10 Best Compass Apps For Android Phones [Updated 2024]

Compass provides a lot of help to hikers, bikers, and boaters. The instrument helps to provide direction and never lets you lose your way. In this era, carrying a physical compass is not at all necessary. You can easily install compass apps for Android phones that will guide you anywhere.

Here is the list of Best Compass Apps For Android Phones:

  • Digital Compass by Axiomatic
  • Fullmine Software Compass
  • Just A Compass
  • KWT Digital Compass
  • Pixel Prose SARL Compass
  • Samsung Compass

A question now arises as to why compass apps are required when GPS is there. The answer to this is the compass apps will work everywhere, but a GPS may not work. So, without further delay, let’s see the best compass apps for Android phones. If you want to buy a smartwatch for your LG phone, find the list here in our article.

Compass Apps For Android Phones

Here is the list of the compass apps for Android phones.

digital compass

Digital Compass by Axiomatic

The application is undoubtedly one of the best compass apps for Android phones. Its main USP is that it provides direction with incredible accuracy and precision.

digital compasses by axiomatic

A simple application is having a compass as well as a map. Moreover, it also provides latitude and longitude readings.


  • High accuracy direction
  • Map with Latitude & Longitude 
  • Magnetic North headings
  • Slope level meter
  • Magnetic Strength meter
  • Sensor status

Please remember not to use any sort of magnetic case or device near the phone while using the application. The magnetic field may interact with the application and give an erroneous result.

Fullmine Software Compass

The Fulmine Software Compass is available on the Google Play Store. It has a user-friendly user interface.

A simple app with all the basic features of a compass. The main USP of the application is that it doesn’t require any data connection or GPS to work.

fullmine software compass

There are both free and paid versions of the apps. We would highly recommend our readers try this incredible app. With more than 1Million downloads and an incredible user rating of 4.5, this is Android’s most popular compass application. To get the best and most accurate result, calibrate the Android well.


  • High accuracy 
  • Magnetic Readings
  • No internet connection is required.

Visit: Fullmine Software Compass

Just A Compass

Just a compass is a lightweight application that provides latitude and longitude readings. In addition, it provides sunrise and sunset timings.

The application is freely available. The application’s main USP is that it strictly follows no ad policy. This means you use the apps without getting any advertisements.

just a compass

Another exciting feature is that it has EGM 96 support for geoid referencing. Please remember to calibrate the Android well before using the application. 


  • Free 
  • No ad policy
  • Sunrise & sunset timings

Visit: Just a compass

KWT Digital Compass

KWT Digital Compass is a simple application that uses your Android accelerometer to provide latitude and longitude. It is an app available for free with an incredible yet simple user interface.

Many compasses nowadays provide a lot of information that we don’t need. Unlike them, 4KWT Digital Compass does precisely what it is meant to do, i.e., show a proper direction. There are no maps or other services.

kwt digital compass

So, if you want just a simple compass, go for this one. Enjoy this simple compass app for Android phones


  • Free and simple to use
  • Altitude Reading
  • Latitude and longitude reading
  • High precision results

Please remember the apps will not work if you have a metal case. So, consider removing it while using it.

Pixel Prose SARL Compass

The Pixel Pro SARL Compass is available both in free and premium versions. Unlike others, the free versions also maintain no ad policy. So, if you want, you can keep using the free version. However, the paid version will give some additional features.

pixel prose sarl compass

But one thing that users have to remember while using it is that having a GPS is a must. Without GPS, the apps will provide erroneous results leading you to lose your way.


  • Latitude and longitude readings
  • Sunrise and sunset timings
  • The altitude reading above sea level 

Visit: Pixel Prose SARL Compass

Samsung Compass

This is an inbuilt compass in all Samsung smartphones having an Edge Screen feature.

To find the feature go to Settings Apps and visit Display Settings. Then click Edge Screen and select the compass. Now calibrate it well. And you are good to go.

samsung compass

Since this is Samsung’s product, it doesn’t require any additional performance. It is incredibly trustworthy. This is one of the best compass apps for Android phones.


  • Samsung Inbuilt compass
  • Additional permissions are not required
  • High accuracy

This is an effortless application that provides only latitude-longitude reading. There are no additional features. In addition, it is effortless to use. So, if you have a Samsung phone, definitely try it.

Compass And Coordinate Tool

Using the app is quite simple. It just needs good calibration to give accurate directions. If you are hiking or Trekking, then the Compass and Coordinate Tool will benefit you.

compass and coordinate tool
Installing the app is free. But too many ads can deteriorate your experience.

Visit: Compass and Coordinate Tool

Compass Calculator

Compass Calculator is one of a kind compass app on the list. The app is only 10 MB and requires no permission to operate. Only a good calibration is enough to use it.

compass calculator

If you want to know complex calculations of compass readings, then this app is apt for you. Since the analysis is displayed, there is hardly any way of you getting lost. Download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

Visit: Compass Calculator

Maverick: GPS Navigation

Maverick: GPS Navigation provides offline maps and GPS features.

Moreover, the track recording feature is also present. The radar in the app depicts direction and speed.

maverick gps navigation

It is beneficial for boating, hiking, and other adventure sports.

There are Over 5 Million downloads of the app on the Google Play Store. A user rating of 4.1 makes it a must-try.

Visit: Maverick: GPS Navigation 

Maverick Pro

The Maverick Pro provides you with the most accurate result. This is by far the best of all the compass apps for Android. But the app is not available for free from Google Play Store.

maverick pro

The price at the time of installation completely justifies the features that it brings in. There are both offline maps and GPS available. Moreover, it provides international maps. The inbuilt- radar feature shows speed and direction. So, you can use it from any corner of the world.

Visit: Maverick Pro

So, here are all the compass apps for Android phones available online presently. The applications will not work if you have a metal case or any metallic device near your smartphone. Also, remember to calibrate it well before using it.

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Is there a free compass app for Android?

You can try the free compass app Compass for accurate magnetic directions of the north along with the timing of sunrise and sunset of the particular area. This app also provides latitude and longitude readings and supports EGM96 to reference geoid.

Is a mobile compass accurate?

The compass on mobiles is accurate as they give a numerical reading in degree units. But in comparison to an actual compass, their workings do not match; however, both are accurate.

How do I know if my phone has a compass?

Search Sensors in the Features section to check for a compass on a mobile. If a Magnetometer is mentioned, it must have a compass. And if not, you can use a compass app that runs via GPS.

Do compass apps work offline?

Compass, like 360 Pro, works with low internet connectivity or no connection with the most accuracy. They work through the magnetic sensors of the mobile, which do not require internet access.


To sum it up, find your way with the compass apps for Android phones. Our team of experts has tested all these products. All the apps provide a result with fantastic accuracy. Hence you can trust these apps completely.

We look forward to hearing from you; your thoughts are in the comment section below. Enjoy more such excellent tech content with Techyhost.