Top 4 Best Anki Decks To Download In 2024

Anki is open-source software that anybody can use to make flashcard study decks that they may subsequently distribute online. Start with downloading the secure, best Anki decks cost-free Anki app. Let’s then dig into the internet muck that is the Anki deck.

Here are the best anti-decks:

  • Brosencephalon
  • Practice Reading Katakana
  • Hiragana
  • AnKing Deck (Zanki) Version


Choosing the best Anki deck for learning can be challenging and confusing because hundreds of them are available. It is especially true for Anki newcomers still learning to use the program and the best Anki decks. It’s not that difficult when you get the hang of it, but we don’t want to fill your bowl further.

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Selecting The Best Anki Decks

Links to landing pages for various language changes and best Anki decks can be found on the Anki website under “Popular categories: Languages. “The link will redirect to a page with various Anki decks. A guidebook is available if you already have a topic you wish to research.

anki download

The upper right corner has a manual search option if you know what subject to research. If you’re having trouble deciding, click on each restart Anki deck to browse customer reviews. A rating column that displays the rankings of the various tabs is also present.

Click the “download” button to launch Anki on your device after selecting the Anki Deck you want to use.

Four Best Anki Decks To Download In 2024

Some of the best Anki decks which are available to download are-

Hiragana Anki Deck

A highly recommended Japanese Anki deck for download for beginners to master the basics of hiragana is Basic Japanese Hiragana. This Anki deck lacks images, unlike the Japanese Core Series Anki Deck. The deck only has 46 raw audio Hiragana character files and was modified from the TextFugu Hiragana deck.

hiragama anki deck

Completion is simple, given that the contents of this Anki Deck are straightforward and suitable for novices. The deck is a helpful refresher for beginning learners because there are only 46 notes. However, certain hiragana characters allow you to enter Romaji.

The lack of all the hiragana characters is because it only teaches the foundations. Therefore, you might go on to more difficult Japanese Anki Decks after finishing the deck.

AnKing Deck (Zanki) Version

Although this deck has numerous notes, the Step 1 exam lasts eight hours. Multiple Reddit threads, YouTube videos, blogs, and other online resources—including AnKing’s website AnkiHub—will enable collaboration in revising and upgrading their most recent edition.


Those who did well on Step 1 have frequently tested and played this deck. Although studying is difficult, I bet you didn’t anticipate medical apps and school to be simple.

The deck incorporates all the data from the top Anki flashcard decks and more pharm cards, updated tagging, fixed errors, and eliminated duplicates. It’s regularly updated, so you can be sure you’re getting the most recent information.

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Brosencephalon Anki Deck

Armeet Sidhu, nicknamed Brosencephalon, deserves praise for devoting weeks and weeks of his medical school time to building his flashcards on Anki to benefit medical students everywhere.

Sidhu is a resident in internal medicine with a “passion for medicine and medical education,” in his own words. He made this deck to practice spaced repetition, active recall, and test-enhanced learning without writing out his notes.



The cards are fantastic for reinforcing ideas you’ve already learned because they are well-made and adhere to the fundamental principles of “good Anki cards. ‘ Bros has removed the photos and diagrams on these cards to respect the publishers’ copyright.

Some players might find the single-deck format challenging because there aren’t any sub-decks of cards (i.e., a separate deck for renal, another for cardiovascular, a third for pulmonary, and so forth). Only one deck was used to minimize sync issues. It gives students more flexibility over categorizations.

The cards are clearly labeled and are simple to sort if necessary, which is highly advised, as you can find Anki decks here.

Zanki and Pepper constructed their own. They passed his exam using this deck. This deck’s drawback is that it serves as the symbolic “embryo” for later tiers.

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Practice Reading Katakana

Anki’s Katakana Reading Practice deck is a roadmap for people learning katakana for the first time. With over 1,000 Katakana words and phrases, the flashcard’s content mainly concentrates on foreign loanwords, proper names, onomatopoeia, animal names, and brand names.

Many users of this Anki public deck have discovered that it significantly increases speaking and writing speed and confidence in katakana.

katakana words


English speakers might believe that learning katakana is superfluous. Even though they are borrowed words from English, you’d be astonished at how different certain Japanese katakana words sound from their English counterparts.

The flashcards will appear on your screen once the deck has loaded to your device. By selecting the “edit” button, you can change the cards.


What is step 1 of the Anki deck?

The first step of the basic 2000 Japanese decks is this Anki deck. It includes audio examples of common phrases, sentences, verbs, and vocabulary—step 1 Sentence Vocabulary in Japanese Core 2000 with Images, 400 notes, and 235 visuals.

What is the finest Anki deck for medical students that I can find?

Any medical student interested in learning Anki should check out The AnKing's amazing YouTube channel. Due to copyright issues, the deck is image-free. However, you can easily obtain a deck that includes all the photos.

How many words in this Anki deck are commonly used?

This Anki deck includes over 2,000 frequent words from popular Japanese media, including books, anime, and manga. Words and phrases frequently serve many diverse situations and instances in Japanese media.

How can I exchange options in Anki between decks?

You can access the deck options by choosing a deck from the Decks panel and then clicking 'Options' at the end of the screen. Sharing choices between different decks in Anki makes it simple to update settings in several decks simultaneously. Options are into an 'options group' to do this.


While there are some helpful tips for the best Anki decks, you must remember that the ones you create are the most effective.

Create a deck with the terminology if you are taking a course. Put a word in your deck if you’re practicing listening comprehension and keep hearing the same term.

Put the new terms you learn while reading short stories in a different deck. You will have far more control over what is inside your deck if you construct it this way. Additionally, you can customize it specifically for your needs to assist you in the best way possible.