6 Best Games Like Trials In Tainted Space In 2023

In this article, we bring you alternate games like Trials in Tainted Space. We discuss the 6 online best games like trials in tainted space in 2023.

This game has a huge adult audience base. A huge amount of people play trial in tainted space. It is an annotation graphic sexual game by Fenoxo that gives you complete avatar flexibility and customization. 

Trials in tainted space is a league based on linguistic ideas. It’s a fictitious, sensuous video game for attractive individuals. So, before we explore games like trials in tainted space, we shall go over the trial and tainted space attributes and what the game is all about. Although horror games and mystery games are trending nowadays but trials in tainted space has its own place in adult playing world.

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All About Trial in Tainted Space

Throughout the 18-plus exploration videogame Trials in Tainted Space by graphic sexual gaming master Fenoxo, gamers may traverse a strange universe and take on the identity of anybody they choose. This game has neither visual confrontations nor epilogues because it is totally word-centered. Rather, they immerse themselves in a narrative built on their actual decisions. The adventure of several planetary systems, interplanetary, spacecraft and the varied sensual interactions are the major features of this videogame. By the way, the fundamental themes of sexual experiences are extraterrestrial beings and physical change.


Trials in Tainted Space offers an intimidating amount of avatar customization, starting off with selections for size, shape, and sexuality and extending to a wide range of alternatives. Do you desire the avatar to have tentacles, claws, or proboscis? Try it out. Given that this is a sensual metamorphosis game, one may also change the kind and quantity of anatomy the avatar has, as well as their cervix, genitalia, breasts, and even their ability to produce milk. If you want to Change Discord Avatar, check this out.

Trials in Tainted Space – Main Mission

Fenoxo developed the available collaborative textual roleplay striptease videogame Trials in Tainted Space. Users from birth to maturity are prepared to be deserving heirs to their late parents. They are the successor here to the previous Head of Steel Corporation, a spatial multinational corporation. Players have to venture into the most recent of the big “planetary surges” and find a variety of unique metadata that are organically linked to Steel’s bloodline to prove their merit and succeed him in securing the post. Sadly, their evil relative is also searching for all these sensors, so it’s a competition to determine who can first discover them.

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Trials in Tainted Space – Mind powers

All game players possess some mental abilities, including imagining and remembering. But some are much more potent and extraordinary.

Telekinetic Abilities

Telekinetic is the capacity to transfer impulses from one mind towards others. Players possess this mind power in the game. 

Undertaking Mind 

Whenever anyone takes on another player’s mind, they are capable of controlling that user’s willpower. They might compel the subject to perform any desired action.

Psionic Powers

Psionic Powers is the capacity to control a range of objects only with thoughts. As a weapon, it can likewise be employed to thrust or nudge an adversary. 

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6 Best Games Like Trials in Tainted Space

Now, we know not everyone may have access to trials in tainted space. But if you are looking for alternate games like trials in tainted space. Search no more as we’ll be providing a variety of games like Trials in Tainted Space. Below, we list the best 6 of them. 

Flexible Survival

Parallel to a game like Trials in Tainted Space, it is a nice experience. Nuku Valente, an independent programmer, designed and produced it. He focuses on initiatives and routinely releases these.


A parasite that appears out of nowhere gets extremely harmful and attacks people. The insect kills all towns. They concentrate on developing a public persona for trials in tainted space and persevere until the defense saves you. This league is sensuous and for an adult-based audience as well. Only one gamer can play in this game.

Carnal Souls

Carnal souls is another game like Trials in tainted space. Nevertheless, a totally different programmer created the videogame. The action in the videogame concentrates on the central protagonist and is annotated with an erotic undertone. The range of ways the gamer can interact with adversaries in the game is its best feature. During a fight, the user has a variety of maneuvers at his disposal.


Furthermore, there are various showdown procedures that the gamer can choose from. All of these offer a unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

Fall of Eden

Another game like Trials in tainted space is Fall of Eden. FenOxo manufactures and distributes it. It is jam-packed with thrilling & seductive adventures.


Fall of Eden is a text-entry word theme play. The match starts as you are drawn into a gateway close to your neighborhood which was not there until now. Individuals are drawn into the vortex doorway and led toward the deity. Within gameplay, players disappeared in a terrible plane that became stranded between paradise and purgatory under the control of the Satan Queen Uru. The monarch doesn’t at all assist users in escaping from it. Search for Lady Sera on the aircraft. She solves issues and offers assistance. You may locate a path back if you finish everything.

Kingdom of Loathing

Despite being a copy of “Games Like Trials in Tainted Space,” Kingdom of Loathing will not really emphasize eroticism. The phrase is synonymous with “Games Like Trials in Tainted Space.”

It has expressly addressed the temperament in conversation. The title has a Steampunk aesthetic.

Starting off with an extremely constrained arcade game demeanor. You carry a pistol as you approach a hostile environment.


Linguistic instructions controls the temperament. It enables you to engage in combat with your adversaries and obtain resources from them. There are approximately over 40 adventures in a video game, including cookery, breaking objects, as well as more.

To enhance your gameplay adventure, the program features a variety of armaments and defenses.

My Very Own Lith

Html gaming My Very Own Lith is a product that Custom builder offers. This league is erotic. There are a lot of storylines and behaviors. Lith and partners are the primary erotic objects of the gameplay. The personality of the individual is complex. Entering a category, such as masculine or female, is an option. Someone’s ideas and brain processes will determine it.


Talking to a lady, chatting with her, and snuggling together will make her feel more attracted to herself. Players may occasionally suffer injury from it. The first screen of the gameplay is evident.

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure

Cyberpunk Adventure is a mysterious and daring game. The designer and producer of the game are Delgado Boys. And it has been specifically created to function on Microsoft, Computers, and Chrome OS Programs. Game Engines introduce various components. The inspiration for Cypher’s creation came from “Full Recalling” and “Speed Blade.”


The match begins in an article dark and violent cyborg setting. Here on the crust of the ground, the moonlight is dying and obliterating. The main protagonist’s action and voice features are included, to improve the overall experience.


What are access codes used for in Trials in Tainted Space?

The Trials In Tainted Space access codes will provide players additional benefits when engaging in the game by giving them access to all of the tournament's achievements. The majority of enthusiasts in the cosmos enjoy the online sex series of games, The Trials in Tainted Space. The immersive playing franchise was developed with outstanding attributes. The Trials in Tainted Space access codes seem to be more essential for the company to advance through the videogame adaptation. You can increase your benefits in the Trials In Tainted Space series by using the shortcut keys.

What distinguishes Trials in Tainted Space from other games?

Among the unique aspects of the Trials In Tainted Space is the two distinct personality designs. The Trials in Tainted space-free tools are more vital for participants to advance through the multiplayer fps.

What Does Trials In Tainted Space Mean?

The vast majority of users throughout prefer to engage in Trials In Tainted Space. About the bulk of people in the realm plays the adult-themed strategy game - The Trials in Tainted Space. The immersive gameplay sequence was developed with significant applications.

What is the gameplay in Trials in tainted space?

Trials in tainted space is a league based on linguistic ideas. It's a fictitious, sensuous video game for attractive individuals.


All of the aforementioned video games and games like trials in tainted space. Each of the above video games aims to provide the player with the most entertainment possible while having a distinct aesthetic. Neither of these videogames will let you down, regardless of whether you enjoy the challenges in a retro game like tainted space for its selection of specific, outfit options, or plot. Identical creators featured games are also being created. We, therefore, hope that we have given you a complete list of titles similar to Trials in Tainted Space and that you may discover a game that you enjoy.

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