Fix: The Person You Are Calling Cannot Accept Calls At This Time

You dial a number to share critical data with others or to have a conversation. But instead of hearing their particular sound, you hear a pre-recorded announcement that states, “The person you are calling cannot accept calls at this time”. In this article, we will brief you on what this means and what to do when the person you’re calling cannot accept calls.  Also, check this detailed guide on Calling Restrictions.

Such transmissions, where the person you are trying to reach not accepting calls at this time or may have blocked your number. Such notifications like “Person is not accepting a call,” transmit whenever a cell call disconnects for various reasons. Typically, these enable when the person you dial is unavailable or when a phone terminates due to any of the factors indicated in the preceding scenarios.

Whenever a network provider monitors a contact number, it does not actually transmit any intercepted signals, contrary to common assumptions. These rather deliver whenever a specific route is not accessible.

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What’s Meant by Interception Transmission?

Whenever a call is not delivered to the receiving party on time, a brief voicemail known as an interception signal or interception transcript plays back to the speaker. Within the late 1970s, a handful of the interceptor signals were codified and are being used today.interception transmissionContrary to popular opinion, interception signals do not deliver when a call is put to monitor by a network provider; instead, they most often issue whenever a specific line is unavailable, or a connection cancels.

Reasons For the Message ‘The Person You are Calling Cannot Accept Calls At This Time’

However clear it may seem, you cannot resolve the issue at their end until you possess another recipient’s cellphone in your grasp. You may have heard messages like The person you’re trying to reach isn’t accepting calls,” or This number is not accepting calls at this time” and so on, several times. And you are suspicious they might have blocked you and wonder what might cause you are obtaining these messages.

person you are calling cannot accept callsBelow mentioned are reasons why this can happen:

Correspondent Blocks Caller

Some people configure their devices to receive or ignore specific calls.  In these circumstances, only a few callers allow inquiries from users who aren’t set up to receive calls and immediately ban them. unknown callerThe user will arrange such limitations, receiving only to accept inquiries from a small number of predetermined users. The notice “The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this moment” will appear when that occurs.

The Speaker Accepts Zero Calls

Perhaps the caller has made the decision not to take any inquiries. A receiver can occasionally ignore all calls, regardless of who is calling. A receiver could do so at set hours, particularly if they have other commitments, like a conference.

speaker accepts zero callsIf the individual you’re attempting to reach is asleep, on holiday, attending a lecture, or in a conference. He or she might likely ban all communications. If users try to phone the individual during those times, they may eventually hear a notice telling them they are unavailable. 

The Services Are Experiencing Any Connectivity Problems

The person you have been contacting may have missed a transaction, which can result in calls being disconnected. To spare the customers any shame, the telecom provider can employ the The person you are calling cannot accept calls at this time” message.

connection problemThe signal might as well be the consequence of a mechanical malfunction, such as a break in the connections or a problem with the routers that link the two customers. Any calls made to any number on the impacted network will notify you that the person you call cannot accept calls.

Zero Charges

The notification may occasionally appear whenever you attempt to reach somebody. If the user experience and loudness start to decline while you are on the phone talking to someone.

zero chargesIt means there is a problem with the call’s connectivity. A notification informs you that “The person you are calling cannot accept calls at this time” when you attempt to call them again. 

Voice Message Not Configured

Unless the device is not accepting inquiries, for instance, when the DND mode enables or someone occupies the line, calls on several cell phones immediately go to voicemail.

dndHowever, some telephone network operators broadcast a standard “The person you are calling cannot accept calls at this time” signal if the user has no mailbox setup. Your best option in this situation is to contact back soon afterward or leave an anonymous voice message.

How to Fix the Problem?

In this article, we have, by far, discussed the reasons for the “person you’re calling can’t accept calls at this time” issue.

someone not answeringThese reasons were particularly highlighting issues on the receiving end. Furthermore, we will discuss how you can attempt to troubleshoot this issue if it is occurring on your end.

Turn off Flight Mode

Verify that your phone’s Auto Pilot is off. Please turn on Flight Mode and turn it off again after justturn off flight modea short while if it’s off and your Smartphone cannot initiate or take calls.

Erase Data from Intercom Stash

  • Go to your device settings and look for the phone option in the applications. 
  • Then, toggle down to clear the cache.

erase unnecessary dataThis will erase unnecessary data from your device, making it efficient for you to make and take calls. 

Connection Transmission Communication

To verify the operational status and ensure that the concerned GSM modem has not been disabled, take the following steps. You must call the GSM network from a variable number. Or use social media sites if your device can receive and make calls with some other GSM network.

gsm modemIf the SIM is operational, you might receive helpful information to fix the SIM card problem.

Professional Help

You must reboot your device to factory reset if neither of the above-mentioned fixes works to resolve the problem. When it also fails, the issue is unquestionably in the electronics.

professional supportThe problem might happen with the malfunctioning transmitter or a broken Mobile port. To inspect the phone for hardware repair, visit a certified cellphone service center.

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Which message will the cellphone display if it isn't in delivery?

If the cellphone repeatedly calls but then connects to voicemail, the connection might be active. Whenever you contact a non-operational line, you will hear an artificial recording following a sound ringing either once or twice. This notice will state that the telephone is no longer functional or provide a similar message

How can we tell if our contact information has been restricted?

If the line restricts, you will need to directly contact the individual to discover more. You must then dial the person's number. One may receive a transit confirmation, but it won't include the banned contact based on the obstructing method. The best part is you are able to quickly determine whether your phone number is on the blacklist.

Can the user determine if the receiver has banned his line?

Text a note to the person. If you receive a notification stating 'Message Never Sent' or no notification at all, it indicates a possible blockade. Receiving a dynamic response explaining why the SMS wasn't received provides valuable information, so it's helpful to keep this tip in mind.

What response does texting a restricted contact result in?

It functions exactly as you'd anticipate when you write to a prohibited person. If the signal is sent as usual, you will not receive any erroneous communication. Finding answers is not at all aided by this.


This post details the fundamental motivations behind the message “The person you are calling can’t take calls at this time”. Don’t assume that another user has barred you if this scenario occurs. Other factors could also be at play for such notifications to display. Before drawing any conclusions, try to determine the precise cause by contacting your shared friends or coworkers.

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