Samsung sells around 60 million premium mobile phone in the world every year. These numbers are the numbers of the S-series phones that the company sells. Right from the start of the S-series line, the company has concentrated their attention towards them. It is due this attention that the company has introduced many security features with S-series lines. However, as a developer or as a user, we may face some problems. Samsung Unlock Code Generator can help resolve these issues.

The problems may be hardware related or may be software related. One of the most perennial problems that hinder traveling users is the blocking of SIM card.

This may happen due to the incompatibility of SIM card with the respective handset like- Verizon SIM card with AT&T Samsung device. To solve this, we need the help of the Samsung t mobile unlock code generator.

List of Best Samsung Unlock Code Generator

So here are the 4 best Samsung Unlock Code Generator Tools that you can use to solve the problem.

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator

The first tool on our list is the WorldUnlock Codes Calculator. This is one of the finest Samsung Unlock Code Generator Tool out on the market. It also works as galaxy s5 unlock code generator. The Software is free to use and share. The small size is suitable for the usage.

The general layout of the WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is simple and easy to use. There is an option that can be useful to generate the unlock code easily. This is possible by first obtaining the IMEI number of the mobile.

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator
WorldUnlock Codes Calculator

This can be done by looking it up on the receipt of the mobile or by applying *#06# on the number pad. Once the user gets the number, he should now make the mobile SIM free and then apply for this number on the Software.

The Software would generate the unlock codes. The user should remember that the phone should be connected to the PC at all time while doing so. It should be taken into account that it works efficiently for S-series phones.


  • This will unlock your device free of cost.
  • It has frequent updates available.
  • Using this, one can unlock mobiles of various brands such as LG, Samsung, Motorola etc.


  • This tool can only be used on windows operating system.

Download WorldUnlock Codes Calculator here

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Z3X Samsung Tool Pro

This is one of the dedicated tools that generate the code and unlocks the mobile for you. The software is easy to use and user-friendly. To use this software, the phone must be rooted.

The only thing that the user needs to do is to connect the phone without SIM to the PC.

The software recognizes the device and generates the unique code.

Samsung Pro Activation
Samsung Pro Activation

This will prompt the message to unlock the phone using the software itself. If you want you can unlock it using the software, or you can unlock it yourself using the unique code generated.

This software is one of the most fluidic Samsung Unlock Code Generator Tools on the market. Users must note that once the phone is plug in to USB, they should not switch it off or remove it until the process is complete.


  • It is capable of fixing your device issues in very few steps.
  • It provides a very simple user interface.
  • Codes can be downloaded and used for free.


  • This tool only works for samsung devices.

Download Z3X Samsung Tool Pro here

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One of the most sought-after software on this list is dr.fone software. The software is free to use in trial and is easily available at windows store. It is one of the best samsung unlock codes generator, also user-friendly and light. The applicability of the software is next to none.

It can generate and unlock any code of the phone, it can also unlock samsung galaxy s7 code generator. This includes Samsung Phones as well. The usability of the software is simple.

The first step is to install the software on the PC. The next step is to identify the type of model of phone you are using. If you have S1, S2, S3 or Note 1, then there would be a slight change in the unlocking procedure.

Dr Fone Toolkit
Dr Fone Toolkit

At first, you need to connect the phone to the USB. This will cause the phone to be identified by the software. Then the phone must be put into service mode using *#9090#. Then the software can generate the code and unlock it. On the other hand, higher Android Samsung devices can be operated easily.

They just need to be rooted. In fact, all you need to do is connect the device (S4 or higher) to the USB and wait for the software to unlock it. After all, tt should be noted that this is the handy Samsung Unlock Code Generator tool on the market.


  • It is available for free.
  • This tools is very safe to use.
  • It supports about 1000+ devices and a number of various network providers.


  • One has to pay to use this tool.

Download Dr.fone here

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Free Unlock

This app is specific to S5 devices. It actually is a website that has three options on it. The primary option is to choose the company, then the model and finally the email-id of the customer. Also, they tend to deliver the code generated for the model in 2-3 hours.


Furthermore, you will get the code on the Email ID which you registered with. Not to mention, it is easy to use and effortless. There are no complications or costs to this website if you choose the trial pack. This is one of the best alternative Samsung Unlock Code Generator tools.


  • It is very user friendly and is loved by its users.
  • It is available free of cost.


  • One has to do a lot of promotional stuff to get free unlock offers.

Download Free Unlock here

Final Words

To summarize, we come to an end of our list of best free Samsung Unlock Code Generator tools in the market. And, the list is here with few assumptions in mind. Sim unlock code generator also work sometimes.

Moreover, the first assumption is that the phone that the user is using is Android phone. The second assumption is that the users know how to boot their phone when prompted. You can also try free samsung unlock code generator by imei number.

Also, it should be taken into consideration that the software you see above are free and compatible with PC. The user must also take into account that the solutions above are compatible with most efficiently with S-series phones.

However, the software can also work with other models; we hope that the list will be helpful to you.


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