Good Roblox Horror Games | Updated 2022

If you are a lot into horror movies and stories, you might want to add some more spice. Get ready to experience some scary nightmares with the good Roblox horror games available.

Try these Roblox horror games if you have guts and want to explore your inner strength to the maximum capacity. We vouch after playing these; you will get freaked out. Even getting unearthly feelings won’t be a wonder. So, if you are brave enough, go ahead with the blog.

Techyhost brings you this exclusive blog about some good Roblox horror games for all horror lovers. If you don’t know what Roblox games are? Let us give you a quick overview. Roblox Corporation develops Roblox games. It is an online gaming platform compatible with platforms like Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS. 

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Specs Recommended

Roblox games can be played on any device. However, we recommend some specifications to get a smooth, lag-free experience before playing. We mention the specs for pc, Android and iPhone, respectively.


For having a lag-free smooth experience, you must have the following resources on your pc.

gaming pc

  • RAM:8-12GB 
  • SSD: Seagate Firecuda 1 TB
  • Processor: Intel®
  • Core™ i7 processor


For having a lag-free smooth experience, you must have the following resources on your Android.

gaming mobiles

  • Display: 6.00-inch,144Hz 
  • Processor: Snapdragon 888
  • RAM: 8GB 
  • Internal memory:128GB/256 GB 
  • Battery capacity 6000mAh 
  • OS: Android 8.1 


For having a lag-free smooth experience, you must have the following resources on your iPhone.

  • Display:6.00-inch,144Hz 
  • Apple GPU
  • RAM: 8GB RAM
  • Internal memory: 128GB 
  • Battery capacity:6000mAh 
  • OS:iOS 15

The Best Roblox Horror Games 

Now let’s dive into the scariest Roblox horror games. Please make sure you have enough guts to play them since these can scare the hell out of you.

Here are some good Roblox horror Games of 2022:


The Piggy is a survival game where you have to escape by completing the objectives in a level. The various resources available on the map complete each level and move ahead.


Piggy is a lot like the famous game “Granny”. Experiencing unearthly events in schools, deserted stations, and hospitals can literally freak you out. Moreover, you can choose the location of the map. In total, there are 14 chapters and five game modes. 

Genre: Survival, Horror.

Visit: Piggy  

The Apartment

The Apartment is a game not for the faint-hearted. You have to go to your friend’s room in the haunted Apartment in the game. You have to reach room 705 through the stairs.

the apartment

Through the journey, you will find many uncanny and unearthly events. Moreover, with going higher, the unearthly activities increase. The graphics and the creepy background music of the game are its main USP. So, if you have enough guts, then walk into the deserted haunted Apartment and reach your friend’s room. 

Genre: Horror, Roleplay-Building game

Visit: The Apartment

Alone In A Dark House

As the name suggests, you will be utterly alone in a dark, deserted house. You have to explore the house. In that course, you will experience a lot of mysterious objects.

alone in a dark house

It is a story-based game where you can play with a maximum of 4 people. You can also explore the house alone. Play the best mystery games from here.

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Visit: Alone In A Dark House

School History

School History is all about a school with dark hidden secrets and mystery. You along with your friends visit the school to find its mysteries.

school history

The game demands you to stay on your toes. You will be shocked to find all secrets behind the closed doors. You can never guess what is waiting for you ahead.

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Allowed gear.

Visit: School History

The Mirror

The Mirror is one of the most unique games in this list of Roblox horror games. Unlike other games, it doesn’t have any story.

the mirror

The game is based on a psychological phenomenon that tricks our minds into peculiar things. You just have to keep looking at the Mirror. With time you will feel some strange, crazy events happening.

Genre: Psychological horror

Visit: The Mirror

Stop it, Slender

Stop it Slender is inspired by Slender The 8 Pages, a very popular game. It is one of the best Roblox horror games available on Roblox.

stop,it slender

In the game, your main task is to find pages and stop the sinister antagonist Slender. There are ten different maps from where you can choose to play.

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Visit: Stop it, Slender

Before The Dawn Redux

This is a simple horror game. It got inspired by Until Dawn, a famous PlayStation game. 

before the dawn

In the game, you need to visit various locations following maps. There you have to fight and escape the killer. Your main task is to complete all your objectives before the first light of dawn. We would highly recommend you to try this one.

Genre: Horror, Fighting

Visit: Before the Dawn Redux

The Rake

The Rake is a survival game where you have to escape the Rake. The Antagonist, Rake, is after you to kill you.

the rake good roblox horror games

Your only task is to escape the humanoid sinister bot Rake. Escape it in the daytime. The visual and sound effects are the main USP of the game.

Genre: Mystery, Horror, Survival

Visit: The Rake

It Lurks

It is a single-player game where you have to follow your instincts to get out. There is not even a slight margin of error.

it lurks good roblox horror games

We would not like to disclose the plot of this awesome game. Play it, and then share your experience in the comments. Snd we would love to hear.

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Visit: It Lurks

Light Bulb Reillumination

The Light Bulb Reillumination brings in some crazy visual effects. The spooky events and sounds are the main USP of the game.

light bulb reillumination good roblox horror games

Your main aim is to escape the Hide and Seek game. In the course, you face some creepy and unearthly creatures. In total, there are five chapters in the game. It is a single-player game that brings in intense psychological experience. In addition, the top-down approach makes it more intense. This is one of the best Roblox horror games to date.

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Survival, Escape

Visit: Light Bulb Reillumination

Dead Silence

This Roblox game is inspired by the film Dead Silence. In the game, you have to play as an investigator. Your main task is to solve the mysteries behind the missing of a ventriloquist, Mary Shaw.

dead silence good roblox horror games
The experiences you have during the game are sure to make you sleepless at night. The creepy sounds and visuals continue to run in your brain. If you want to do something really daring then play Dead Silence. This is by far the scariest Roblox game available.

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Visit: Dead Silence

Enjoy your vacation with these awesome Roblox horror games. But we would highly recommend you play them if you are above 16. So, play accordingly as the games have some obscene visuals. 

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Overall, to experience some scary nightmares start playing these good Roblox horror games. We believe all horror lovers will have a great time with the blog. Play them today to test your braveness. We would love to hear your thoughts in the below comment section. To play more such exciting games, please follow Techyhost. 

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