Why Is My Alarm So Quiet? Methods To Fix

My phone’s alarms are quiet, which is strange. Even the ringer and overall volume settings were continually modified and adjusted. The alarm that plays when the countdown expires is incredibly quiet, even though the preview that plays whenever I click on the desired alarm is louder than the ringer volume. Why is my Alarm so Quiet? Why does my alarm get Quieter? This is quite a common query. 

This issue has a solution right here. Look over the following: Check your phone’s ringer volume. Alarms are set to the same volume as your ringer. Press the volume button up or down to change the alarm volume if it’s too loud or too low. Your alarm is quieter than usual for a few reasons. You could reduce the alarm’s volume using the volume settings on the side of your phone. Your phone may also be silent, which mutes all noises, including alarms. After going through this article, we hope your question Why is my Alarm so quiet? It will be solved.

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 Why is my Alarm so Quiet? Look for the Silent mode icon at the top of your screen to discover if your phone is currently in silent mode (a tiny bell with a line through it). To disable Silent mode, press this icon if you see it. Keep reading the post to learn additional advice and potential solutions to your difficulties.

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How Can The Alarm On My Phone Be Louder  

Why is my alarm so quiet? Why is my alarm so low? You can approach various methods. Here is a quick suggestion: First, increase the alarm’s loudness under Settings > Sounds. Another option is to set your alarm to a song or sound that is challenging to ignore.

increase volume iphone

If you have an iPhone 6s or later, you can configure your alarm to start softly and increase louder over time by using the “Bedtime” function in the Clock app.

For iPhone Users

The following are a few basic possible ways to fix your problem with an iPhone.

Restart Your IPhone

You can restart your iPhone to fix an alarm that isn’t working; this is standard procedure when using technology to fix little problems.restarting iphone

By pressing and holding any of these buttons until you see the power off slider appear, you can do a hard reset by simultaneously holding the home and sleep/wake buttons. Which method you should use is dependent on the model of your iPhone. You can check the best iPhone Monitoring apps here if you want to monitor your iPhone for better performance.

Pick More Piercing Alarm Clocks

If you select a quieter sound and your iPhone’s alarm level needs to be higher, you might not be able to hear the alarm. You should ensure the alarm sound is set to None for apparent reasons.


  1. The alarm sound on your iPhone can be modified using the Clock app. clock app iphone
  2. Click Edit after selecting the alarm in the Alarm tab to change the alarm’s sound. alarm clock for iphone
  3. Visit sound and listen to a few samples of music or ringtones you like. You can check this article if you want to download free music legally.

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Update The Software On Your iPhone

An outdated version of iOS may cause many Alarm volumes on iPhone difficulties. The only way to fix a software issue with your phone is to install an Apple update.

ios update

Wi-Fi updates may be accessed via Settings> General>Software Update, whereas PC updates can be accessed using Apple’s own iTunes service. Ensure that the operating system you are using is the latest.

You can find the latest iOS version on the official website of Apple.

 Replace The Old Alarm With A Fresh One

The iPhone’s alarm volume needed to be adjusted correctly for unknown reasons. Alternatively, it might have operated briefly before ceasing to function upon an iOS upgrade.

  1. Open the Clock app, select Alarms, then slide left to cancel an alarm. A different option is to select Edit and then click the red buttons to the left of Delete. setting alarm in ios
  2. You may add new iPhone alarms by selecting the Plus icon in the top right corner of the Clock app.

Deactivating third-party alarm clocks may not be able to fix the issue with the iPhone’s alarm quietness. In that case, restart your phone and use the standard alarm clock once more.

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It’s Possible To Disable The Bedtime Feature

If the Bedtime function on your iPhone is enabled and the wake-up time is set to the same time as another alarm, you cannot hear either alarm if this is the case. Changing the volume of your iPhone’s Bedtime or regular alarm will stop this quiet alarm from competing with it.

bedtime in ios

The Bedtime setting on your phone can be found by opening Clock and selecting Bedtime at the bottom. You can turn off Bedtime or modify the time by swiping the bell icon.

For Android Users

What can you do if your Android phone’s alarm clock doesn’t sound when you set it to do so? People usually wonder why my alarm is so quiet. Here are a few potential solutions.

Verify The Do Not Disturb Settings

Do not disturb by default mutes all sounds, including phone calls, text messages, and alarms. When they go to bed, most people turn on Do Not Disturb; regrettably, the alarm is set to go off simultaneously.

dnd in android

Make sure your alarm is not overridden by the “do not disturb” setting by going to that section of the settings. If you think this is inadequate, try not to silence your phone while you sleep so you can hear the alarm the following day. 

Examine The Alarm’s Volume

Sometimes, the alarm will sound when needed, but its low volume won’t wake you up. To have loud videos yet a quiet alarm, the media volume, and the alarm volume are frequently distinct.

Both Android and iPhones offer notification, alarm, and media options. When the volume button is pressed on an Android phone, a slider should appear at the top of the display. Use it to examine the details and increase your android alarm’s volume on your device.

sound increase iphone

You may adjust the settings using the alarm volume buttons on some phones. Otherwise, open the alarm settings and increase the volume there. Avoid leaving headphones plugged into your device because doing so could make it stop ringing when needed.


What setting determines the volume of the alarm?

What setting determines the volume of the alarm? The third and final volume slider on your Android device controls the alarm volume. There are three volume options available in Android: one for ringtones, one for media (like music and videos), and one for alarms. Your phone's volume rocker frequently only affects the ringer volume.

Does Android's Do Not Disturb feature turn off alarms?

Enable 'Do not disturb.' Hit Complete quiet. Select the duration of this setting. Your alarms will not sound.

Why won't my iPhone alarms work and Remains silent for a short while?

This is a part of the Attention Aware function on FaceID-equipped iPhones. The iPhone detects when you are paying careful attention to the screen by automatically reducing the volume as you type, read a webpage, or use an app. Notifications that are broadcast aloud are not necessary.

I want my phone to ring more loudly. How can I do that?

1. Adjust the volume on the gadget. 2. Press the volume knob. 3. Press the right menu button. If you can't find Settings, refer to the instructions for prior Android versions. 4. Adjust the volume levels by sliding them as desired: the volume of the media (music, videos, games, etc.) The caller's voice volume is basically call volume.


Your phone’s settings may prevent your alarm from sounding because they restrict its operation. Ensure the alarm volume is loud enough to wake you up and your phone is silent. Why is my alarm so quiet? 

Above, we mentioned various reasons. Some of them are Rebooting your phone, Verifying the settings, updating the data, and many more. Disconnecting your phone from external devices, such as earbuds, will also be beneficial. After using the above methods, if the problem isn’t solved, you can visit your nearby mobile service store to get assistance. 

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