How to Join a Group in Telegram Using 3 Methods | 2022

Wondering how to join a group in Telegram with or without the link? So, if you want to join the group that shares the latest movies, follow this step-by-step guide on how to join Telegram group chat from anywhere. Above all, you will end up with three methods to enter a Telegram group. Check out this link, if you want to change the name of you Facebook group.

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Firstly, let’s talk about the app itself. Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service application used to send and receive messages to each other. The video calls and the file-sharing you make through Telegram are encrypted. Telegram groups are one of the phenomenal services present in a messaging app. These groups and channels run by one or more people allow up to 200,000 users per group. Certainly, no other messaging app allows this member limit, making Telegram stand out from the rest.telegram

3 Ways to Join Telegram groups:

  1. Through the Search Bar
  2. From shared link
  3. Using third-party platforms

The three ways are effective, but one is different than the other. However, follow the steps below to join the link you want to join. 

To begin with, you should have a Telegram app to look for a group. 

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Through the Search Bar

If you wonder how to find groups on Telegram, this method is for you. In short, searching the group’s name from the search bar to join Telegram groups can be an old-school method. But it is reliable.

  1. Open the Telegram application (from your phone or desktop).telegram app
  2. Secondly, tap on the search bar and type in the group’s name (it can be a keyword). 
  3. Now your screen will display a few groups of the same name. Identify your group from the list and click on for books
  4. Once you click on the group, you will see the chat from the group. Below that, you see a button named ‘JOIN.’
  5. If you want to join a channel, there will be a ‘JOIN CHANNEL‘ button below the chat.join telegram choose a channel

However, Remember that you cannot chat unless you are a group member. Telegram won’t let you send messages unless you are allowed like any other groups from any messaging app. But, channels and certain groups might not let you send messages, and it is common to see this in file-sharing Telegram groups. 

Now you know how to join a group in Telegram by searching for the group’s name. 

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From Shared Link

This method shows you how to join a Telegram group using a shared link. For instance, your friend gave you a link to enter a Telegram group, but you have no idea what to do with it. You try pasting the link on the Telegram search bar and copying and pasting it in the browser. But you don’t seem to get into the group yourself.join telegram share link

It is a reasonably straightforward process. It would be best to have the Telegram app on your phone or browser work correctly. If you don’t, the link will open in the browser, and you cannot join a group from there. Make sure you have your app and log into your account.

  1. First, click on the blue link.
  2. Your phone will ask permission to open the Telegram (sometimes there won’t be any prompt asking for permission, but it is entirely typical), and you should ‘Allow‘ it.join telegram permission to open app
  3. As soon as the application opens, the chat will be displayed.
  4. Like the previous method, you will see a ‘JOIN.’ Click on the button.join telegram with link

You have successfully joined the group. This method shows you how to join a group in Telegram using a link, and it barely takes a second to join through a shared link.

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Using Third-Party Platforms

Joining Telegram groups using third-party links is for people will specific interests. Say you don’t have the group’s name or channel, but you want to join a particular type of group. For instance, a group where reviews of the latest books are being posted. Or a group with movie reviews of recently released ones. But you cannot find it unless you use a third-party platform.

This method shows you how to join Telegram group without link.

There is a platform named Telegram directory, where you can search the keyword in the search bar to look for groups. It is an exciting way to join Telegram group chat. 

  1. To begin with, search for the website Telegram Directory from your preferable browser (Chrome or Safari).telegram directory
  2. Once you enter the website, you can see a search bar that says ‘name or keyword.’
  3. Enter the word on the box and hit ‘search.’
  4. Telegram will present you with a series of groups categorized by channels, groups, and bots. In addition, you do not have to spend too much time differentiating them between groups and channels.join telegram directory books
  5. Click on ‘groups,’ It will give you the list of groups based on the keyword.join telegram channels in directory
  6. Choose one, and it will open in your application.
  7. Tap ‘JOIN GROUP‘ to get into the group.join telegram directory group

Now you know how to join a group in Telegram without a link. 

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Important Note

Above all, public groups do not allow you to send messages or share files. More importantly, there is no means of communication of the group admin; all will stay completely anonymous. Keep a note of this before joining a group. And for your safety, there are a bunch of scammers on every social media and messaging app. Make sure the groups you join are legit and safe. For instance, some job groups are emerging on Telegram to scam students into paying them. Therefore, try to be safe and careful with joining groups.


How do I join a private Telegram group?

There is only one way to join a private group in Telegram. So, the admin of the group should send you a link to join. Clicking on the link will open the group in your app. Now click 'JOIN' below the group, and you have successfully joined the group.

How can I join a channel in Telegram?

There are two ways to join a channel in Telegram. One is to search for the keyword within the Telegram app in the search box. You will see a list of related channels and groups. Pick one of them and join. The other method is to use the Telegram channels website. Like the Telegram Directory, Telegram Channels list channels based on your search. Click on one of the groups and you enter the group.

How can I join a private Telegram group without a link?

On Android, the user will find a search bar where you can search for the keyword. On clicking the magnifying glass icon, you can type the channel's name and join. While on iPhone, you will need to go to the chats tab and search for the channel's name. Then join by tapping into the group.

Can I view a private group without joining it?

No, you can't. You'd have to join the private group to see the contents, and they're called 'private' for a reason. Private groups are used mainly by private people, from college friends to small business owners. These groups allow no one to join without permission from the admins.


Since you have successfully learned how to join a group in Telegram, you are now free to check out the group’s contents. To conclude, you can see that joining Telegram groups using a link can be the most reliable way. But for people who want to join groups with specific interests, Telegram Directory can be a better option.

To sum up, be sure to follow all the steps. If there is any trouble, ask away!

Thank you for reading!

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