Top 10 DS Emulator For Chromebook To Play Games

Using a ds emulator for Chromebook drastically changes how one plays ds emulator games. If that interests you, look at these ds emulators for Chromebook that perform as expected. We have tested numerous emulators by installing browser add-ons from the Chrome Web Store, Android emulators, and a few DS emulators.

To install a multi-console emulator on Chromebook, get RetroArch from the Play Store. Add cores from the official website for different retro games. Customize content as per your preferences. Note: RetroArch doesn’t include games, so you must provide your cores and games. The top DS Emulator For Chromebook To Play Games are Dolphin Emulator, Citra, Yuzu, Eclipse, Drastic DS Emulator, DeSmuME ds emulator, RetroArch, etc.

This is your destination if you want to own a Chromebook and revisit your past experiences with the Nintendo DS. After all, back in the 2000s, everything was a lot easier, not to mention the thrills and highs that all those straightforward and unsophisticated video games gave us. Here’s the list of top ds emulators.

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List Of Top 10 DS Emulators

This list of the top 10 DS emulators is available.


For practically any system, the Eclipse emulator is an intriguing choice. Eclipse is one of the most excellent methods to play those old retro games. Supporting NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, Sega Master System, and Game Gear. Eclipse is fantastic as it’s a browser-based emulator.


Your ROM files can be loaded or accessed from online cloud services. You can visit their website and select “Get” rather than “Play,” you’ll be all set in seconds. What is more excellent than that?

Click Here To Download: Eclipse


We have something much more up-to-date if early 8-32 bit gaming differs from what you’re searching for. Have you ever heard of the Nintendo Switch, a little gaming system?

yuzu emulator

The next was created by the team who gave us Yuzu. The open-source Yuzu ds emulator for Chromebook for the Switch offers more than 650 games that “fully” play. In 2024, it will function flawlessly on a Chromebook. Linux and Windows machines can run Yuzu

Click Here To Download: Yuzu


One of the best game platforms, the Nintendo DS, severely lacks emulation choices. The issue is that presenting engaging on a little screen is tricky. A portion of the screen real estate issue is undoubtedly solved by emulating the Nintendo DS on a pc.


You know whose program ranked first, right? Citra! Versions of Citra are accessible for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can play any DS Game of all time on Chromebook! Additionally, they have beta-tested experimental ports for iOS and Android.

Click Here To Download: Citra

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Dolphin Emulator

One of the best game platforms, the Nintendo DS, severely lacks emulation choices. The issue is that presenting engaging on a little screen is just so tricky. A portion of the screen real estate issue is undoubtedly solved by emulating the Nintendo DS on a computer. Play one of the Nintendo games on your computer!

dolphin emulator

You can play any DS Game of all time on Chromebook! They have beta-tested experimental ports for iOS and Android. You can play fantastic games on your Chromebook at “Playable: 60.4% and 36.6%.” Because of this, Dolphin naturally earns a spot on our list of the top Chromebook emulators.

Click Here To Download: Dolphin 


RetroArch is always mentioned on emulation-related mailing lists, and it’s easy to see why. One of the most significant ways to play your retro game emulation in one convenient location is with RetroArch. Choose a game from your collection, then load it into RetroArch. Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Atari 2600, Sega GB, GBA, NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64. are all integrated.

retroarch retro game emulation

There is no need to have numerous separate programs for each console. RetroArch is unquestionably the best ds emulator for Chromebook available. Nobody can think of anything that can even come close to what this powerhouse is capable of PC. 

Click Here To Download: RetroArch

DeSmuME ds emulator 

DeSmuME is one of the most seasoned open-source Nintendo Chromebook DS emulators. It comes with tools for YouTube users, hackers, and casual gamers. Both Windows and OS X support it.

desmume ds emulator jfif

DeSmuME is one of the most feature-rich and complex software available today. DeSmuME prioritizes compatibility and extensive functionality over speed. It offers a very wide range of emulation choices.

Click Here To Download: DeSmuME ds emulator 

Super DNS Emulator

The most recent Nintendo DS emulator Chromebook is SuperNDS. According to user reviews, it appears to function pretty well, and our testing suggests that it does as well. It has most of the features you’d anticipate in an emulator, such as save states and other similar features, and it supports NDS, ZIP, 7z, and RAR file types. A Super DNS emulator may require tinkering with the settings since it’s a simple emulator with few capabilities.

super dns emulator

It does crash more frequently than we’d like, but because it’s newer than others, we can only hope that upcoming upgrades will address this. The Super DNS emulator works quickly and has a few unique features. It costs $2.99 on the Play Store. Please be aware that your device’s specifications and processing capability will significantly impact how well this extension performs. 

Click Here To Download: SuperNDS

Drastic DS Emulator

The current top Nintendo DS emulator for Chromebook is the DraStic DS Emulator. It handled every game we tossed at it during testing. The emulator has a ton of features, such as customizable screen layouts, controllers, support for hardware controllers, fast forward, Google Drive integration, and enhanced graphics rendering for high-end devices if desired.

drastic ds emulator

There is a $4.99 cost. That is less expensive than it once was. It’s a great deal. The major drawback is that it has not received an update since 2020, which is an excessively long time. If this game emulator for Chromebook is unsuccessful, the others on this list are there as backups. We strongly suggest this one first.

Click Here To Download: DraStic ds Emulator


The goal of melonDS is to provide precise and quick Nintendo DS emulation. It includes many features even if it’s still under development. Being a Linux-based application, its installation takes a while. If you want to improve FPS on your Chromebook without paying any money, this is the one. MelonDS is the greatest Nintendo DS emulator Chromebook available.

melon ds

MelonDS aims to outperform DeSmuME and imitate Wi-Fi and local multiplayer features. This is a free and open-source emulator for Nintendo DS/DSi. As a former contributor to DeSmuME and its developer, Arisotura (formerly StapleButter/Luigi), it has been made available as a libretto core since version 0.6. The GitHub commit initial was made on May 15, 2016.

Click Here To Download: MelonDS

EmuBox emulator

Several systems are compatible with EmuBox, a more recent emulator. That includes Nintendo DS and, yes, PlayStation and SNES. This one is one of the few emulators for Chromebook that use Material Design. That makes it attractive. Thankfully, it also functions reasonably well. We had no significant issues when testing the games.

emubox emulator

Using excessive amounts of cheat codes has caused some difficulties with the emulator. Otherwise, the Google Play reviews are also overwhelmingly positive. This emulator is free but contains advertising. I hope there will soon be a paid version without advertisements.

Click Here To Download: EmuBox

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Is there a DS emulator for Chromebook?

The most popular DS emulator for Chromebook is MelonDS. Another alternative with an easy installation process is Drastic NDS which features the same as MelonDS.

Can Chromebook run 3DS games?

On Chromebook, Citra is one emulator for 3DS. But, a Chromebook with high performance and advanced specs is required for better performance of the 3DS emulator.

How much RAM do I need to emulate DS?

For playing high-end games with the medium setting at 1080p, a minimum of 4 GB RAM is required. For games with high settings, 8 GB RAM is a must.

Is Citra a DS emulator?

A handheld Nintendo 3DS emulator, Citra is the model name for the original 3DS emulator. It works well on operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux.


We hope that the emulators mentioned above will help you. These are the best top 10 emulators that are mentioned above. You can use these ds emulators for Chromebook to play Nintendo DS emulation games. Kindly leave a remark if you are facing any problems.

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