How To Setup VPN On Mikrotik Router For Remote Access

We all know the pain of being unable to watch our favorite shows because they are not shown in our country. Even streaming services limit their shows to certain territories, and you might miss out on a great movie. Luckily there is a solution to it — using a VPN.

If you want to know how to set up VPN on a Mikrotik router, this article is just for you because we will explain how to set up VPN on Mikrotik Router for remote access and use it. Also, if you like to know about the best Routers Compatible with Tomato, click here.

What should you know about MikroTik Routers?

MikroTik products are among the most popular ones people will trust for private usage. Their routers are perfect for small and more significant homes, and some IT specialists say those are the best on the market. They have an OS based on Linux, which is very powerful but easy to use.mikrotik router vpn setup

One of the coolest things about MikroTik RouterOS is that you can also use it on your PC and, in a way, turn it into a router. If you haven’t used it by now and are unsure if it will be the right fit for you, you can test it even without a license. Like, before getting a MikroTik product, you will know if the feature set will fit you, and you will be able to manage it.

Benefits of Using a VPN

There are myriad advantages to using a VPN connection. It can help you with the following:

  • Keeping your privacy — Nowadays, everyone can become a target of hackers. Yes, you might think, but I am just using the internet to browse videos and watch movies. And maybe you are, but at least once, you also have performed an online purchase and left your data somewhere. This is all a hacker would need. They can grab your personal information and credit card, and suddenly you will buy expensive electronics or BitCoins.vpn
  • Mask your IP location — This may be the main reason people would consider a VPN. This tool can mask your VPN and deceive any online site or streaming service about your location. As a result, you can watch whatever you want, even if it isn’t accessible in your country. But also, we know that some sites show different prices depending on your IP location, so choosing one that you know will have the cheaper options is an excellent use of a VPN.

There are many other benefits of using a VPN, but let’s now check how to set up one on a MikroTik router. Since this is one of the most common router products, several VPNs you can choose from are already supported. Some will require you to change your router configuration, but others will need just a few clicks. If you want to learn about the free online proxy for browser services, read here.

What is the procedure for configuring a VPN service on a MikroTik router?

If you have many devices connected to your router, having your VPN set up directly on the router will save you quite some effort. You won’t have to, for example, connect your Smart TV all the time to your VPN. Some VPNs might still want you to choose the location, but NordVPN for FireStick doesn’t do this, making it one of the best choices.

  1. The first thing you will have to do when starting to set up your router is to log in to it. You can use winbox or a web login to do so. You will need your username and password. We advise changing the default password if you haven’t done it since you want to take care of your security.quick setup
  2. Afterward, you should go to the “Quick Set” tab in the menu. Where you will see the “VPN Access” option. By default, it is disabled, so you will have to enable it. Then you will have to do some simple setups like adding the VPN User, VPN Address, and the VPN password.vpn username and password
  3. Your next step would be to go to the PPP option in the menu and then select “Profiles.” You must make minor changes, like changing the “Remote access” to VPN and the DNS server. You will get all those configuration parameters from the VPN client you decide to use.add pptp client
  4. Afterward, you must go to your Windows settings menu and find the VPN option in the Network and Sharing Center. You should then add a new connection and create a new user. The next steps are pretty easy; you have to select “Use VPN connection” to ensure your VPN will be enabled.status

And that was it! Wasn’t that hard, right? Now you can use your VPN for remote access just as you want. Of course, if you decide to change your IP address or DNS, you must update those in your  MikroTik router settings, but this might be a sporadic case.

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Which VPN provider to choose?

This is a tricky question that doesn’t have only one answer. This will depend on what you want to do with our VPN. Will you use it only for streaming, or do you want high protection? Also, you must consider which countries you want to connect to as some VPN clients do not offer a great variety.vpn service provider

Also, some VPN clients offer various connectivity options for ports and some users. Others might cause a conflict if you have another VPN client installed and used, for example, one for work. So evaluate your options and decide which one will best suit your needs.

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Do MikroTik devices support VPN?

Proton VPN can be configured on your MikroTik router to connect to a Proton VPN server (available with your premium membership) when an internet connection becomes available. The steps mentioned above will walk you through connecting a MikroTik modem to a Proton VPN server that uses the IKEv2 VPN methodology.

How can I remotely access my Mikrotik modem if I lack a static IP?

Remote Internet access to a Mikrotik even without a public IP address. If you have another device with a public IP address, you can configure it as a VPN server, then reprovision MIKROTIK A as a VPN client, communicate there, and use the VPN link to utilize it.

Is remote monitoring possible with VPN?

A remote access virtual private network (VPN) allows remote users to securely connect to and use applications and data stored in the corporate data center and headquarters by encrypting all traffic sent and received.

Is a VPN necessary for remote access?

It would provide them with resources while also providing security to the company. Because remote workers aren't present to log in, you'll need a remote management VPN. With a remote access VPN, your remote workers can connect to your company network from whatever location that has internet access — at home, on the road, or in transit.


We hope that this article was an aid for you in setting up a VPN on the MicroTik router for remote access. However, if you encounter difficulties configuring a VPN connection with a MikroTik router, please comment.

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