Why Do People Like Their Own Posts? Here’s 25 Reasons!

It’s normal on social media now that people like their posts, but do you know the science behind it? Why do people like their own posts? There is science behind it; read more to know this briefly. 

To answer why people like their own posts: First, it can be a way of showing appreciation for their content and celebrating their accomplishments. It’s also a form of self-validation, as it tells them that other people value their work. Additionally, it can draw attention to their posts and make them more visible to others finally, people sometimes simply like their posts out of habit or reflex. Whatever the reason, liking one’s post is a common practice on social media, and it’s unlikely to go away anytime soon.

In this blog, you will find the psychology of people who like their posts. We will explore the reasons behind this trend, etc., stay connected, and keep reading to know more.

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Exploring the Reasons Behind the Popular Trend of Liking One’s Posts on Social Media

People like their posts for a variety of reasons. Some do it as a form of self-expression or to share their thoughts and experiences. Others may like their posts to bring attention to them, increase visibility, or show approval or agreement with the content. Some may also like their posts for the satisfaction or validation it provides. Regardless of the reason, liking one’s posts has become a common practice in the age of social media.


An overwhelming sense of self-love and self-importance characterizes narcissism as a personality feature. People with narcissistic traits frequently put their needs and goals first and have no empathy for others. This has a variety of manifestations in the digital world. People’s propensity to like their social media posts is one of the most widespread.

narcissistTypically, people engage in this behavior to gain approval and attention from others. However, the need for regular affirmation of one’s value can also be a symptom of deeper narcissism since it might indicate an obsession with one’s appearance.

To Climb Feed

Climbing the feedback ladder is a psychological phenomenon where people seek positive feedback from their peers and is often the cause of this behavior. On social media, it’s typical for users to “like” their content. This frequently takes the form of liking or commenting on their postings on social media in the hopes that their friends and followers would do the same.

to climb feedWhile it may appear unharmful, this behavior might be interpreted as selfish and self-centered, making other people uncomfortable. Remember that social media is a tool for connecting with people, not only for seeking approval.

Due to insecurity, people like their own posts

It’s becoming more and more typical for people to publish anything on social media today and then like their posts immediately. People who engage in this conduct frequently exhibit insecurity because they may need to affirm and legitimize their own posts. Some people might appreciate their posts because they want other people’s attention or approval.

insecurityNaturally, some people feel the urge to do this, regardless of their motivation. It’s crucial to remember that likes don’t always represent how people feel about a post. Instead of relying on approval from others, people should post things they are proud of and confident in.

25 Reasons why people like their own posts

People post updates on social media for various reasons, including the need for validation, sharing experiences, staying connected with friends and family, and presenting a curated version of their life to the world. Social media has become a platform for self-expression and identity formation in today’s connected society.

social mediaThe constant urge to share often stems from a desire for attention, affirmation, and community.

  • Validation: People like to receive positive feedback and affirmation.
  • Attention Seeking: People like to be seen and heard by others.
  • Ego Boost: People like to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.
  • Self-Promotion: People like to showcase their achievements and skills.
  • Social Comparison: People like to measure themselves against others.
  • Memory Keeping: People like to save memories and events.
  • Legacy Building: People like to leave a digital footprint for future generations.
  • Connection: People like to connect with others and build relationships.
  • Social Influence: People like to influence others and shape their opinions.
  • Personal Branding: People like to build their brand and reputation.
  • Networking: People like to build professional connections and networks.
  • Representation: People like to represent themselves authentically and accurately.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: People like to feel proud of their achievements.
  • Creativity: People like to express their creativity and share their art.
  • Storytelling: People like to tell their stories and share their experiences.
  • Personal Growth: People like to document their personal growth and development.
  • Sense of Belonging: People like to feel part of a community and connected to others.
  • Humor: People like to make others laugh and bring joy.
  • Empathy: People like to show empathy and support for others.
  • Inspiration: People like to inspire and motivate others.
  • Education: People like to educate and inform others.
  • Self-Expression: People like to express themselves freely and openly.
  • Knowledge Sharing: People like to share their knowledge and expertise.
  • Giving Back: People like to give back to their community and positively impact it.
  • Legacy Creation: People like to create a legacy that lasts beyond their lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people like their own posts on social media?

People like their own posts on social media for various reasons such as seeking validation, attention, ego boost, self-promotion, and memory keeping.

Is it normal to like your posts?

Yes, it is normal to like your posts, as it is a form of self-affirmation and validation.

What are the benefits of liking your posts?

Liking your posts can provide a sense of accomplishment, validation, and a confidence boost.

Should I like my own Instagram posts?

On the one hand, like your own post may be seen as narcissistic and self-promotion. On the other hand, liking your own posts can be a way of showing appreciation for your hard work and creativity. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what is best for your own online presence.

Can liking your posts be seen as attention-seeking behaviour?

Yes, liking your posts can be seen as attention-seeking behaviour as it can be used to seek validation and positive feedback from others.

Does liking your posts have any negative effects?

Liking your posts can have negative effects if seen as attention-seeking behaviour or done excessively.


In conclusion, these are the reasons why people like their own posts. Liking your posts on social media is a common phenomenon with both positive and negative connotations. While it can provide a sense of validation and self-affirmation, excessive liking of your posts can be seen as attention-seeking behavior. Understanding the motivations behind liking your posts and striking a balance to maintain a positive online reputation is important. Moderation is key in liking your posts.

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