How to Measure a Laptop for a Backpack [Ultimate Guide]

Are you tired of struggling to find the perfect backpack for your laptop? Look no further! In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to measure your laptop for a backpack, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Say goodbye to bulky, ill-fitting bags and hello to convenience and comfort!

To measure your laptop for a backpack, simply measure its width, depth, and height. Then, choose a backpack with a laptop compartment slightly larger than your laptop to ensure a proper fit.

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How to Measure a Laptop for a Backpack

Getting the correct measurements is essential for selecting a backpack that fits your laptop comfortably. To measure your laptop for a backpack, follow these easy steps:

How to Pack a Backpack

How to measure a laptop’s length for a Backpack:

Grab a ruler or measuring tape and place it flat on top of your laptop. Measure straight across from the front edge to the back edge. Jot down this length in inches or centimeters. It’s crucial to be precise here – even being a bit off could mean your laptop doesn’t fit the backpack compartment perfectly.

How to measure a laptop’s width for a Backpack:

Next, measure your laptop’s width from one side straight across to the other. Use that same ruler or measuring tape. Make sure to measure at the absolute widest point for an accurate width. Refrain from estimating, or your measurements could be misleading.

How to measure a laptop’s height for a Backpack:

With your laptop closed up, place the ruler on its side and measure the height from the bottom of the base up to the top of the lid. This height measurement will ensure you get a tall backpack to accommodate your laptop.

Measure twice if necessary to double-check your numbers. Slight variations in these measurements can make a huge difference, so take your time and get it right!

How to Measure Laptop Screen Size

Laptop screen sizes are usually measured diagonally from one corner to another; most laptop companies indicate the screen size in inches, making choosing a suitable bag or sleeve easier. Check out for tech hacks!

How to Pack a Backpack

To measure your laptop’s screen size:

  1. Locate the display specifications in your laptop’s manual or the company’s website. This information is usually readily available and clearly stated. If you can’t find the specs in the manual, check the company website or search online for your laptop model.
  2. The screen size is usually listed as a number followed by inches (e.g., 13.3 inches, 15.6 inches). This measurement is the screen’s diagonal length from one corner to the opposite corner.
  3. Some laptops may list the screen size with the dimension, like 13.3″ or 15.6″. Others may just state 13.3 or 15.6 with the inches implied.
  4. Pay close attention to the exact number, as screen sizes often increase in small increments like 0.3 inches. A 15.6″ screen is quite different in size than a 15″ screen.
  5. If your laptop is older, the screen size may be listed in centimeters instead of inches. Just make a note of the number and centimeter dimension.
  6. Knowing the screen size is important because many laptop bag manufacturers design their products around standard display sizes like 13″, 15″, and 17″ screens.
  7. With the screen dimensions, you can better judge which laptop backpack size will allow your device to fit properly in the laptop compartment.

Laptop Bag Size Chart

How to Measure a Laptop for a Backpack

When shopping for a laptop backpack, you often see bag sizes listed in inches. Here’s a general laptop bag size chart to help you find the right fit:

Bag SizeSuitable Laptop Size
13-inchUp to 13.3 inches
14-inchUp to 14 inches
15-inchUp to 15.6 inches
17-inchUp to 17.3 inches

Some backpacks may have slightly larger or smaller compartments than the size suggests. Also, consider factors like padding thickness, as thicker padding may reduce the available space inside the compartment.


Should I buy a laptop bag bigger than my laptop?

It's best to buy a bag slightly larger than your laptop for some padding, but avoid one that's significantly bigger, as it can make the laptop move around and get damaged.

Will a 16-inch laptop fit in a 15.6-inch backpack?

It's unlikely. Due to its larger dimensions, a 16-inch laptop may not comfortably fit in a 15.6-inch backpack. Measure accurately and choose a bag that fits your laptop's size or is slightly larger to avoid damage.




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