How To Get New Facebook Emojis? Complete Guide

Texting is not enough to express your correct emotions while typing. Emojis are ways to express your right form of emotions while typing and to avoid confusion. Do you wish to grasp how to get new Facebook emojis?

To get new emojis on your phone, you will either have to update your device version or download any other keyboard app. The font editor app and customized emojis are other options for downloading new emojis to your device.

Reading this article will benefit you in learning about adding and updating Facebook emojis. Read further to grasp about Facebook emojis!

How To Update Your Emojis- Step By Step Method

Updating emojis is one of the ways to get new emojis. To update how to get new Facebook emojis, read the following steps further. 

  1. Update the latest version of your device. update device
  2. With every new version, you will get new emojis. Proceed to the settings and further to the About phone. Going via the System, you should go to the software version. Upload the newest version of the type of device you use.emoji kitchen
  3. Using the Gboard keyboard, which has an emoji kitchen.  For this, you have to open the Facebook messaging app of your choice. Then, you need to tap on the conversation followed by a text bar. In the emoji button, select any emoji of the smiley to activate the emoji kitchen option.
    emoji kitchen
  4. Installing a new emoji keyboard. Go to google play and search for the keyboard app you want to select. Install the app if the app is compatible with your device. Wait for the installation to be completed. Some examples of those keyboard apps are Fleksy, Ginger, and many more. flesky keyboard
  5. For making customized emojis, download emoji making app. emoji maker
  6. Make the account if you are new to the app, or else just sign in to the app. Choose a gender and then person accordingly and further customize it completely as per your choice. After completing all your changes, press the Save button in the upper right corner. Choose the keyboard to add your emojis to the keyboard. As soon as you enable the keyboard, you can use those emojis.
    emoji keyboard
  7. Download any font editor app, and on its home screen, scroll down to the emoji section. font editor
  8. You can download all the emojis present in the app after you choose the latest iOS versions and press download on the front preview page. Now, strike apply button. 

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How To Add New Emoticons On Facebook Comments

A good deal of individuals does not know how to get new Facebook emojis in the comments. Sending emoticons is better than texting in comments, chiefly when you have a scarcity of time. Are you in addition to those people? Then, you must go through the following steps thoroughly. 

  1. Click on the post on which you like to comment. To type your comment go to the text box. And then, enter whatever comment you desire. comment
  2. Tap the smiley face icon present in the comment box. emoji option in fb comment
  3. You will find a series of emoticons, press any emoticon of your choice and download it to the comment. emoticons for fb
  4. If you want the pop-up menu to get closed, press again the smiley face icon. press smiley icon
  5. Lastly, press the enter button to send your comment. press enter

Let’s see ways to add emojis to Messenger while forwarding messages. Read further to learn about ways to add emojis. 

Adding Emojis To Facebook Messenger

While texting, it becomes harder to understand exact emotions. Especially when you text informally, many people become unable to understand exactly what you are saying. Emoticons are the best way to express yourself while chatting. Sometimes, you may think that you are lacking in some expressions; for this, with each new version, you get some new Facebook emoji to use. 

  1. Open the Facebook messenger app, and move further by tapping the messenger home button. messenger home button
  2. Choose a conversation to whom you want to send emojis or want to make conversation. For this, you can either find the chats in recent chats or can open a new one. chats
  3. Click on the message box, and you will find the emoticons option on the text bar. Tap the emotions option for sending emojis. You can use a Gboard or bitmoji keyboard, anything of your choice, where you can get an ample amount of emojis. bitmoji keyboard
  4. Select the category in the emoticons option. Strike on the emoji of your choice to select bitmoji
  5. Press the enter button to send the message, or you may also go back to the ABC keyboard to type your further message. press enter

Do you have iPhones? Have you wondered how to get emojis on your device? Is it the same as that of Android, or do some differences exist? Let’s try to clarify all our doubts easily. 

How To Get iPhone Emojis For Facebook

Want to know if the emoji keyboard for FB in iPhones is the same or if there are some different keyboards? The iPhone uses a different keyboard from that of the Android. Let’s grasp some ideas regarding how you use the iPhone keyboard in the android phone.

  1. Install an emoji keyboard on your device. There are numerous keyboard apps present in the play store. To download any keyboard app, first visit the google play store. In the search bar, search for the apple emoji keyboard. You will get a thousand emoji keyboards, so tap on the one which you want to install. After installation, enable the keyboard button to use it in the app you desire. Now, after tapping on the keyboard, choose your emoji keyboard.
    emoji keyboard
  2. You can also download emoji font apps. Go to google play store, and in the search bar, type “emoji fonts for flip fonts 10”. In its settings, you will find display and brightness, and then check the font and apply it. Select the style of the font, and after choosing the emoji, send it. iphone emojis
  3. Firstly, remember to install the Magisk manager. Then, install the iOS emoji magisk module on your cell phone. Enable the installation of the app you require. Root your cell phone. Once you install the app completely, press the plus icon. Open the file manager and press for installation. When you find a pop-up screen, press the reboot button.
    magisk manager


How to get new Facebook emojis on messenger?

To get new Facebook emojis, you will either have to update your device or download any third-party keyboard on your device.

How to find all emojis on Facebook?

Drop down menu is present in the status publishing box of Facebook. Beat on the emoji of your choice and press enter to send it.

Why are the emojis of Facebook changed again and again?

As per Facebook, emojis are changed according to the world representing them. This makes conversation easy and compatible.

What is the importance of emojis in conversation?

Emojis are a method to express your facial expression, your gestures, and more while you communicate digitally. This also makes conversation lively and adds proper meaning to the communication.


Emojis are used to make conversation lively. One must update your cell to know how to get new Facebook emojis. If, after updating, you do not get the latest emojis, then you can also download any third-party app. In the text box, you will find options to tap emoticons, where you will get numerous emojis to choose from and forward. This will help you express your actual expression easily. 

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