Quick Steps To Fix If iPhone Contacts Not Showing Up [2024]

You may have found this article, as your iPhone contacts are not showing up. You should be able to find the phone number of anyone in your contact list with a quick search. Some or all of your contact names on your iPhone may not appear. So we will discuss iphone contacts not showing up in this article. Here are some quick steps to fix if it is not showing up.


This article can help you fix your iPhone if contacts need to appear. You can select contacts not appearing on your iphone by restarting your iPhone, Resync iCloud contacts, checking contact records, etc.

But before we explore the solutions, remember that several issues could cause your iPhone contacts to vanish. It can be fixed using a variety of techniques. Therefore there are many options available. Try these approaches to see which can help you restore your iPhone’s contacts.

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Fix Saved Contacts Not Appearing On iPhone

We will begin with the methods to fix the saved phones not appearing on your Phone. If it’s okay, note that the fixes below to restore the missing contacts work with all recent iOS versions. 

Force Quit The Contacts And Telephone Application

The Contacts or Telephone application, where you see all your saved numbers, could sometimes confront a temporary error keeping names from appearing in the phonebook, iMessage, or other applications. To fix this issue, force quit the Contacts and the Telephone application. The following is the way.

  1. On iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the lower part of the screen and hold. screen and hold
  2. You are currently in the iOS Application Switcher, where you can see all the open applications as rectangular cards.  application switcher
  3. Individually, drag the cards for the Telephone and Contacts applications as far as possible to drive close them. 
  4. Following a few moments, open the Telephone application and tap on Contacts. You ought to see all your saved contacts’ names here.

Restart iPhone

On the off chance that previously all was well, yet abruptly the iPhone contacts vanished or became undetectable, consider restarting your gadget. It will deal with the brief issues and return if it shows up.

  1. To restart, utilize the actual buttons to switch off your iPhone. restart iphone
  2. You may likewise go to Settings > General > Shut Down. shut down
  3. Following a moment, use the power button to turn it on.
  4. Presently, open the Contacts or Telephone application, and you will see every one of the contacts there.

Show All Contacts On Your iPhone

iPhone lets you have contacts from different records recorded together in one spot. For instance, you can have contacts saved in your iCloud or your Google account all show up in the Contacts application. To guarantee this isn’t true, follow the means underneath to show accessible contacts on your iPhone.

  1. Open the Telephone application, tap on Contacts, and afterward tap on Groups from the upper left.group
  2. Presently, your iPhone will show all contacts from different gatherings and records. Ensure everything is chosen here. If not, tap on Show All Contacts > Done for contacts not showing up on your iPhone.show all contacts

Handicap And Yet Again Empower Short Name

Shockingly few iPhone tracker apps have had the option to fix the saved contacts not showing up the issue by handicapping and yet again empowering short names. Here are the moves toward doing iPhone contacts not showing up.

  1. Open the iPhone Settings application, look down, and tap on Contacts.
  2. Tap on Short Name.short name
  3. Switch off the flip for Short Name and, after a couple of moments, walk out on.

Switch Off Favor Monikers

Tap on add field > Epithet to add one. This epithet shows up underneath the real name. In the picture underneath, TW is the epithet.

Assuming you had empowered lean toward epithet in the settings, switching it off may bring back the missing iPhone contacts.

  1. Open the Settings application and tap on the contact list iPhone.
  2. Tap on Short Name. short name
  3. Power off the switch.

Take A Look At Your Web Association

If you own an iPad, Macintosh, or alternate iPhone, you can save contacts that match up to every gadget using iCloud. Why are my contacts not showing up on my iPhone?


Using Gmail as your phone contacts account should be associated with the web.

  1. Open Safari, YouTube, or a similar application on your iPhone and check whether it works.  safari
  2. If indeed, that implies you have a functioning web association. 
  3. If you utilize versatile information, ensure it isn’t crippled for the Contacts application. 
  4. For this, open the Settings application > Cell, look down, and the Settings are green.

Resync iCloud Contacts On iPhone

Indeed, even after following the above fixes, if contact names aren’t appearing on iPhone, consider re-adjusting the iCloud contact list.

  1. Open the Settings application, tap on your name from the top, and pick iCloud if contacts do not appear.
  2. Switch off the switch for Contacts. Pick Erase from My iPhone (it will resync in the next step). It will inquire whether you wish to keep the recently adjusted contacts on your Phone or erase them.click icloud
  3. Please give it a few moments and tap the Contacts change from that point forward to turn it on again.  icloud sync
  4. Ensure your iPhone has working Wi-Fi or versatile information. In a moment, all contacts will resync and appear in the Contacts application.

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Check Other Contact Records Like Google

iPhone doesn’t restrict you from putting away and adjusting contacts in the iCloud activation lock. You can utilize your Google, Microsoft, or other records too. Assuming you used an Android phone prior, every one of your contacts is put away in your Google account. You can have that large number of contacts show up on your iPhone by following the means underneath.

  1. Open the iPhone Settings application, and tap on Contacts > Records. contact
  2. If you have your Google (Gmail) account added here, tap it and ensure the switch for Contacts is empowered.
  3. If your Gmail account isn’t added, tap on Add Record > Google and complete the sign-in process.  gmail
  4. Whenever that finishes, make a point to empower the switch for Contacts. switch for contacts
  5. From that point forward, kindly give it some time, and every one of the contacts from your Google record will match up to your Phone.


How can I solve the iPhone contacts that won't sync with iCloud?

Make sure your contacts are correctly syncing with your iCloud if you utilize the iCloud contacts sync feature. First, sign in using the proper iCloud credentials, then go to Settings > iCloud > Contacts to enable the iCloud sync.

How can I restore my iPhone contacts' broken short names?

Contacts That Resync This problem was resolved by resyncing the Contacts app with iCloud. Open Settings, and choose Contacts—Press Short Name. Turn off Short Name, wait a moment, then toggle it back on. Restart iCloud access after turning it off.


It’s common for iPhone contacts not showing up. You could experience it but don’t become alarmed if you do. There are numerous approaches to solving it. You can fix your contacts by restarting your iPhone, resyncing with iCloud, displaying all contacts in the phone app, changing your account settings, and restarting your Phone.

You can recover your lost contacts from your iCloud backups if you need help with these options.

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