Snapchat Failed To Send To One Person [How To Fix It?]

If your Snapchat failed to send to one person, read on ahead to figure out what might be the problem and some possible solutions to fix it. If you are a frequent user of any social networking site today, you are well-versed in the art of Snapchat. A trendy and popular social media app popular with Millennials and Gen Z alike where you can send disappearing photos, messages, and videos to all your friends and family.

Several reasons could lead to why your Snapchat failed to send it to a person, such as an internet connection issues, being blocked by that person, servers being down, glitches in the app, or your phone lacking storage. Reconnecting your internet and checking your app or your phone should resolve this issue.

To understand the causes of this issue and learn about its fixes in detail, feel free to read this detailed article till the end. This article aims to resolve all doubts regarding this glitch for the user to have a better experience using Snapchat.

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About Snapchat

For a platform as innovative as  Snapchat, its user base is loyal and diverse. We cannot get enough of this unique way of communication. The amazing features and filters this app provides are revolutionary in this industry and have changed our understanding of playing around with images and expressing ourselves in new and fun ways. From the infamous dog filter that turned us into cute puppies to the hilarious truck driver moustache and face-swapping, it has kept us entertained and laughing along with our friends.

about snapchatWith a high volume of clicking and sending photos, messages, and videos and its mammoth user base of hundreds of thousands every single day, Snapchat runs into an error every now and then where it fails to send a photo to the receiver. This can be especially annoying to you if you are an enthusiastic user of the app. If, in any case, this has happened to you, here’s why it happens and how to resolve it.

Your Internet Connection Just Isn’t Working.

Snapchat failed to send to one person; this can happen because maybe Your Internet Connection Just Isn’t Working.

Before we jump into the myriad of other reasons behind this, let’s address the elephant in the room – your router. More often than not, a spotty internet connection might disconnect you from the app servers.

internet connecttionCheck whether your phone service has an appropriate number of bars. Try turning your Wi-Fi off and on or disabling and enabling your cellular data. Reconnect back to your network and check if this has solved the issue.

You’ve Been Blocked By The Receiver.

Another reason Snapchat did fail to send it to one person could be because the person has been unable to unblock you. Um, very sorry about this; I hope it wasn’t personal. But if your account has been blocked by the receiver, your message just won’t send anymore to them. But let’s not jump to conclusions and verify your suspicions first.

account has been blocked by the receiverGo check if you can still view their stories; if you can, then you haven’t been blocked, and you live to fight in another snap. But, if you can’t view their story, then go up to the search bar and try to find their profile by looking up their username; if that’s not something you can do, you’ve probably been blocked, and we’re very sorry

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The Servers Are Down.

A possible reason for Snapchat’s failure to send it to one person might be; Snapchat undergoes routine server checks and fixes; when this happens, they just take the server that processes your data down and out of commission for a few hours or so. If this is in fact the case, all your messages won’t send.

snapchat server downThis is a problem from the motherboard of all things Snapchat itself; nothing you can do about it. Text a friend on Instagram to check if they’re experiencing the same issue as you. But worry not; the issue will resolve itself in a few hours.

There’s a Glitch In The App.

Sometimes, the app just faces a glitch within its working, which can be the reason Snapchat doesn’t send to one person. If your message doesn’t send, you can try sending it again, and this would fix the issue. Try closing the app, clearing the cache, and reopening it to likely resolve the issue. However, if the glitch is in your phone, you can try shutting your phone down and rebooting it.

glitch in the appIf you still cannot send the photo, another thing you can do is log out of the app and log in with your username and password to see if that fixes the situation.

Be careful doing this, though; you might lose some of the data you haven’t backed up.

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Your Phone Might Have Run Out Of Storage Space.

Snapchat’s failure to send to one person issue; if your phone lacks storage space to process and save images.

Limited phone storage prevents sending messages on Snapchat.

phone run out of space

Delete some unnecessary files or images off of your phone, and you’ll be back in business to snap as long as the new space provides. Check whether you have an external memory card and try using it as internal space. This method will very likely fix your Snapchat Message issue


Why does it say a Snapchat message was not sent to one person?

Your internet connection may be unreliable or you may lose the connection if Snapchat fails to send. Check your internet connection as the first step in fixing Snapchat messages that are not sending. After a few minutes, connect your device to wifi again after turning off your wifi.

Why was my snap delivered but has yet to be received?

Two distinct actions occur when you send a Snap and the recipient receives it. After sending the snap successfully, the recipient still needs to see it. The person either has a bad internet connection or none, which is the most likely reason for this.

Can you block someone on Snapchat and remain friends?

If you cannot locate them there, they have blocked you. You can stop the ability to view someone's story, but they can still keep you as a friend. In this case, you won't ever be able to read that person's narrative, but you can send them snaps and monitor their Snapchat score.

Why won't my messages get through to a Snapchat user?

Download the most recent iOS or Android update. Ensure that you both have robust internet connections. To improve your mobile service, try using Wi-Fi or traveling to an area with better coverage.

What's the distinction between blocking someone on Snapchat and unfriending them?

By blocking someone, you are severing all contact with them. You can still browse your saved talks and see that user's profile.

Can you check if someone screenshots Snapchat conversations?

The response is that Snapchat user is aware when you screenshot the message or conversation. Snapchat has built-in technology that recognizes when you take a screenshot and alert the sender.


Millions of users on Snapchat can encounter bugs, but they can resolve them with patience.

I hope this article helps you fix the problem where one person did not get a message on Snapchat. Please let us know if you found these solutions useful.

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