6 Best Alternatives to Hamachi For Virtual LAN Gaming

 In today’s era, who doesn’t love gaming?? I mean, if the 21st-century kids are joyful about something more than the junk they eat, it’s online gaming!!! And what could be better if you could play all those games with your mates, your buddies, your very own friends!!! It sounds fun, right?? Well, Alternatives to Hamachi are solely for the purpose of gaming.

Top 6 Best Alternatives to Hamachi For Virtual LAN Gaming:

  • GameRanger
  • NetOverNet
  • Radmin VPN
  • FreeLAN
  • NeoRouter

Well, most of us, the members of this gaming culture, are profoundly aware of the name ‘hamachi,’ which has been our primary supporter in playing multiplayer games for the longest run. HAMACHI has been the most used virtual LAN gaming, but if you have used it, you must be aware it comes with certain drawbacks and loopholes. It might be the most used one, but is it the best one out there? I doubt it.  

Best Alternatives To Hamachi For Virtual Lan Gaming

So, here are the six best Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming:

WIPPIEN – One of the recommended Alternatives to Hamachi

Wippien is an easily accessible lightweight open-source alternative to Hamachi. It is more concentrated on the virtual LAN part to make a secure network for the users instead of providing majorly unnecessary features like officially supported games. The usage is a piece of cake.


You have to download the 2-megabyte client to the Windows system and install it. Perhaps the only drawback to it is that it has not been updated for almost ten years now, but that’s also a plus point cause it is still working efficiently.


This is one of the best Alternatives to Hamachi. When it comes to the best Hamachi alternative, the name of GameRanger is never left unspoken. It can be called another virtual LAN gaming client, but there is more to it. Even though it might not have as many features as its other alternatives, it does provide us with a very safe space, very secure indeed.

game ranger

One thing you don’t have to be irritated about is slow connection and boneless lagging. When one comes to think about it, the game ranger is very much of an alternative to Hamachi. 


NetOverNet is a far simple interface than all the other Alternatives to Hamachi. It is a very basic client to stimulate virtual LAN. Its ability to connect multiple PCs and give each computer its login details has made its each get higher hence making it popular among gamers to be used as a LAN emulator.


One of the most striking features is that you can access other computers connected to the network and share data and other stuff. This is one of the best Alternatives to Hamachi. However, the connections are limited in the free version, but it can be extended easily once you are willing to pay. 

Radmin VPN

The best part about the RadminVPN, which makes it superior to other Alternatives to Hamachi, is that it doesn’t limit the number of users or gamers on its connection. Above that, you will not experience any high ping issues.

radmin vpn

And it will provide you with very high speed, taking your gaming experience to a whole new level. The very easy interface and setup make it desirable for dedicated gamers.  


Well, as we can understand from the name, FreeLAN is a free service that is a great alternative to Hamachi.  And it is also a VPN creator. The reason it is competitively quite popular as it is one of the easiest VPN clients to form your private network.

freelan Hamachi alternative

It is really that great cause it gives not only free access but also provides high speed. Also, it rarely lags when one is playing games.  


Unlike the Alternatives to Hamachi software, the NeoRouter allows you to create and manage private and public servers using the internet. What is fascinating is that it provides high-level security and also unblocks websites for you. How cool is that?

neo router Hamachi alternative

It supports almost all the popular operating systems like MACOS X, Windows, Linux, etc. On top of that, it is available on both the app store and play store. You can consider it a very efficient alternative to HAMACHI if you yearn for a secure connection while playing. 

Download: Neorouter


Is Hamachi still used?

It is presently public as a production version for Windows and macOS and a beta version for Linux. And it has a system-VPN-based client that works with Android and iOS. For subscribers, Hamachi runs in the background on idle computers.

Is Hamachi any good?

Consequently, LogMeIn Hamachi works well with online gamers for its ability to access blocked content on the web, including online gaming sites. In addition, it offers protection against DDoS attacks (familiar with online gaming wars) through AES 256-bit encryption over both public and private networks.

Is Hamachi still free?

Hamachi is complimentary for up to 5 computers connected to your network. If you run Hamachi as a service in isolated mode, you can pick from our subscription packages.


That’s all for Best Alternatives to Hamachi. The gaming world is very wide, and one needs to opt for the perfect virtual LAN.  So with the above-mentioned hamachi alternatives, enjoy the game with full relief and no stress

I hope this article will be helpful for our readers. Tell us if you know of any other Alternatives to Hamachi we will add them to the list.

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