Best MightyText Alternatives You Should Try In 2024

We send texts on our phones; now, we can do the same on our desktop computers. Many Android apps, such as MightyText, are available on the Google Play Store and App Store which allow users to send and receive text messages from their computers. MightyText is one of the most popular desktop clients for accessing and controlling mobile devices from a PC. Here let us see 10 best MightyText alternatives for controlling mobiles from a PC.

The free version of MightyText allows users to send a maximum of 25 messages per month using their computer or tablet. If you wish to exceed this limit and send more than 25 messages per month, an upgrade to MightyText Pro is required.

You can sync MMS, SMS, Videos, Photos, and other files to other devices with MightyText. You can also use it to send and receive text messages from computers. However, it can or cannot be a paid service. The free version of MightyText includes a monthly restriction of around 500 text messages. MightyText should function fine if you’re satisfied with the free version’s 500 message limit per month. But a detailed guide is listed below if you are looking for alternatives.

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Best MightyText Alternatives

Let’s dive into the list of best MightyText alternatives without any further ado.


The Airdroid is a good substitute for MightyText. Above all, if you want to send an SMS from your computer. It will also include several additional features not available on MightyText. Along with the standard SMS, this is one of the most excellent features. Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger messages are also synced via the Airdrod.


It will also have several other capabilities, such as notification mirroring. A file-sharing program may make and receive phone calls, among other things. The most excellent part about this software is that it allows you to send unlimited text messages for free.

Visit AirDriod


Yappy is another option available as one of the most potent alternatives. This program is a web extension and can sync with mobile and desktop computers. Furthermore, the quantity of messages you can send via your PC with Yappy is unrestricted. This extension’s free version includes everything, but if you prefer an ad-free experience, you may upgrade to the Pro version.


The enhancements are only available in Chrome or Firefox. The free form has no message boundaries; it can send and receive SMS or alerts, make phone calls from a distance, and hold a 14-day message.

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MySMS is an Android software that is both easy and powerful. You can even send SMS from your PC or tablet using this method. There are currently no more exciting features in the app. Despite this, it has grown in popularity due to its skills. It’s true. Presently With over 1 million users, MySMS is available in over 180 countries.


You must send an SMS from your computer. After that, you must first log in to the MySMS Android app. So, use the same Google account to log in to the desktop app. Now It will sync your account across both devices. As a result, you can send and receive messages using only your computer.

In addition, you can save your messages to the cloud using Google Drive or Dropbox. The user interface for the MySMS features is similarly neat. It is effortless for users to navigate. Hence it is one of the best MightyText alternatives.

Visit: MySMS


One of the best ways is by using Pushline to manage your mobile and computer. If you want to send and acquire SMS, this is one of the most excellent apps. It is an entirely free program from which to choose.


You will not see advertisements even if you have the free version.


Another one of the best MightyText alternatives is Join. This app is highly adaptable and performs admirably on both mobile devices and computers. Join is now accessible for both Android and iOS devices.


However, regardless of the device you’re using, you can get SMS remotely using a browser. You also receive a slew of other capabilities, like file sharing, screen sharing, toll-free voice, video conferencing, and more features are available. It will include an end-to-end encryption option with a Join. This will also ensure that your privacy is well protected. There are also a few great connectors, such as Chrome, Outlook, Office365, etc. The application has a free preliminary rendition for 30 days post, which is accessible for 5$.


One of the best Mighty Text alternatives is PushBullet. This will also have a streamlined UI that will look fantastic on any device. Furthermore, seamless device syncing and relatively simple configurations make it even more appealing.


Messages can now be sent and received from any platform. PushBullet also allows you to view notifications on your phone, share files and links, and communicate with pals. This is also accessible in both a free and a premium version. The free version has some limitations, but the premium version allows you to go as far as possible.


Text Free is another excellent SMS and calling application for your Android phone. It is a web application that you can use from any program.


Text Free provides customers with an actual phone number that They can use to exchange texts. You can utilize the virtual phone number also to make judgments. Text Free is a website that allows you to send complimentary text messages to anyone, anywhere.

These Mightytext Alternatives do not expect access to your phone number; instead, the administration generates an odd phone number that you can use to message people. It’s an excellent way to send SMS trouble-free, as long as you don’t mind it being sent from a different number.

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS may be the perfect choice for you if you’re seeking an Android SMS program that’s swift, secure, and packed with valuable features. Expect your mind to be blown.

pulse sms

You can sync your SMS and MMS communications across all of your devices, including PCs, using Pulse SMS. This is why it falls under the list of best MightyText alternatives.


Text Now is similar to the Text Free Android software, which keeps track of previous text messages. Text Now, like Text Free, allows users an arbitrary phone number to send instant messages. Because it is a web application, you can access it from any device or program. It also offers calling capabilities. However, it is not free.


The Text now generates a random number, not allowing users to send messages using their phone numbers. The most important aspect is that it will enable you to appreciate endless information worldwide. So, if you don’t give a damn about numbers, the program can be useful to you.

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Send Anywhere

The last one on the list of best MightyText alternatives is Send Anywhere.

The application also offers a work area form, making it a perfect alternative for synchronizing your computerized devices. It allows you to move or transfer gadgets to its employees for more centralized access. Before beginning any data transfer, the program verifies and generates a six-digit access pin. And hence it falls under the list of best MightyText alternatives.

send anywhere

However, the plug has a 10-minute validity period, after which the records are automatically destroyed. The application does not require any information exchange and allows you to secretly move an unlimited amount of data.

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How do I use Mighty text Desktop?

You must download and set up the Mighty text Chrome extension on your computer to use Mighty text Desktop. After installing, you may connect your phone to your computer and begin sending and receiving text messages from your desktop.

How can I find Mightytext alternative Reddit?

On subreddits like r/Android, you can search for 'Mightytext alternatives' or 'text messaging apps' to find discussions and suggestions from other users.

How do I open Mightytext?

Mobile users can download Mightytext from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you can access the app by tapping on its icon on your phone's home screen.

What are some apps better than Mightytext?

Pushbullet, Textra, Google Messages, Pulse SMS, and Google Messages are a few well-known alternatives to Mightytext. The ability to send and receive text messages from your computer is one of the characteristics that these programmes share with Mightytext.

Are there any text messaging apps like Mightytext?

The 'better' text messaging software will rely on your preferences and needs because there are several options accessible. The well-liked Mightytext substitutes Pulse SMS, Textra, and Google Messages.


You can use Remote access apps for Android to send SMS from a computer. Connect your Android to your computer using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to begin sending and receiving messages. Remote Access applications send and receive SMS and manage other data stored on Android, such as photos, videos, and documents.

I hope this list of Best MightyText alternatives is useful to you. Check out our website for more such tech-related content. See you next time! Have a great day!

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