5 Best Focus Stacking Software for Windows (Open Source)

For any photographer, it is all about the focus, exposure settings, and, most importantly, the photograph’s composition to get a good snap. But, even if the structure and exposure are set correctly, a photographer struggles with the focus and defocus of the snap most of the time. When you shoot outside or take a macroscopic shot, you will face a problem focusing on the subject. You get all in one complete package in one Focus Stacking Software. Apart from decent photographic skills,  restoring, organizing, and viewing software also play a significant role in its utility.

Here is the best focus stacking software for Windows:

  • Picolay
  • TuFuse
  • ImageJ
  • Combine ZP
  • Chasys Draw IES

Furthermore, we have deduced a list of the 5 best Focus Stacking Software for your Windows PC.

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Top 5 Focus Stacking Software

This is a well-combined list of the top 5 focus stacking software.


The software is small, with many amazing features installed in it. The stacking by focus stacking software is carried out very smoothly; you need to add a couple of photos focusing on different parts, and then the processor will stack them together by evenly focusing them. Picolay best works for macro or microscopic images shot from a fixed distance.


Once you install the software, it will provide you with some tips and tricks so that you get familiar with it and know how to prepare your pictures for stacking this Focus Stacking Software. Once you get through the tutorial, you can entirely rely on the app to focus and pile up your photos. You can also create GIFs from a set of images.

Getting started with Picolay:

  1. Click on File and add images. Select those photos which you want to focus stack. The attached pictures will be displayed as a bunch, and you can also preview them.

add image

2. After adding your photographs, go to the stack operation and click on Stack with current parameters. This will generate your pictures’ focus stack and give you the output within a concise amount of time.

3. You can also change the stack operation settings according to your wish from the settings.

stack operations

4. Once the output satisfies you, you can save the pictures in many formats.; jpg, png, gif, tiff, etc.

Now you know how to work with this Focus Stacking Software.

Visit: Picolay


TuFuse is a free command-line software with many surprising features loaded into it. It combines the best-focused parts of numerous shots and produces a sharp and evenly focused image. Not only is the focus, but it also helps expose your photograph somewhat by combining the well-exposed parts from multiple shots.

As a result, you will get a well-focused and correctly exposed picture in the output. It does not have a GUI, so, in that case, you will have to give commands yourself to adjust the parameters. There is an alternative way: install another software, PTAssembler, which acts as a GUI for TuFuse.


How to stitch photos in TuFuse:

Open the software from the location; the download is now complete. After opening, transfer your pictures to the TuFuse folder. Select all and delete the folder path in the address bar to replace it with CMD. Press Enter. This will open the file using the Command Prompt with the TuFuse directory.

Now, you must enter a command and remember that the command follows a specific order; tufuse-o output.tif input1.tif input2.tif…, and press Enter. Here, an output is the output file name, and input1 and input2 are the input file names. Processing and saving of output are in the TuFuse folder. But the output will always be in TIF format only, despite being whatever the input format may be.

This is how you stitch photos in this Focus Stacking Software.

Visit: TuFuse


It is an open-source software with multiple platforms to work on with your images. The software runs on Java. Pre-installation of features takes place in the software; the user will have to use the plug-in from the ocean of the software’s plug-ins. A trendy add-on for this software is Stack Focuser.

The process for creating a focus stack is simple. But first, you will have to download the plug-in. Once you download it, you can open the software and transfer images one by one. After they are in the transfer process, click on the “Stk” button on the Toolbar of ImageJ and again click on the Image to Stack option.

This will help you create all the transferred images to pile together. Click on the Stack Focuser; a small dialogue will appear “Ok,” click on that, and the images will convert into focus stacked output. You can save it in any format, including a gif.imagej focus stacking software

Visit: ImageJ

Combine ZP

Combine ZP is remarkable focus-stacking software. The user interface of this program is straightforward to use for anyone. Just load the images from your computer and select “So Stack,” then click on Go. You can also align the photos before going on with the stacking with this Focus Stacking Software and proceed further as above.

combine zp

An output folder processes at the time of installation of the software where your renderings will be saved automatically after they have been successfully in focus and stack. This Focus Stacking Software, along with focus stacking the pictures, also offers a lot more to its users, and in case any user faces any problem, there is also a help option in the software.

Visit: Combine ZP

Chasys Draw IES

Chasys Draw IES is a free-to-use image editing software. The software has a wide range of tools like any other editing software. One of the features is to focus stack images on the PC. You only need to open the photos you want to pile up. Once they are opened as a stack, go to Processes>>Stack>>Focus Stacking.

chasys draw es

On the workspace, the editing image displays on the screen in real-time, and if it meets your requirements, you can save the image in any of your favorite formats by merely clicking on the File option and then Save. The software also has features like image averaging, Image HDR, Moving objects, etc.

Visit: Chasys Draw IES

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What is focus stacking software?

A focus stacking software helps merge different photos with different focal points, producing a sharp final image. Such images are admired for product and macro photography.

Is Photoshop good for focus stacking?

Yes, Photoshop is suitable for focus stacking. It allows you to combine multiple images with different focus points, creating a final photo with enhanced depth of field.

What is the most accessible photo-stacking software?

Helicon Focus and Zerene Stacker are popular and user-friendly software options for focus stacking. They offer simple interfaces and effective results for combining images with varying focus points.

What does photo stacking software do?

Stacking software combines multiple images of the same subject with a different focus point into a single image. It enhances the depth of field and produces a final photo with more details in the foreground and background, which is particularly useful for macro photography and capturing intricate subjects.


In conclusion, these are the top 5 Focus Stacking Software. In case you know about some more of these, kindly comment and let all of us know too.