How To Clear Spotlight Search History On iPhone [2023]

Spotlight is a feature of Apple’s MacroOS and IOS operating systems that extends throughout the system. It is the phone’s search feature/ engine and which we use to find specific things either on the web or on your phone itself. In this article, you will learn how to clear Spotlight Search History on iPhone. Click here to know about the best iPhone projector apps Of 2023.

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how to clear spotlight search history on iphone


To access or use this feature, we need to be on the phone’s home screen and flick down from the center of the screen. And then this feature will be open at the top of the screen. Once this is open, you can search for whatever is of interest to you. You can search for whatever you would like to, using this feature. This feature is not limited to words only, so you can even search for numbers if you want to.

For example: If you have searched the word “Colbie,” we receive a list showing the words associated with our search. This would include any contacts if existing with the name “Colbie,” songs by Colbie Caillat, any song name with the title having the word Colbie, any e-mails that have been previously exchanged with anyone named Colbie, appointments with Colbie, or even Colbie’s birthday.

So basically, what we will receive using this feature depends on what is pre-existing on your phone and web results for the search. This spotlight feature is embedded within many apps and is at the top of the app’s screen. If you can see a magnifying glass icon on the app at any time, you can just tap on it to open Spotlight. Now, let us know how to clear Spotlight Search history on iPhone.

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What’s The Need To Delete Spotlight’s Search History?

As seen above, whenever we want to search for a specific word or phrase or even an application, we use Spotlight to do so. Whatever we type in the search bar gets displayed whenever we use it.

 So at times, we could search for something that we may not want others to see or mistakenly type something that we didn’t intend to type and also could be because we don’t want the history to be visible every time we use this IOS feature. So in these cases, we would like to erase or clear the search history stored on the app and visible for anyone using to see.

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How To Clear Spotlight Search History On iPhone

There are three ways by which we could clear the search history or rather disable it from others to view the history when using your device. All these work well, but the main issue is that it is not completely erased from the device and could be tracked/accessed using some external apps or websites.

 [1] Disabling Siri search suggestions

Firstly we need to go to Settings of the device, you’ll find it on the Home screen. Or from the App library, which is accessed by swiping left past all the home screen pages.

spotlight search

Then click on the General option. You will find the Spotlight search option. And on clicking that, you need to turn the toggle off the Siri suggestions, and once this is done, you will see that the search history is not visible anymore.

siri suggestions to off

This would temporarily disable the search feature. And if you want to use it again, we would just toggle it back again.

 In short : Settings -> General ->Spotlight search -> Siri Suggestions(Toggle off) 

Follow these steps to resolve your How to clear spotlight search history on iPhone.

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Turning off Siri Suggestions :

Like the first step, we would first have to go to Settings, then click on Siri & Search, then a list of options will be displayed, and under the heading of “Siri Suggestions,” we need to toggle off the Suggestion in the search option. 

 In short : Settings -> Siri & Search ->Suggestion in search(Toggle off)

Deletion of Siri history :

Similar to the first step, we need to go to Settings, then click on Siri & Search, and then need to locate the option of “Siri & Dictation history” and then need to delete it. When we click on the option, a popup will appear asking for confirmation whether we want to delete the history. Click to confirm, and the device will delete the history.

deletion of siri history

 In short : Settings -> Siri & Search -> Siri & Dictation history(Delete)

Follow these steps to resolve your How to clear spotlight search history on iPhone.

To delete the history permanently and for there to be no possible way to recover the history, we would need to reset the phone(Full reset). This is a tedious method as it would take up a lot of your time as well as you would lose all your information/data if not backed up.

We would need to install an external application called Aiseesoft iPhone cleaner.


1.  Download & launch the application: Firstly, we need to download the application on your computer/laptop and install it and launch it.

download & launch the application

2. Connect to device 

Connect to the device using the USB cable and input your specific password to unlock your device. And select the “Trust” button on your iPhone.

connect to device 

Once connected, you need to scan the device to see the search history.

 3. Delete the history

After the scan, the application will show the options to clear up your device.

delete the spotlight search history

Then choose the “Erase Junk Files” option and click on the “Erase” button to complete the task.

Follow these steps to resolve your How to clear spotlight search history on iPhone.

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There may be many reasons why we need to erase the history of the device. And to do so, we explain and mention these four methods. Ideally, it would be better to just use one of the first three options as it is less tedious and takes less amount of time. And also there is no loss of your data,

Using the last option by resetting the system would take up a lot of time and is unnecessary as its functionality is the same as the first three options. Hence we suggest you use one of the simpler methods.

I hope this article on how to clear spotlight search history on iPhone will help our readers.

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