Best Stock Investing Youtube Channels You Must Watch

Thanks to the growth of the internet, you may watch videos on YouTube to acquire any skill you choose. You may get tons of resources on YouTube to learn anything. According to the Data, youngsters usually search for the Best stock-investing youtube channels for investing. 

Your family only enjoys the stock market if you have financial experience. Enter YouTube. You’ll get hundreds of the Best stock investing youtube channels like Andrei Jikh, Young and Investing, Beat the Bush, Bloomberg Market, and more.

stock youtube channel

Though you might need to become more familiar with the best Stock YouTube channels to learn about the stock market, this is true. Which, however, offers the most precise data? In this article, we’ll talk about the Best Youtube stock channels for learning about the stock market.

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List Of The Top 6 Youtube Channels 

Here are the Best youtube channels to learn stock trading

Tradesfly, Says Sasha Evdakov

 This is among the best Youtube channels for stock market investing. Regardless of the level of stock market expertise of the audience, Sasha Evdakov is a fantastic teacher who can break down even the most difficult concepts.

Viewing his initial tutorials, you can understand how to approach the stock market in 2024. Because of his American base of operations, the majority of the stock information he offers relates to American businesses. He encourages investing in the U.S. stock market, where many biggest corporations trade. 


He is highly reciprocating and open to exchanging new ideas with his members. He began his channel in 2021 and currently posts a weekly video. This channel comes under the category of best stock investing youtube channel.  

Visit: Sasha Evdakov: Tradersfly – YouTube

Young And Investing 

The two videos released every three months are more extended and contain more content than weekly. Due to the designers’ high time for data analysis, these often provide more accurate information. Since Young And Investing is situated in Belgium, it covers European stocks. In addition to standard stocks, this channel also provides reviews, courses, and portfolios for cryptocurrencies.

young and investing

Young And Investing has one of the largest followings in this niche, with more than 7 million views since the channel’s launch in April 2017. You can email the author, Quinten, if you have any inquiries.

Visit: Young And Investing – YouTube

Sven Carlin- The Best Channel For Value Investors

It is one of the best stock markets YouTube channels for the stock market due to its excellent investment and stock market knowledge. Sven Carlin, at the very least, knows how to conduct research. He is an accomplished investor with a Ph.D., allowing him to design an accurate value risk model for developing market shares.

sven carlin

His principal focus is seeking out low-risk, high-reward investing opportunities—if it were that simple—but he comprehensively explains why he values a stock and the data he relies on to make those decisions. His videos cover various topics, from specific stock analyses to general market commentary.

Visit: Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. – YouTube

Andrei Jikh

An online business owner named Andrei Jikh has a YouTube channel dedicated to investment and financial minimalism. Without a membership, his YouTube-created stuff is always accessible. Although he doesn’t appear to have a regular release schedule for his videos, he usually uploads at least one film weekly.

andrie jikh

Although Andrei covers a wide range of financial subjects on his channel, he is particularly interested in cryptocurrencies. His films, for example, cover purchasing NFTs, pricing Bitcoin, and earning money using cryptocurrencies. Videos about the top stocks, investment apps, and other topics are available.

Andrei is known to back up his claims with his $3.5 million net worth as of 2021. 

He uses WeBull and Robinhood to trade equities and frequently shares his experiences with Robinhood on his YouTube channel. He loves cryptocurrencies and has accrued a sizable portion of his money this way. Much of Andrei’s total net worth comes from his real estate holdings.

In each of his films, Andrei shares both his advice and personal experience related to the subject at hand. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he has discussed his opinions on personal finance-related issues, such as economic shutdowns and stimulus checks. He doubles as an entertainer and YouTube star while maintaining an instructional focus on his channel. Thus, this could be a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a platform to learn from someone who freely shares their thoughts.

Visit: Andrei Jikh – YouTube

Beat The Bush

Beat The Bush is also ranked as the best stock trading YouTube channel that offers a comprehensive financial guide without focusing on one area of expertise. Anyone interested in investment and personal finance should check out this channel. Watching these movies can teach even the most experienced professional a thing or two.

beat the bush

This channel offers balanced news coverage, general guidance, and personal experience. It is covered here, along with others. Some videos concentrate on an in-depth subject. For instance, are you still determined if going to a gas station with a lower price saves money?

The channel began in 2014 as a “random” collection of DIY films, some of which happened to be financial. The YouTube channel eventually changed into a personal finance channel with 352,000 subscribers. The absence of the host’s name prominently displayed anywhere makes this channel distinct.


You can learn a lot from this channel because of its approachability and the variety of topics addressed. Everyone can find information on gift card fraud, the cost of health insurance without a job, or early retirement. This channel can be counted as the best stock investing youtube channel.

Visit: BeatTheBush – YouTube

Bloomberg Markets And Finance 

Anyone interested in the stock market has undoubtedly heard of Bloomberg. The prominent business publication Bloomberg Markets in New York is affiliated with Bloomberg Markets and Finance. Bloomberg can be the best option if we count on the best trading youtube channels.

bloomberg markets and finance

This channel is best suited for viewers who want to stay current on the financial events taking place around the world because it releases videos linked to the most recent financial news events and other market analyses directly from Bloomberg TV. It began operations on May 4th, 2017, and since then has amassed almost 889K followers and 194.49M total views from 24.89K posted videos.

Audience: Experienced investors who want to stay current on global events that could impact their financial portfolios.

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Do millionaires purchase shares of stock?

For some millionaires, simplicity is everything. They invest in dividend-paying equities and index funds, and both the passive income from equity products and the passive rental income provided by real estate appeal to them.

What are top 5 Things you should know before buying stocks?

Think about these crucial factors before making any decisions: Make a roadmap for your finances. Examine your comfort level with taking risks. Think about an appropriate investment mix. Use caution if you invest much money in individual or employer stock. Maintain and create an emergency fund.

Do you have to invest in becoming wealthy?

Even if it is challenging to do, it is not insurmountable. Investors have made significant money through stock market investments in the modern era.

Is purchasing one share of stock worthwhile?

The Final Verdict in the stock market, your money is more likely to grow than it is in a savings account. You may benefit from stock splits, dividends, and other occurrences that quickly boost your wealth. It is worthwhile to purchase one share of stock, provided you pick a reputable company.


You can use YouTube channels to find the best stock investing YouTube channels and online gurus who can make your journey into investing simpler. Additionally, communicating with YouTubers is relatively easy. You might be unable to work with the channels because they might cover essential topics like fundamentals, technical analysis, or futures and options trading strategies. You should only join the stations whose beliefs you believe are most intriguing.

This post has come to an end. We hope you found it helpful and that it helped you find the best YouTube channels for the stock market. Budget your money carefully! Enjoy your day, and tell us in the comments which YouTube channel is your preferred source for stock market information.