Online Android Emulators | 5 Best Ways to Emulate Android Online

Gaming culture is growing popular among all ages day by day and to experience this on the big screen is indeed flattering. Also, it often becomes effortless to test apps on PC than a mobile phone using Online Android Emulators. So optimized Android gaming and app testing experience on your PC is now here!

Online Android emulators is software that enables your PC to work as a host environment for your mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets etc. in simple words, the apps on smart phones can now seamlessly run on your PC and MAC. Nowadays IOS emulators are also getting a lot attention in market. Isn’t that cool?

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Top 5 Online Android Emulators for PC

So let’s dig in and find the most suited and widely preferred android emulators for PC.

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NOX Player

The Online android emulators that tops the list is the NOX Player. Along with the hands on experience of android right on your windows screen NOX is extremely authentic in terms of security and virtualisation. You can easily install all your favourite games and apps right within the app without any additional costs. Designed from the viewpoint of gamers, NOX provides an amazing GUI and usual key mapping for various gestures.

nox player

Users would be happy to know that NOX provides controller flexibility and can work with external devices like joysticks, gamepads etc. the only drawback with NOX is it only simulates on windows and is under development for other OSs.

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  1. Interactive UI
  2. Flexible key control assignment
  3. Multiple tabs at an instance

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There has been a tough spot between NOX and Andy for the 1st place. Andy is a popular online android emulators that have been around for a while and recently updated to Android Nouget. With Andy you can use your phone as a controller, that means you can actually controls the functions on desktop from your phone and experience popular mobile apps on the big screen.


Andy has easy to go with user interface and resemblance to android phone which makes browsing easy. Currently 2 versions are available for download, Andy-for regular users/gamers and Andy Pro for business purposes. Andy pro is priced at $12 per month and $99 annually. In-Short,

Available on Windows as well as MAC.

  1. Unlimited storage for apps.
  2. Always provides updated and latest android versions.

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Bluestacks App Player

Aye! We have all heard of Bluestacks at some point. This is one of the most mediocre emulator among all online android emulators, and for obvious reasons such as performance and reliability. Bluestacks too has an updated version of android Nouget like Andy. It supports both Windows as well as MAC and is freely available for download. The most appealing thing about bluestacks is the ease of use and the user interface structure which just feels like a phone or tablet.


It is just like android and mainly allows multiples games to run at an instance in multiple windows which is a huge plus for gamers. You can download apps directly from the google playstore and for other sources APK files are usable. It allows key mapping and connects to external sources like game pad and joystick. Initial versions of Bluestacks had some glitches which have been resolved in the latest Bluestacks (2023).

  1. High performance
  2. Multiple instances at a time
  3. Acts as an app testing platform
  4. Reliable and secure

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KoPlayer is comparatively an older version of online android emulators. The main focus of KoPlayer is gaming. After launching KoPlayer it asks the users to select among two modes, speed mode and compatible mode. Speed mode can be used to increase the game performance, lower CPU and memory usage and help apps run faster.

koplayer android emulator

If the game runs into some issues you can shift to compatibility mode. Apps can be installed from the playstore freely. A toolbar is provided on the UI having a couple of functionalities. You can change the layout to landscape or portrait mode, take a screenshot of the game screen or score, map keys to keyboard as per choice or activate game controller to preferred layout. One interesting thing about KoPlayer is it allows you to record your game play and upload on social media. This is a big thumps up to gamers owning youtube channels and worth a shot for free download option. In-Shorts:

  1. Option to record game play
  2. Easy installation


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MEmu Play

MEmu is an upcoming android emulation put has made itself pretty popular among gamers. With the Integrated graphics, performance scales and the backing of AMD and Intel, support levels for MEmu are quite high. MEmu supports android jelly bean, kitkat and lollipop 5.1. A toolbar is provided on the right side of the screen having different functions.

memu android emulator

You can create multiple instances and choose between android versions on the player. You can map keys on the keyboard, mouse or game pad with desirable controls. Also, there is an option for installing online android emulators apps form the google play store as well as drag and drop APK on program screen. MEmu has its sole focus on gaming and aims itself to be in league with bluestacks and NOX. In-Short:

  1. Firstly, it Supports AMD and intel
  2. Secondly, it is Gamer oriented

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Is there an online Android emulator?

There are numerous Android Emulators on the internet. Like Andy Emulator, which has its own set of regulations and won't provide a naturalistic device environment for bug-free testing.

Are there any online emulators?

Various websites include a variety of web-based retro game emulators for numerous consoles. A web-based retro game emulator is an Adobe Flash or Java console emulator. They are emulators you can run directly from your browser window.

Can I run APK file online?

You can immediately upload and run APK files online on the preferred Android mobiles using its real device cloud. The APK file is installed on an Android device hosted in a safe cloud environment. This implies that users can estimate the performance of their Android app in actual user conditions and debug faster.


In conclusion, we have all the android emulators where you can play multiple Android games. Have fun with your friends. Additionally, if you want to play old-school games from the Intellivision Emulator, there are several emulators for that too. Click on the link and know more about Intellivision Emulators. Finally, I Thank you for reading!