Samsung’s Fast Charge Is Not Working | Steps To Overcome The Problem

Many of Samsung’s most well-known smartphones include quick charging as a feature. But on the other hand, the problem raised Samsung’s fast charge is not working. The issue is solved easily. Read the article to discover more in-depth.

Fast charging is one of the life-saving features that is found on most Samsung phones. Clean the charging port, verify that the phone is up to date, charge the phone using the energy-saving settings, and see whether rapid charging is enabled to solve the issue. Samsung’s fast charge is not working–  Plug the charger in to see if Fast Charging is now functioning properly.

There are times when quick charging on the Samsung phone won’t function. We have solved why Samsung’s fast charge is not working in this read. This article includes some troubleshooting advice that may be useful if a similar problem frustrates you. Continue reading with us to know more.

Fast Charging Samsung Not Working?

Before inspecting or repairing, you must confirm the cell phone has quick charging capabilities. Although you can go online to see if your smartphone has quick charging, we advise asking the support agent personally. Visit Samsung’s support page, choose your preferred contact method,  message them, and check why Samsung’s fast charging is not working.

samsung not charging fastYour phone charger should also support rapid charging for it to function. Your phone’s charger most certainly does, but you could need to purchase one separately, as is the case with the Samsung S21, S22, & other flagship models.

samsung modelsA charger is only compatible with fast charging if it contains a label that states Quick Charging, Adaptive Fast Charging, or anything similar. These chargers’ USB cables are reasonably brittle, affecting how well they work. Your phone will charge much more slowly as a result. These chargers’ USB cables are reasonably brittle, affecting how well they work. Therefore, take care of these two issues before implementing further fixes.

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Check To See If Fast Charging Is Enabled

It would help if you verified that fast charging is turned on in your phone’s settings after confirming that it supports it. If it is turned off in the settings, it won’t function. To see if this option is active, follow these steps:

  1. The Settings app, then.settings app samsung
  2. Select Battery under Battery and device care.
    battery and device care
  3. Click on More battery settings.more battery settings samsung
  4. Make sure that charging has all of its toggles turned on.

Clean Charging Port

Check whether super fast charging is not working. The buildup of debris or filth in the charging port could also cause rapid charging not to work. If your charger contains dirt or lint, it won’t function properly or even at all. Remove any dirt, grime, or leftovers with a toothpick or needle. 

charging portAdditionally, you can clean the charging port by rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab within it in circular motions. After that, leave it somewhere cool and dry for at least an hour. The liquid on the dock won’t harm you; it will take evaporation naturally. Another possibility is that a malfunctioning outlet won’t provide enough current to facilitate fast charging. 

cleaning charging port

In the lack of enough electricity, your charger won’t be able to pull the power needed to charge your phone faster. See if switching to a different charging outlet makes a difference. Ensure your power sources—such as an external power bank or any other power source—has enough watts to support fast charging for your Samsung smartphone.

Ensure That The Phone Is Up-To-Date

If the software on your smartphone is out-of-date, fast charging may not function. If you last updated the phone after purchasing it, that could be the source of the issue. So, if no solution has worked, update your phone. This is how you do it:

  1. Go to the settings on your phone. Update the software by tapping it. Select ‘Download‘ then ‘Install.’
    software update

If the new update is visible, you can install it immediately or delay it until later. A notification stating “The software is up to date” will appear when the system updates.

Charge Your Phone Using Energy-Saving Settings

Each Galaxy phone today has a power-saving mode. It can significantly reduce the number of background programs and processes that consume system resources and lengthen your phone’s battery life. It may hasten the charging process with minimal battery depletion. So, think about charging the smartphone in power-saving mode. It may be accessed by going to Settings > Battery & device care > Battery > Power saving mode.
power sharing
Check which new apps you recently loaded on your Samsung phone if fast charging previously functioned without a hitch. When you identify the ones that might be using a lot of energy, consider temporarily halting or uninstalling them to ensure they are the offenders.

disable antivirusFinally, if the antivirus programs are still active in the background, you can disable them to check if the issue is resolved. We hope this will solve your query about why Samsung’s fast charge is not working. 


Why is Samsung's fast charger not charging fast?

Additionally, it will make rapid charging much smoother and faster. The Samsung phone frequently has the quick charging capability disabled, which results in slow charging. Please go to the options menu and use the search bar to look for the fast charging option. If you discover that it is disabled, please enable the fast charging option.

How can I tell if my device is compatible with rapid charging?

When purchasing a product, read the attached handbook or pertinent product information on to see if the device supports fast charging. The menu's name may change depending on the software version and device model. Cable charging requires 'Fast Charging' activation, while fast wireless charging requires

Can I fast charge my phone with a Samsung super fast charger?

Your phone charger needs to support rapid charging for it to function. Your phone's charger most certainly does, but you might need to purchase one separately, as with the Samsung S21. Rapid charging is only compatible with chargers that have the Fast Charging designation or similar markings.

How can I use a quick charger from Samsung?

For instance when you need your device back online, most Galaxy phones have fast wireless charging and rapid charging options. The Rapid cable charging feature of your phone activates immediately when you attach a Samsung Fast Charger.. You must enable the feature's default setting.

What is the Samsung 25W super-fast charging wall charger?

A wall charger for 25W super-fast charging may provide 25W of super-fast charging for the devices that can handle it. Use a wall charger with a real Samsung Type C to Type C charging cable for optimal performance. Get the ideal charge every time with the wall charger that works well with various brands and charging devices.

What charging technology does Samsung use?

Samsung's charging technology allows you to use your phone to make calls, check messages, or browse the web while the battery is being recharged.. This Samsung charger can charge your phone far faster than a typical 1 Amp charger thanks to its 2 Amp output.


We have made this detailed guide about Samsung fast chargers and given the solution of why isn’t my phone charging fast and why Samsung’s fast charge is not working. You can quickly charge your phone using one of the above-mentioned solutions. There are ways to quicken the charging process even if the Android phone does not have fast charging capability. The solutions will permanently resolve the fast charging problem on your Samsung mobile.

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