Why Am I Getting Less Likes On Instagram? 8 Main Reasons

Instagram is an app that lives and breathes likes. Likes not only validate that cute selfie of yours, but they also help to boost your content on Instagram’s algorithm. So, if you’re suddenly not getting as many likes as you used to, this can be a problem. Sometimes, connectivity issues can also affect your social media experience. If you’re facing problems with Messenger chat heads not working, this guide can help you resolve them.

The article discusses the reasons Why am I getting less likes on Instagram.

You can see a decline in likes if you don’t post frequently or take a break from publishing. This is so that Instagram can reward active and consistent contributors. Solution: You ought to post as frequently as you can.

Numerous potential causes can change based on whether you manage a personal or company account. Additionally prone to algorithm updates is Instagram. Read below to learn why I am getting less likes on Instagram.

Additionally, if you are curious about other aspects of Instagram, such as seeing who has saved your Instagram posts, this article provides comprehensive information.

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8 Main Reasons For Why Am I Getting Less Likes On Instagram

The advice for enhancing your account and increasing engagement will remain the same, even if your changes result from an algorithm adjustment. Continue your efforts to gain more followers and restore the popularity of your posts.
You have many ghost followers, which is the leading cause of your Instagram accounts receiving fewer likes. You need to delete your ghost followers and switch to better hashtags to fix this. Here are some main reasons Why am I getting less likes on Instagram.

You’re Not Posting As Much

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, except on social media. When you post less, the algorithm will likely show people your posts, meaning fewer likes.

not posting much
You don’t need to spam your Instagram account (that can make your problem worse), but what you should do is have a consistent schedule. If you’re busy, you can schedule posts. Try posting at least a few times a week, and you should see better results.
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Your Hashtags Aren’t Good

We all know Instagram hashtags and how they work. However, many people choose the most popular hashtags instead of investigating tags that appeal to their target audiences tags usually contain violent or sexual language, so investigate beforehand. Be narrow enough (but don’t use tags anyone uses), and avoid banned hashtags. Why am I getting less likes on Instagram?


One method people do is to put half their hashtags in the captions and half in the comments. In addition, do not hashtag too many hashtags will flag your post as spam, destroying its reach.

Insufficient Time

It’s possible that some Instagram users don’t like you as much. Some people don’t have the time to like every post in their feed. Additionally, not everyone uses Instagram action very frequently.

insufficient time

They might open the app, read a few posts, and close it. They might have missed your post as a result. Your post must be at the top of your followers’ feeds to be noticed by more of them; why am I getting less likes on Instagram? The most pertinent followers will always see everything you post. Your other followers will see your post once it receives more likes. As a result, your post receives more likes.

You’re Not Using All of Instagram’s Tools

Instagram has had many features recently, making them more than a photo-sharing website. Reels are one type of example; these are quick videos.

not using all tools

If you’re only sticking to a specific post type, you may be punished in the algorithm for that. Reels are a vital tool for growing your Instagram chats in 2024, so keep that in mind. To reach your audience, experiment with multiple approaches to why I am getting less likes on Instagram.

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A Purge Is Happening

Instagram may be deleting bot accounts that like your posts. This is not necessarily bad since bots add no value to your account. This may be why other people complain about fewer likes or why I am getting fewer likes on Instagram.


Look at your comments as well. Is there less spam? Then it may be that Instagram is removing accounts from spammers.

Your Content May Be Getting Stale

Sometimes, it’s all about what you post. Your content may have interested your audience but may be repetitive now. Remember your audience’s preferences but don’t be scared to mix things up if why am I getting less likes on Instagram.stale content

Take a look at your rivals to see what they are doing. Can you publish content that is better than theirs?

You Must Engage With Your Audience

Instagram is a platform all about engagement. If people like your posts and leave comments, commenting back or liking their posts can drive engagement. Engaging posts promoting discussion or comments is also a way to beat Insta’s algorithm.

audience engagement

If you don’t reply to posts, your audience may start to look elsewhere. It’s a two-way street, so you should always like and let your audience know you’re unique.

You May Need To Spend Money

Instagram is a platform where money talks. While free, Instagram has recently wanted people to pay for ads. Promoting a post is not a bad idea, as it can bring new eyes to your content, and Instagram does have a detailed ad program that allows you to reach your target audience.
Alternatively, you can look to websites where you can purchase likes from real accounts.

spend money

Buying likes from BuyTopLikes is one way you can do this why am I getting less likes on Instagram? While not the end-all, be-all solution, it can boost your account.

Another possible reason is your profile picture. It might not be very professional-looking. But don’t worry, Insta headshots might help you with this. Insat headshots provide professional headshots that make an impact.

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What does Instagram spam liking mean?

When someone creates a false account or several fake accounts and likes several Instagram posts, that is known as spam liking. They use this to raise the number of people who follow the account and make the postings seem more well-liked than they actually are.

Why is my reel not being liked?

This means that if your Instagram reels are longer than 8 to 10 seconds, less people will view them. If you weren't able to capture their interest within the first few seconds, they might be too preoccupied scrolling to the next reel.

How long does a momentary block on Instagram last?

If you didn't receive a date with your action block notification, the temporary limitation could last up to four weeks. It could be in effect for a few hours, a few days, or even longer.

How do I find my Instagram algorithm?

Based on your activity and the people it believes are closest to you, the Instagram algorithm merely shows your viewer list. This is based on the interaction information you have collected from the posts you have liked or commented on. Additionally, when you swipe up on an account's Instagram Story or search for a profile using the search box.

What is the like limit on Instagram per hour?

You are only permitted a certain number of likes on Instagram. 350 likes are allowed per hour. You probably won't hit this limit unless you're using an automated technique or are really active on Instagram.

What time on Instagram is it too late to post?

Weekends aren't always the best time to post, but they can still result in engagement even though Sunday is typically the least productive day. Monday through Friday after 7pm is the worst time to post on Instagram because individuals have likely finished their workday and are taking a vacation from their screens.


It is all about the reasons why am I getting less likes on Instagram. Instagram is an ever-changing platform, and what worked recently may need to be fixed. As a content creator, you must adapt to Instagram’s changing algorithm and create great content. Once you know its ins and outs, it can be a frustrating but rewarding platform. You can work to increase your following once you’ve determined the causes of your likes declining. An Instagram account may be a crucial tool for promoting a business.