5 Best Games On Origin Access You Have To Play In 2024

The pandemic has taught us the importance of PC games once again. You can play games on your PC and connect easily with your friends all in one place. The top-origin games offer Epic RPGs, action-packed shooters, simulation hits, and others to fit your palette.

Here are the 5 Best games on origin access in 2024:

  • Knockout City
  • Biomutant
  • Mass Effect Legendary Action
  • It Takes Two
  • Apex Legends

Moreover, let’s discuss the best games on origin access you can get in 2024.

5 Most Popular Origin Games

The five best on Origin access to play in 2024 are as follows

Knockout City

Throw, grab, pass, escape, and understand your way to glory! Gather and catch it with rival Crews in Knockout City, where you earn points for epic dodgeball battles. So, commit yourself to great fun and great competition for the brand-new take on multiplayer team games.

  • Customize your character and build a Crew with friends to start your Knockout City takeover.
  • Take out the opponents with deception shots and work together while blocking and catching balls flying across the map.
  • Rule the city with fast-paced multiplayer games with mind-blowing dodgeball mechanics.
  • Take out opponents with 3v3, 4v4, or free-for-all games.
  • Pass, drop, and organize as a team to rule and unlock rewards for your Crew only.

knockout cityVisit: Knockout City


Biomutant is an open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG with a unique combat strategy that allows you to combine melee action, shooting, and power conversion. This is one of the best games on origin access. Plague corrupts the earth, and the Tree of Life bleeds death by its roots. The nations are divided. Explore the troubled world and explain its destiny – will you be its savior or lead it to a darker end?

  • The martial art combat system allows you to have greater freedom of movement and sharpness while mixing shooting, melee, and power from your transformation.
  • You will be able to re-code your genetic structure to change the way you look and play.
  • You are completely free when you draw weapons.
  • Combine and match parts to create your unique 1H or 2H weapons.

biomutantVisit: Biomutant

Mass Effect Legendary Action

One person is all that is at stake in humanity and the greatest threat ever faced. Remember Commander Shepard’s story in the Mass Effect trilogy, highly acclaimed Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which is one of the best games on origin access.

  • Three Games, One Launcher: Play with one-player content and more than 40 DLC in all three games, including promotional weapons, battle weapons, and packages.
  • However, remembering the New Generation: Feel the trilogy in 4K Ultra HD with enhanced functionality, visuals, and graphics, all available in HDR.
  • Visual improvement in all three games: Updates include advanced models, shaders, FX, field lighting and depth, and full-resolution sound.

mass effect legendary editionVisit: Mass Effect Legendary Action

It Takes Two

Embark on the hilarious journey in It Takes Two, a genre-bending platform adventure designed for co-op only. You can invite your pals to join in with a pass on a wide variety of challenging gameplay challenges. Play as a hit couple Cody and May, two people, turn into dolls with magic spells. This is one of the best games on origin access available out there.

  • Different character skills are connected to all-new levels.
  • Help each other through a lot of unexpected obstacles and moments of great laughter.
  • The furry tails of kick gangster squirrels, underwear shorts, DJ nightclub buzzing, and bobsleigh through a magical snow globe.
  • In addition, it embraces a heartfelt and humorous story where narratives and gameplay are intertwined in a unique simulation experience.

it takes two best games on origin accessVisit: It Takes Two

Apex Legends – Gibraltar Edition

Make waves as you control the race with Apex Legends- Gibraltar Edition. Above all, this game includes optional in-game purchases for real money that you can use to get a random selection of in-game items. Therefore, this is one of the best games on origin access available out there. The Gibraltar program includes:

  • Exclusive Legendary “King of the Sea” Gibraltar Skin
  • Secondly, Unique, Dedicated Skin
  • Exclusive “Lone Shark” Gun Charm
  • Finally, s Special “Wave Making” Badge

apex legends gibraltar edition best games on origin accessVisit: Apex Legends-Gibraltar Edition


What online games are included in Origin Access?

Some of the top-rated games available in Origin Access are ‘The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition’ by Maxis, ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ by DICE, ‘EA Sports FIFA 18’ by Electronic Arts, ‘A Way Out’ by Hazelight Studios, and ‘Unravel Two’ by Coldwood Interactive.

What is the difference between Stream and Origin?

Most people prefer Stream for playing games due to its fast speed compared to Origin. On the other hand, Stream has limited access to certain games that are accessible on Origin.

What are the free games on Origin?

Origin has a wide range of games available for free and paid. Fortnite: Battle Royale and Apex Legends are the most played free games on Origin. Other free games are Hearthstone and League of Legends.

Is Origin being shut down?

As per the news, Origin has been replaced by Electronic Arts with the new application known as EA App for all Windows platforms. The Origin login page will automatically open the EA App for purchasing and accessing EA games. However, Origin is still available online for Mac and Mobile versions.