What Does Calling Restrictions Mean? Complete Guide

You might have questioned what it means if you’ve ever tried to contact someone and gotten a notice saying the number is restricted. Why is it happening? We’ll see everything about what does calling restrictions mean in this article. 

Call restrictions prohibit calls from particular numbers, or more particularly, call restrictions to let you stop dialing particular numbers while placing outgoing calls. A call limitation service may be used by any mobile phone device to limit incoming and outgoing calls. Call limitations are a chargeable feature provided by some telecom carriers. This is what is calling restrictions means. Continue to read more about it in detail. 

Call limits occur when obstacles prevent you from calling a particular number. The network imposes calling constraints, which are signaled by certain error codes. The phone of the person you are attempting to reach won’t ring if they are prohibited from taking calls. To see in detail what does calling restrictions mean, read the article.
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What, Then, Are The Calling Restrictions?

In essence, they are restrictions on who may call by a certain phone number or range of numbers.

Incoming Calling Restrictions

That means the caller wanted to remain anonymous and had his phone number barred from displaying whenever your Verizon phone was ringing on your caller ID display. The caller ID display indicates that the call is “restricted.” or says, “The number you have dialed has calling restrictions.”

incoming calling restrictions

In rare circumstances, the caller’s smartphone or landline may be set up to conceal their identity during each discussion. To prevent debtors from ignoring calls from a particular number, bill collectors frequently block or mask their phone numbers as they can’t receive incoming calls.
If you have any concerns, you can reject a limited call and have it go to voicemail or an answering machine. If the caller leaves a message, he will most likely identify himself by doing this and allow you to return his call, as this number has calling restrictions. Check out how to track a phone call.

Outgoing Calling Restrictions

Outgoing calls are the form of Verizon calling restriction that is most frequently used. This indicates that specific individuals or groups are prohibited from dialing the specific number. There might be several causes for “we’re sorry the number you have dialed has calling restrictions“, but a few typical ones are as follows:

  • The number owner wants only consumers to be able to call them since it is being used for telemarketing, and they do not want any unauthorized calls to get through as to change calling screen.
  • The number belongs to a government entity and only accepts calls from particular numbers.

outgoing calling restrictions

These are only a few reasons somebody might restrict incoming calls on their phone number; there are many more. This is what does calling restrictions mean in detail. 

Why Do Companies Impose Call Limitations?

A company may impose call limits for several reasons. They could want calls from a certain area code to accept. They could desire to block telemarketers’ or other sources’ sales calls.

companies impose call limitations

Regardless of the reason, finding a blocked phone number might be irritating.
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What Indicators Exist That A Number Is Restricted?

There are various methods for determining a number’s call restrictions. The most noticeable message is the one you receive when you try to make a call. The words “the number you have dialed is restricted” and “this number cannot accept calls from your area code” are frequent examples.

indicators exist that a number is restricted

Another indication is if the phone keeps ringing but never goes to voicemail. (It can indicate that the owner has configured their voicemail system only to accept calls from specific numbers.). This was all about the what does calling restrictions mean

How To Respond If You Come Across A Call-Restricted Number?

You have few choices if you stumble across a restricted calling with the telephone number. Try phoning the number from a different area code as one option.

responding if you come across a call-restricted number

If it doesn’t work, try calling at different times of the day or on other days of the week. You might also try contacting the business via their website or social media pages and requesting them to add your phone to their list of authorized callers.

What Does Verizon’s Calling Limits News Mean?

It indicates that your attempt to dial a restricted number will not be successful. You can also receive this message when you attempt to call a toll-free line from your mobile. Enter *82 before the number to get around the limitations.

verizons calling limits news

Go to their website or call them at (800) VERIZON for additional details.
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If Someone Has Banned Your Phone Number, How Can You Tell?

If your phone number has been banned, there are several methods to find out. One of them is if, after repeated calls, they never return your calls. That is another way if their phone rings once and goes directly to voicemail.

telling if someone has banned your phone number

You could try phoning someone from a different device or contact them on social media if they think they may have banned your number and want to see if they’ll talk to you. Try and send them a text message as a last resort if everything else fails. Your number is probably blocks if they don’t reply to your text. So yes to “does calling restrictions mean blocked.”

Callers From Blocked Numbers Are Telemarketers, Right?

Although not assured, it is conceivable. To get around caller ID blocking services, some telemarketers can try to contact from restricted numbers. Although many telemarketers utilize toll-free or unlisted numbers, plenty also exist.

stop receiving telemarketing calls

Enrolling your mobile number in the National Need Not Call Registry is important to stop receiving telemarketing calls. You may reach them by phone at (888) 38O-ACTS or on their website for further details.
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What does Caller ID do?

Before answering a call, a user can identify the caller using a telephone service called caller ID or identification. Because each caller ID is distinct, it is also used to call a specific user.

Are Call Restrictions in Flight Mode?

The phone can no longer connect to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular networks when the flight or airplane mode is on. Without Wi-Fi or a cellular network, you cannot make calls or send texts. So, you cannot receive or make calls while on a flight without limitations.

What's the best way to disable call restrictions on my phone?

Go to Settings > Call Setting > Call Barring > Other Settings to disable call limitations on your phone. The call limitations are switchable from here.

Why do calls get cut off?

An untraceable individual calls another person on a limited call. After receiving one of these calls, a mobile phone will frequently display the caller's status as Restricted. Usually, it's impossible to determine the precise number of the limited call, so you'll probably want to block the one.

Why am I unable to call restricted?

It indicates that the caller has restricted or blocked their number from showing up on your caller ID, which prevents you from knowing who is calling before you respond.

How do I remove restrictions?

To remove the limitations, Log in to your account > Tap your profile picture in the top right corner > Click Settings. General > Switch Restricted Mode on or off.

How can I activate calling restrictions?

Choose the calls you wish to impose restrictions on. For instance, touch Incoming Calls from the list of choices and choose Allow Only Contacts Calls from the Restrict Incoming Calls pop-up list. To save the changes, press OK. Only calls from people in your address book will now cause your phone to ring. This will say this number has calling restrictions on activating it.


We hope this blog article on what does calling restrictions mean has clarified what line constraints entail and what you should do if you encounter them. Keep an eye out for other useful advice in upcoming posts. Thanks for reading! Do you have any inquiries concerning what we spoke about? Comment down about anything about it below.