How To Hide Samsung One Connect Box | 3 Best Ways

 This article will teach you the best methods to hide the Samsung one connect box. 

You can hide the Samsung one connect cable box in three major ways: mounting the Frame TV on the wall above and placing the package on a conventional TV stand to conceal the parcel in a different room. Lastly, you can mount it on the wall behind the TV as a third alternative. 

one connect box

Every Samsung TV includes the Samsung frame One Connect Box. It offers a single hub for all cable connections, so use a One Connect Cord to bring the signals to the TV. If you want to know about the methods, in brief, this article is for you, so keep reading to learn more.

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One Connect Cable

In essence, One Connect Cable is a power cord with fiber optic cable wrapped around it in a clear sheath. It sends AV and data signals to the TV and power (voltage) signals. Samsung Frame TV and QLED TV’s One Connect Cable are not for in-wall installation. How hiding the Samsung one connect box is illegal.

one connect cable

The package with the Samsung Frame TV provides a “no gap” wall mount bracket. Glue the mount to the TV’s back. The TV’s back already has magnetic plates that will assist hold it even more firmly to the wall mount. To fit in the wall mount and push flush against the wall, the TV side of the bracket can fold in and out.

The mounting of the Samsung code generator TV is quite simple; the challenging aspect is concealing the sizable “One Connect” box that supplies data to the TV. Any gadgets you would typically connect to your TV go from this box into the TV with just one wire, which also receives electricity! There are three ways to conceal your box.

The One Connect box’s One Connect port should receive the Invisible Connection cable. After that, join the other end of the TV’s One Connect port. Do not attach the power wire for the TV to the rear of the device and plug the other end into an outlet. An optional One Connect box was available or included with several older TV models.

3 Methods To Hide Your Samsung One Connect Box

Here are the three methods for how to hide the Samsung one connect box:

Method 1

You can mount the Frame TV on the wall above and place the box on a conventional TV stand to hide one connect box. Although it will be extremely easy, it will ruin the wonderful floating TV look by the one necessary tiny cable that runs from the TV to your cabinet. 

box in another room

However, achieve the real impact of hanging wall art by having a handyman (or lady) put this cable into the wall behind the Samsung TV and out of it again behind your cabinet. It is simple if you can fix drywall, which YouTube can teach you how to do.

Method 2

The second choice for hiding the Samsung one connect box, which worked out best for us, is to conceal the parcel in a different room. Above the fireplace, which was directly above a private subterranean room, we put the Frame TV. We hired an electrician to install a wire from the TV’s mounting point to the basement through the chimney.

box in another room

Thankfully, the TV’s included cord was long enough. The Samsung One Connect Cable is for wall use through a conduit with Frame TVs or QLED TVs. The One Connect Cable included with the Frame TV or QLED TV cannot be hidden because it is not designed for in-wall installation. However, it offers a different in-wall rated version and is for sale.

Method 3

Behind your TV, you will need to put a huge electrical box in the wall between studs. This one is the perfect size to accommodate the One Connect box and other inputs while leaving space to mount the TV  to the wall. You can also mount the One Connect box on the wall behind the TV as a third alternative.

You may achieve the hanging wall art style we adore and are going for with any of these three options. The easiest solution is option 1, and the most complicated is option 3, but they all work.


Why attach a Samsung One to a hide-it mount?

Samsung's objective is to reduce cable clutter. This mount is perfect for the One Connect when used together! It is held firmly in place by our steel mount.

Can I conceal the frame's single Connect cable?

The Samsung One Connect Cable with Frame TVs or QLED TVs is not for use on walls. The One Connect Cable included with the Frame TV or QLED TV cannot be hidden because it is not designed for in-wall installation. However, an in-wall-rated version can be purchased separately and is only compatible with a very small number of devices.

How do I hook my Samsung One Connect box to my Frame TV?

Rogers Ignite Cable Box and Samsung One Connect Box are concealed behind a Samsung frame tv wire in an 18x14 AV Back Box. Put the One Connect Box in the AV Back Box, connect the One Connect Cable to it, then plug the power cord into an outlet. Attach the One Connect Cable to your Frame TV before hanging it on the wall bracket.

How can I link my one connection to my Samsung TV?

Instructions for Connecting My Samsung TV to My One Connect Box One Connect Cable should be plugged into One Connect TV Port. Check to see if the connection to the cable is correct. Connect the opposite end of your One Connect cable to the box's One Connect port. Your TV and One Connect connection are now secure.

How do I get in touch with Samsung support for my Samsung One Connect box?

Connecting your gadgets to your TV is simpler, thanks to the One Connect Box. If you need assistance with US-purchased products, please visit the Samsung US support page. For help with products from other countries, please get in touch with your neighborhood Samsung subsidiary.


A single, short transparent cord connects the One Connect Box and the TV. Before installing the TV, we connected it and nestled it into the wall box.

It’s important to remember that the Frame TV remote only has Bluetooth for the rest of its functions; it uses IR to turn the TV on and off through the tv remote. Because of this, the box can be hidden, and the remote will still work perfectly! So how to hide Samsung one connect box must have been made clear through this article.

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