How To Disassemble Xbox One Controller | Complete Guide

Users consider The Xbox One control one of the most significant controls for video games; however, sometimes, they break up and need to be repaired. While you can remove an Xbox One controller without too much difficulty, a few potential snags exist, and several specialized tools you may not be laying around are also required. The feedback engines, buttons, and thumbsticks are then tricky. After knowing this, you have to take care of your Xbox One controller. You need to know how to remove, clean, repair, and reassemble the Xbox One controller. So, in this article, we will see how to disassemble Xbox One controller. And click here if you want to know the steps to install Xbox games faster.

Reasons To Disassemble Xbox One Controller

If the controller is not working correctly and you already updated your firmware and passed a few basic troubleshoot like testing the batteries, you have to disassemble the controller. Here are some corrections for which you have to take your Xbox One controller apart, providing suggestions about what to do after the control is opened.


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General cleaning

It is highly suggested that you maintain your Xbox controller clean, regardless of the situation. Cleaning is vital, from hygiene routines to infection management to Xbox 1 controller buttons. For dirt cleaning, Microsoft advises isopropyl alcohol; to clean areas with cotton swabs. The plastic components will be most cleaned. Use this to capture any debris that falls out of reach if you have a short vacuum cleaner suitable for xbox controller

Faulty Thumbstick

You can make different repairs once you have disassembled the Xbox One controller. You can check discontinuous buttons and thumbsticks repaired (typically fitted with further cleaning). The Xbox One controller is likely to release thumbsticks. In many circumstances, a small rod of metal – possibly from a thump – can be struck into the thumbstick itself and pushed in on the analog controls placed on the circuit board. In most cases, You can find the solution.

xbox controller thumbstick breaking

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Customizing Xbox Controller

Teardown provides an excellent opportunity to customize your Xbox One controller (new LEDs, etc.). But a paint and adhesion promoter can make more striking adaptations to the appearance of your controller. Also, there are tons of options for upgrading your comptroller to give it the required steroids.

How To Disassemble Xbox One controller?

Ensure that your Xbox One controller is shut off before disassembling the controller. Place it with simple tooling on a table or comparable hard surface.

Tools required

First, let us see what are tools you need to learn how to disassemble Xbox One controller. You can find a clean and clear workstation that is illuminated adequately before you can disassemble your Xbox One controller apart.

controller tools

If you do not already have them, you will also have to obtain the following tools: an At-8 Torx safety tool, a Torx bit driver, and a prying tool. You can either utilize a Torx bit in a driver or use a particular Torx driver, but it must be a T-8 safe Torx. By the little hole in the tip of a safety Torx, you can make the difference between a standard Torx and a safety Torx. A normal T-8 Torx will not fit into the controller screws of Xbox One without this little hole.

Outer Cover Dismember

The next step in how to disassemble the Xbox One controller is to remove the outer cover.

Remove and lay aside the door of the battery cabinet.

remove the battery cabinet

Save them for later; remove the batteries. Draw the plastic panels on the back of control “handles,” where the controller sits in your hand, using the plectrum or spudger.

remove the cover of handles

It can take a while, so take your time to unclip the electrum slowly along each edge. Unseal the five Torx screws with the controller facing down. There are two at the right, two at the left, and one at the battery compartment underneath the label. Put the torches carefully aside later on.

remove the back panel

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Tackling The Inners!

Now remove the back panel. You can now lift the primary controller. Notice how this is a plastic secondary case containing two PCBs (printed circuit boards). You can now replace thumbsticks, D-pads, and other buttons at this point if you plan to adapt.

tackle the inners

Further dismantling needs some knowledge about electronics, so don’t proceed if you don’t know about PCBs and electrical components. The motors, triggers, and several more screws are now accessible and can be left alone until you have to repair specific details on the circuit board.

What Next?

Now you are on the surface with your Xbox One controller in parts. But what are you next capable of doing? Here you can continue in a few ways. We suggest that you maintain your controller clean, regardless of the situation. Cleaning is vital, from hygiene routines to infection management to Xbox 1 controller buttons.

You can make different repairs once the controller has opened Xbox One. You can check discontinuous controls and thumbsticks repaired (typically fitted with further cleaning). Be mindful that electrical components are exposed to another teardown. As such, you must take care to address your controller’s danger of static electrical damage.

So, by now you would have learnt how to disassemble Xbox One controller.

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How To Reassemble Xbox Controller?

Now that you have learned how to disassemble Xbox One controller, we will see how to reassemble it now.

Follow the steps above if the Xbox One Controller is okay and that it’s ready to reassemble the device. Whether clean or it no longer needs to be fixed, after your Xbox One controller has been reassembled, it should again be working as usual. If not, consider purchasing an alternate controller or other troubleshooting methods.reassemble xbox controller


The idea of tearing down your beloved Xbox One controller can be not only terrifying but also revolting for many. Follow these simple instructions, and you can easily disassemble the whole unit in no time and save yourself some money by performing DIY repairs or maintenance jobs. You mustn’t go this route if you doubt whether you can perform this task or not. Now that you’ve assembled your xbox controller, click here to learn how to reset Xbox One X in an instant.

I hope this article on how to disassemble Xbox One controller was useful to you. If you have any further doubts, let us know in the comments section below. We would be glad to answer them for you.

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