How To Appear Offline On Epic Games- Simple Guide

Launched in 2018, Epic Games is a hugely popular game retailer and player. Users can play with players worldwide on its strong multiplayer platform. This piece discusses how to appear offline on epic games. Users cannot change their status or make themselves appear offline in the game. The ability to seem offline is useful in this situation.

Future updates to Epic Games’ online shop and launcher are promised. Could they devise a more sophisticated method of how to appear offline on epic games? In my opinion, the best course of action is to modify your in-game social settings and, whenever possible, browse offline. Most of the time, the entire panel should be unreachable if you are offline. Until you are connected, the Epic Games Launcher will conceal the icon from you.

Here are some ways how to appear offline on epic games.

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Appear Offline On Epic Games

You cannot set your status in Rocket League to “Appear Offline,” unlike in games like Fortnite. If we want to play Rocket League on your computer while off the grid, you must take Epic Games offline and play without internet connectivity. How to appear offline on epic games? Simply follow the procedures listed below. Follow these steps to browse offline:

Enable Offline Mode Browsing

One of the options to appear offline on Epic Games is to enable offline mode browsing. Let us see how you can enable offline mode browsing.

  1. Launch the Epic Games App.
  2. On the left panel, select Settings.

epic games on desktop

  1. Tick the box next to “Enable Offline Mode Browsing” under “Preferences.”
  2. Ensure the Epic Games Launcher isn’t running minimized in the taskbar notification tray before closing it.

enable offline mode browsing

  1. Disappear from epic games
  2. Turn on offline browsing.
  3. Unplug off the internet.

unplug the internet

  1. Launch the Epic Games App.
  2. After entering your Epic Games username or email address, select CONTINUE IN OFFLINE MODE from the menu.
  3. Once more, while this is excellent for offline gaming, it could be problematic if you want to access your online material. To get this, you must sign in to the Epic Games Launcher.

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Sign In Later

Numerous sign-in choices are available when you use the Epic Games Launcher for the first time. Don’t have an Epic Games account? Create one now can be found at the bottom of the screen. You can sign up right away or later. Click to select “Sign In Later.” It will allow offline entry to the Epic Games to appear offline. You’ll need to sign out if you’ve already checked in before. Two strategies exist for doing this:

  1. Click your profile name in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Select Sign Out from the pop-up menu.

sign out epic games

  1. Turn the launcher off.
  2. Leave Epic Launcher now. Interactive Graphics
  3. Leave the Taskbar Notification Area After Signing In
  4. Access the notification area and look for the Epic Games Launcher icon.
  5. Click it with the right mouse button.
  6. Select Sign Out from the pop-up menu.
  7. You can sign back in later through the profile icon, or the Epic game Launcher appear offline taskbar tray icon if you change your mind.
  8. Players that like to play games offline should consider this. However, if you want to access online activities like Fortnite, you’ll need to sign in.

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Modify Your Social Media Settings

You can alter your in-game social media profile settings if you want to know how to appear offline in epic games while playing online. In Fortnite, this is well illustrated:

  1. In the top menu, click the three horizontal lines.
  2. When your profile name is next to a gear, click it.

online status

  1. Your online status should read “AWAY.”

party privacy

  1. Switch your Party Privacy setting to PRIVATE. Inform Friends to Turn it Off.

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Log off The Epic Games Launcher

You can access your games if you play while not signed in. Until you sign back in, you won’t be able to save any progress in Epic Games invisible mode. Some games might not be affected by this. However, many multiplayer games might not be able to run. Leaving the Epic Games launcher by signing out:

  1. Choose the profile icon from the screen’s lower left corner.
  2. Choosing “Sign Out.”
  3. It will end your sign-in to Epic Games immediately. 
  4. You can play the downloaded games, but you won’t be able to access any that require registration for online features. The popular game Fortnite is one of these.

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Can I use a different account to seem offline on Epic Games?

You can create a different account with a separate email address, but you won't be able to access your main library of games with that account. You can still load it with new purchases, though. After all, it's free to play games like Fortnite. Creating a second account can be possible if you have the necessary disk space and are ready to do it.

Can I temporarily turn off my account to make it seem inactive?

Technically, disabling your account for a short while won't hide your status or make you seem unavailable. You would not be able to access the Epic Games Launcher without a different account, and you'll be offline. However, you can use the Epic Games Accounts page to temporarily disable your account if you need to do so for whatever reason.

How do I turn on the Epic Launcher's do not disturb setting?

You can turn the do not disturb feature on the Epic Games Launcher's social page. You can access it by clicking on icon in the user interface's upper-left corner. Once the social panel is engaged, the do not disturb you can find option under settings. To open it, you click in the upper left corner.

How can I in Fortnite appear offline?

To access User Settings, launch Fortnite and choose the three lines menu in the top left of the main menu. Click your player icon in the top left corner of the sidebar menu. Through the online status feature, you may make yourself appear offline in any of the Fortnite applications.

How do I exit Epic Games?

Leaving the Epic Games launcher by signing out: In the lower left-hand corner of the screen, select the profile symbol. Choosing 'Sign Out.' It will end your sign-in to Epic Games immediately. You can play the downloaded games, but you won't be able to access any that require registration for online features.


As you can see, going offline is the only way to appear offline on epic games. Not very practical if you want to secretly enter online games or activities with your pals. It’s also important to see if your game has an offline mode. When you play games that don’t require you to be online, though, this will enable you to remain anonymous.

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