Modern day computer games come with some advanced loaded features and graphics. Superior graphics will give a kick in enhancing the experience of the gameplay for the hardcore gamers. But, today’s gamers are quite demanding, and it is self-evident, and after all, they are human too like you and me.

One of the most urged features by the gamers is, voice chat facility while playing the game. It not only gives you a thrill but also helps in communicating better to stick to a particular strategy within the same team, during the game-play.

Keeping that in mind, we have made a list of 5 best voice chat software for your Windows PC.

Top 5 Voice Chat Software

Razer Comms

Razer Comms is a newly launched software for voice chatting. The software is almost a mixture of Skype and Steam because it has the primary server from where it manages all its operations like creating your group chats, side by side it also acts as an integrator for your game which helps in game launching.

Razer has been playing a crucial part for the gamers since ages. It is indeed a very fundamental part in gaming because the software knows what a player needs from a voice chat program and keeping that in mind it performs efficiently. The software is controlled by a centralized system that helps in managing, creating and controlling the friend lists and groups.

They also let the user decide when to take part in a voice chat room and even make it flexible for them to use their microphone during the conversation. Though the software offers a lot to its user, there might be little bugs due to which it would take time in loading the program, sometimes.


The software was launched in 2005, and since then it has improved a lot, providing more features and facilities to its users. The main thing that attracts most of the folks is that it gives liberty to the user where they can host a server with a minimal amount of $0.30 and no registration is required for doing that. It is free software where the user will not have to pay a single penny for any using any of its features or for hosting a server.

This open source software lets you extend your friend list without any bindings. The size of the software is very less with a faster latency rate. There is also a plug-in feature in the game where it allows you to play with your friends along with the audio and the audio entirely depends upon the position or location of your friend in the game.

When you use Mumble, you will have to make sure that you have at least one friend with whom you can play a game because the software is designed in a server-client way where either you or your friend will have to set up a server, and the other will join it. One more disadvantage of this software is that you cannot adjust the volume of your partner manually and in that case, you will have to rely on the inbuilt voice normalizer of the game.


Skype is one of the most popular software. Though it has faced a very drastic downfall after it was bought by Microsoft, but still people use it till date. Skype is known for its voice calling as well as video calling feature anywhere around the world. The software is very convenient to use because unlike any other software, it is not the headache of the client to set up a server or to host any.

The user just needs to login to the centralized server of Skype with a Skype account and further enjoy all the built-in features that the software offers. Both gamers and non-gamers can use it. But for the gamers, they can sometimes face some issue related to their RAM management because Skype uses a lot of your RAM and if you are playing any game, it is a tough job to manage its memory for the game along with the ongoing voice or video call.

Also, there is another issue regarding the quality of the call, voices can sometimes fluctuate, depending upon how secure your internet connection is. In the worst condition, the call even gets dropped which may annoy a user and sometimes anxious.


Initially, the software was built with the purpose to serve for only the competitive gamers, who need a fast and advanced voice calling system during an ongoing match. But with time, the developers have felt the need of the user and made it easier for them to use with a more dynamic algorithm so that it is within reach of everyone.

Like other software, it also does not have any server of its own instead a user will have to create and host a server by themselves with a tiny amount of $0.30 per month to make any call. This is a user-friendly software with its intuitive user interface that’s makes it simple and easy to use. The voice quality is assured to be the best among all other software by the company.

The best part of TeamSpeak is that it is not only available for Windows, but it runs with the same amount of efficiency on Mac and Linux platform for PC and Android and iOS for mobile. The user will get only 32 slots on a server under the free hosting license of the company but can boost that up to 512 by registering with TeamSpeak as a non-profit entity.


RaidCall is a gaming voice call software for the gamers. The software mainly focuses on enhancing the experience of the user with flashy graphics. Under the guidance of the competitive gaming team Fnatic, the company has steadily managed to make its position among the best software and has been playing a great role not only in voice calling but also in building communications as well.

The resource used by the software is decidedly less which means it doesn’t have to worry about your RAM management if your computer does not have an excellent random memory. The RaidCall server lets you create your group or circle of people. Since the server of the company is not widespread; therefore, you are restricted to cross a particular boundary of location. Another disadvantage of the software is that the user might find it difficult to use because of its user interface.


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