Top 10 Games Like Freelancer To Play In 2024 [Best Picks]

The top 10 games like freelancer on our list will provide you with an experience comparable to a freelancer if you are a gaming enthusiast looking for titles that will increase your like freelancer

The space combat simulator Freelancer is a timeless game with a cult following. A freelancer may have pioneered the space sim genre, but ten more games are just as good and worth playing, including Darkstar One, Ascent-The Space Game, Homeworld 2, and many others.

Although a freelancer may have pioneered the space simulation genre, ten more games are equally as good. So, let’s look at some iOS and Android applications and games similar to freelancer.

Best 10 Games Like Freelancer

Below listed are the top 10 games like freelancer.

Darkstar One

Darkstar One is the ideal freelancer space game if you enjoy space exploration. In this catchy game reminiscent of freelancer, the goal is to provide you with a memorable battle simulation and trading experience. Compared to DarkStar One: Broken Alliance, which was previously praised, this game is an improvement. dark star oneYou now have a game that will elevate your gaming experience thanks to improved visuals. To spice up the gaming industry and give players one of the greatest games like Freelancer on Steam, Ascaron, a German studio, created the game. If you try this game, you won’t be let down.

Elite Dangerous

Another must-play game that one or more players may play at once is called Elite Dangerous. One of the games compared to freelancer, it blends warfare, simulation, space trading, and adventure to provide players with a worthwhile use of their time and money.elite dangerous

You are free to explore as much as you like in Cutthroat, the imaginary galaxy where the game is set because it provides an open setting to demonstrate your gaming prowess. Therefore, when playing one of the most intriguing games like freelancer, your inventiveness and gaming abilities are your only constraints.

Visit: Elite Dangerous

Ascent-The Space Game

One of the original games that resemble freelancer is this one. More than 200 billion star systems and space are available in the game for you to demonstrate your prowess at playing online games. The game takes place in the future, following the fall of the human empire. Rebuilding society is a challenging but rewarding task that requires you to simultaneously inspire the few remaining humans to continue their exploration of the cosmos.the space game

While you are focused on exploring, you still need to find time to colonize, build, mine, farm, fight, and do everything necessary to survive. Simply put, this is among the best games that mimic freelancing.

Star Citizen

Another fantastic game that will always have a spot on the Freelancer game steam is Star Citizen. You will enjoy the game to the fullest whether you want to play with a friend, an online player, or want to have fun by citizen

It incorporates mining, space battles, commerce, and other activities into your space exploration. You will enjoy playing this game because it has everything a game should have to be compared to titles like Freelancer, and you will appreciate playing the game because it makes it sound fun.

Visit: Star Citizen

Homeworld 2

Renowned Relic Entertainment created the action-packed space exploration game Homeworld 2. In this game, you can completely customize your spaceship and furnish it with any weapons you could require to survive in the hazardous atmosphere of space. homeworldIn this action-packed game, your real-time fighting tactics and piloting prowess will be the difference between life and death. You will undoubtedly enjoy playing this game, an exploration game and one of the greatest games like freelancer.

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Star Conflict

One of the top freelancer video games similar to it is Star Conflicts. Star Conflict: Dogs of War is another name for this entertaining game. This game is jam-packed with intergalactic exploration and adventure. Assuming the character of a pilot, you join forces with others who share your passion and participate in intergalactic combat that challenges your piloting skills. star warsYour life is in your hands as you travel from one planet to another. How long you play games like Freelancer on Steam will depend on your gaming history.

Visit: Star Conflict

Evochron Legacy

Evochron Legacy gives you a platform to blast while playing this flight simulation game if you wish to explore space and have fun. You have everything you need to create your survival strategy in this survival game. evochronThis can entail taking on several roles at various game phases. Your ability to explore, trade, craft, or race in this game, consistently ranked among the best games like freelancer, will determine your chance of survival. This will put your ability to think strategically to the test.

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Astro Lords

Fortunately, several options are available to you as you fight for survival. Your journey with Astro Lords will lead you to a far-off galaxy, where you’ll need to use all of your combat prowess to survive the countless space wars that lie ahead. astro lordsIn addition, you have a spacecraft and weapons to help you survive. This gives the game a more realistic feel and validates its ranking among the top Freelancer PC game.

No Man’s Sky

These Steam games like freelancer will enchant fans of space adventures. You can thoroughly explore the immensity of space in this game. The game is an action-packed space adventure where your ability to handle the many obstacles you will face in space will determine whether you live or man's sky

Don’t worry; you won’t be abandoned in space without help. Using the most advanced weapon on board your spacecraft, you can battle your path out of any crisis.

Visit: No Man’s Sky

Star Trek Online

You will adore this game if you enjoy the Star Trek television series. It is one of the games similar to freelancer on steam and was created after the series to give gamers an online experience that is comparable to the thrill provided by the trek

It will test your abilities as you travel to the Star Trek world. The game is captivating, and you’ll be riveted to your screen until you finish it.

Visit: Star Trek Online


How do space games like freelancer work?

Like a freelancer, these games have space settings that let players engage in ship-to-ship combat or trade their way to wealth, among other options.

What can you do as a freelancer?

As a result, Freelancer players engage in trading, spacecraft dogfights, space combat, and bounty hunting, all of which give a tonne of detail to delve into in addition to your galaxy exploring.

How do I get freelancer on my computer?

These platforms presently provide Freelancer: Mount the.iso file by opening the 'Game Files' folder. Launch the autorun.exe game setup and choose express install. You must restart your computer after your game has been installed. Install the game as administrator by using the desktop shortcut.

What kind of game is freelancer windows?

The Freelancer Windows description. A freelancer directly follows the mission-based space warfare simulator Starlancer from Microsoft. In contrast to its predecessor, freelancer integrates trading and combat in an open-world setting.

How to freelancer pc game digital download?

1. Obtain the ISO version first. Download and install Freelancer.iso. 2. From the mounted image, launch SETUP.EXE to complete the game installation in the default directory, such as C: Program Files (x86) > Microsoft Games Freelancer.


For more information, you can download one of the ten previously reviewed Android and iOS games like freelancer. Then, participate in a fun game cycle by engaging in all of the nearby freelancing alternatives.

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