How To Use Dolphin Emulator On Android? Complete Guide

The most popular and reliable emulator for playing vintage Nintendo games is Dolphin. The fact that it works on both PCs and Android devices is its strongest feature. Users benefit most from both worlds because it supports Wii and GameCube games. The article discusses how to use Dolphin Emulator on Android.

Android users can play GameCube and Wii games using the Dolphin Emulator. On your Android device, look up “Dolphin Emulator” in the Play Store. To download the emulator, click Install. The most recent version that is accessible is 12.25 MB in size. Click Agree to open it now and choose “Enable usage statistics reporting agreement.” 

The Dolphin Emulator is accessible for free download for Android. The highly respected emulator received a significant update following its release, became open source, and gained Nintendo Wii compatibility. The Dolphin Emulator’s compatibility with Android has increased in light of the advancement of mobile devices. Read below to learn how to use Dolphin Emulator on Android. 

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What Is Dolphin Emulator

There are numerous operating systems available for the video game emulator Dolphin. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android operating systems. The game stands out from the competitors due to its capacity to complete the virtually impossible. It offers strong interoperability and the ability to combine intricate features.

dolphin emulatorYou can use the Dolphin Emulator for Android to access most Nintendo GameCube and Wii systems.

Dolphin Emulator Installation

How to use Dolphin Emulator on Android? Setting up a Dolphin Emulator to play most GameCube and Wii games on your Android phone is simple. Still, if you balance the proper parameters for a particular game, you can get close to something workable. You could run The Legend of Zelda: The Windmaker at full speed or near it for these settings. So download, extract, and add the initial configuration file to the directory.

How to set up the Dolphin Emulator? You’ll notice that the controls must be set up correctly when you run your game for the first time. You won’t obtain a high frame rate because the game will load and process slowly. Visit the DS Emulator’s settings to resolve this. Ensure your computer has a dual-core CPU because it will make your games run faster. The Android devices are at least quad-core and have four CPU cores or more. Octa-Core CPUs are even present in some gadgets.

install dolphin emulatorTo run the Dolphin Gamecube emulator for Android at the full capabilities of your processor, look for the option Override Emulated CPU Clock SpeedYou can only create these folders and files after opening Dolphin Emulator once. You might only obtain 60 frames per second, which is sluggish yet playable if your gadget needs to be more powerful or your chosen game is too demanding.

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How To Use Dolphin Emulator On Android

There are mainly two steps involved in this process

How To Install Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator is a reasonably easy chore to download and set up. Installing it on your Android device is comparable to using any other application as a Dolphin Emulator Android tutorial. Here is how to use Dolphin Emulator on Android, nevertheless, for now.

  1. On your Android device, look up “Dolphin Emulator” in the Play Store and click Install. The most recent version that is accessible has a size of 12.25 MB. instal dolphin from playstore
  2. Open it now, and select “Enable usage statistics reporting agreement” by clicking yes.enable usage statistics reporting agreement
  3. At this point, you’ll see that the library is empty. You must include Wii and GameCube titles. Numerous websites provide free ROMs. Visit or search for it to find out more.

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Getting The Game Ready

Now that you have the Dolphin Android Emulator on your device and are downloading the games, you must work on a few things. 

  1. Get the apk if, for some reason, you cannot get Dolphin Android Emulator from the Play Store. You are now using the game once you have installed the apk.get apk
  2. It will be in a ZIP or RAR format if you have downloaded the ISO for the game you wish to play. It needs to be
  3. . For this, you can use ZArchiver or WinRAR. You may get their apk from this page if you encounter any issues.winrar app icon
  4. Locate the ZIP or RAR file you downloaded in WinRAR and open it. By doing this, your game will be extracted into a folder bearing the same name as the ZIP/RAR file and containing the ISO file for the game. Other alternatives are available when you click on that file, but you must choose extract. open with winrar
  5. You must access the game file inside the emulator when it is ready. You’ll need the file’s path to access the game via the best settings for Dolphin Emulator Android, so keep track of it.

Tap the link to see the Android emulator for Linux


Which gaming platforms support Dolphin?

For the GameCube and Wii, two current Nintendo video game systems, Dolphin is an emulator. It enables PC users to play games for Dolphin Emulator Android designed for these two consoles in full HD (1080p) with several improvements, including support for all PC controllers, accelerated performance, networked multiplayer, and more!

Which emulator has a lag-free player?

LDPlayer. LDPlayer is at the top of the list because it will make playing Android games on your PC feel like playing games designed specifically for PCs. You can only use a subpar emulator if lag is a key factor, especially with so many online mobile games currently taking over the market.

Which emulator works best with a 4GB RAM computer?

One of the first android emulators ever to be made available on the market is LDPlayer. Due to its features and the fact that every PC can properly optimize it, it is still among the best. LDPlayer often works best on PCs with less RAM. However, it also functions fine on a 4GB RAM system.

What Android emulator is the quickest?

One of the top Android emulators for gaming is LDPlayer. The ability to play Android games on it is very common due to its speed and stability. The ability to multitask allows you to open multiple windows at once. LDPlayer does not have a lot of advertising, in contrast to other Android emulators for Windows.

Which emulator works best on a slow computer?

A compelling android emulator software solution that can function with little to no issues on PCs with low-end equipment is BlueStacks App Player. This emulator enables multiple accounts and is very simple to set up. The development of BlueStacks was focused on gaming.


It is all about how to use Dolphin Emulator on Android. After some tweaks, the Dolphin Emulator lets you play games in 4K on Android. Even better, the Dolphin Emulator allows you to play older games in high definition. The best part of the Dolphin Emulator is that no dubious code operates in the background because it is free and open-source. So you can easily use the Dolphin Emulator on Android with the steps in the article.