10 Best Book Summary Apps For 2023 | Reviewed

Apps that summarize, you can use books to pass the time and learn new things. You may obtain a quick overview of the book’s content by reading the book summary. To assist you in understanding the main points of the book, there are several best book summary apps available. 

Some of the best book summary apps include:

  • Blinkist
  • getAbstract
  • QuickRead
  • Instaread
  • Shortform

A summary can be read, heard, or seen anytime, anywhere. By quickly understanding the most important lessons from best-selling books, these apps and websites for book summaries save you time. Here are the details about the best book summary apps. 

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Here Are The 10 Best Book Summary Apps

Let’s discuss the list of top book summary apps for anyone trying to learn something quickly or a professional with little time to read.


The most common book summary app, Blinkist, is accessible on iOS and Android devices. It promises to summarize a book’s main themes in under 15 minutes.

With this, you may access the main ideas from nonfiction books in both text and audio versions. 


The Blinkist team of specialists compiles the books you might like to explore. To give you important insights into well-known podcast makers’ podcasts, Blinkist even works with them.

Download: Android | iOS


One of the best book summary apps from getAbstract gives you access to summaries of the greatest books, podcasts, articles, and more. There are numerous ways to access the content made available by this app. This app’s content is available in a variety of languages.

get abstract

getAbstract is one of the complete libraries with more than 25000 summaries available. They collaborate with more than 800 publishers who offer reliable summaries. You can easily learn more by reading or listening to the summaries.

getAbstract can be used by either you or your company. Without requiring a payment card, they offer three days of free complete access to their online library of summaries. You may request a free trial of the book summary app on this page.

Download: Android | iOS

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This app contains summaries of all the most recent novels by well-known authors worldwide. The app is simple to download, and you may listen to the summaries on the go. iOS and Android users can use QuickRead, which provides audio summaries of books.

quick read 

This 15-minute audiobook contains summaries of novels from many genres. There are also many others.

Download: Android | iOS


You may listen to and read summaries of numerous best-selling novels with Instaread. You may learn from the top books in the world by using the summaries provided by this app. Also, You can use this application on a desktop, an Android device, an iOS device, or a tablet.


The group of book experts reads, studies, and summarizes the novels. As a result, you have a precise sense of what is contained in a given book.

Download: Android | iOS

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A book summary software called Shortform is one of the best book summary apps that provide summaries for more than a thousand best-selling nonfiction books. This software provides concise descriptions of complex concepts in clear, uncomplicated language.


Exercises made up of content-related questions are included with the guidelines on the Shortform. You can judge how well the concepts you learn to present the data in utility apps.

Each guide has narrative audio that you may utilize to comprehend summaries quickly. Free registration is available with Shortform.

Download: Android | iOS


Mentors summarize bestseller books in the business, leadership, and personal development categories. The best feature of this app is how it offers advice on how to apply the knowledge you learn through summary apps in the present. 


It offers suggestions and guidance from leaders in several areas. As a result, you can obtain thorough information and an action plan without spending money on learning courses. You can find over 200 bestsellers in approximately 11 categories here.

Mentorist creates a few tasks you can complete to get points. This application is available free of cost on Google Play Store.

Download: Android | iOS


With the help of the 30-minute audio and text summary app Bookey, you may discover a book’s major concepts. Numerous best-selling books in genres like history, management, finance, art, biography, and more are included in its library.


Both Android and iOS users can download this app for book summaries. Bookey offers a skilled team of journalists and professionals with various academic degrees from all over the world. You can make notes of all the essential concepts from the books using the Bookey summaries. After a 7-day free trial, you can select a premium subscription with more advanced features.

Download: Android | iOS


A microlearning app called StoryShots provides a variety of book summaries in text, audio, and animated formats. It includes an extensive collection of summaries of best-selling nonfiction books. Thanks to its summaries, you can quickly learn the book’s main points.


StoryShots has been highlighted as a top educational app by Google, The Guardian, Apple, and other influential figures. You have lifetime access to all of its features with its premium programs. You may always download its free app.

Download: Android | iOS


For you to understand the main idea of a book in about 12 minutes, 12min professionals make micro book versions of novels. You can use the excellent app that summarizes Books 12min once more. This enables you to draw practical insights from best-selling books. 


The expert team takes the time to carefully examine the best sellers before creating an accessible summary for you. A summary is available in written or audio formats, depending on your preference. It is available for free download for iOS and Android devices.

Download: Android | iOS

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In the form of koobs, Koober provides summaries for various best-selling books, conferences, podcasts, and documentaries. These can be read or listened to in about 20 minutes.


In addition, this best app for book summaries has approximately 1500 available items, and 30 new items are added each month. 

You can use all of the summaries in this app for free for a 15-day trial period. Once the trial’s 15 days are up, billing begins immediately. You can cancel the paid subscription 24 hours before the end of your trial term.

Download: Android | iOS


Do websites with a subscription offer better book summaries?

The paid sites are superior to the free ones, which are nonetheless excellent. It's crucial to pick a platform you enjoy because the market for nonfiction book summaries is expanding, and Blinkist's competitors will continue to appear.

Which website has the finest summaries?

Cliffnotes provides top-notch free book summaries online for students and teachers. The free content should give you enough knowledge to begin studying any text. CliffsNotes claims to be the most copied summary website.

Which website offers the greatest book summaries?

Use book summary websites, Blinkist daily, and recommend it to anyone interested in self-improvement or running a business. Read a thorough and updated review of Blinkist, or give it a try for seven free days.

Is Blinkist still the app of choice for summaries?

Even though Blinkist has competition, according to reviewing every summary app, it still considers itself to be the king of summary apps.

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To sum up, this was all about the best book summary apps. You now have a wide selection of the top book summary applications. Pick the option that will let you read more while taking up the least time. Above all, most of these applications have a feature like that, which can be sufficient to make you well-read on its own.