5 Best Fake Receipt Generator in 2020

Receipts are an exceptional aid when it comes to record-keeping. Be it for expense reimbursement, merchandise return or exchange, tax deductions, or as a proof of purchase, receipts always do the trick. But at times it gets difficult to keep track of receipts as well and losing bills isn’t an admirable situation. Now, this too has an online solution. The Fake Receipt Generator is the answer to fake Gas bills, taxi receipts, hotel receipts, restaurant bills, or any other receipt. We have got it all covered for you. We present to you some tools that will help you in creating fake receipts. 

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List of 5 Best Fake Receipt Generator in 2020

These online tools save the day without the hassle of registration.

LostHotelReceipt – Hotel Receipt Maker Tool

LostHotelReceipt is an excellent receipt maker tool for creating fake hotel receipts with all the options required in a hotel bill.


Whether you are a Hotel owner looking to bill the customers or just a regular person in need of a lost hotel bill, enter the required details, and you’re good to go. 

Fakereceipt.us – Sales Receipt Maker 

Fakereceipt.us is easy and free of cost receipt generator tool to make fake sales receipts. The billing process involves three different stages. And the first one is ‘Seller Information,’. Which includes various details such as the seller’s logo, store name, address, payment method, etc.


The next step is ‘Purchases,’ the column comprising of the purchase details such as the item names and prices, tax names and rates, etc. The final stage is ‘Make Receipt,’.  This is the section with more information such as the currency symbol, date, and background style.

Fake ATM Receipt Maker 

Showing off a high balance in your account or covering up for lost ATM receipts. This receipt maker tool enables you to do both with Fake ATM Receipts. Developed by Franz, this tool designing is especially for generating ATM receipts alone.

fake atm receipt generator
Fake ATM Receipt Generator

This easy to use portal does the magic with a few necessary details like date, time, amount, etc. 

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Make Receipts- Online Gas Receipt Maker

Makereceipts.com is another useful receipt maker tool to generate receipts explicitly designed for gas receipts in the US and Canada. If you have lost a gas bill or forgot to take one in the first place, then this is the place to get your problem solved.


The website follows a slightly different pattern from other tools as the price calculates before entering any further details. There are three distinct stages after the price calculation. The gas station details, fuel purchase details, and the receipt preview, respectively.   

Custom Receipt MakerFake Receipt Maker

Customreceipt.com is a handy receipt generator tool for creating custom receipts by enlisting the products purchased by the user. And displaying them with individual prices followed by the total amount. The website follows a basic pattern with the first three fields given for the seller’s detail, such as store name and address.


Which are displayed on the top of the receipt, followed by product details, including the product’s name and price? The last two fields are for any other information that is displaying at the bottom, such as instructions for the customer.


Online tools for all the major types of receipts have been listed here for your convenience. So, the next time you forget to take a receipt or lose one? Remember that the replacement is just a few clicks away without the bother of registration or downloading.  


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