have. 

Visit: mGBA Emulator


Can I go to jail for downloading ROMs?

If you have a physical copy of a game, you most certainly have an emulator or a game's ROM. However, no legal precedent in the United States states that it is illegal. There is no record of any corporation going to court over the usage of emulators or ROMs.

Is no GBA safe?

NO$GBA.EXE is a valid file process known as Nocash GBA Emulator and is linked to the No$gba Emulator application.

Are cracked games legal?

Piracy of video games, like illegally downloading music and movies, is a criminal felony in the United States. Penalties might range from restitution to imprisonment. Because so many individuals pirate software and video games, the FBI would be unable to catch them all.


That concludes the list, but there are, and always will be, hundreds of best GBA emulators pc to choose from. Always weigh the pros and cons of each, and remember: even though the emulators are free, the ROMs may not be.

So, do your research and download games from a trustworthy source. Keep trying new games and emulators, and finally, remember to have fun!

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