How to check fake followers on Twitter?

On social media, fake accounts are frequently discovered. An estimated 500 million registered users are about 4% of all Twitter accounts (bots). Some sources claim there may be up to 20 million fictitious Twitter accounts. This article will assist you in learning how to check fake followers on Twitter.

Various ways are believed to be the best and top methods to check fake followers. Some of them are Stock or phoney profile images, confusing bios, so many retweets, fewer followers but more followers, doubtful URL or screen names and more below.

Some websites claim to be able to do this for you to know how to check fake followers on Twitter. If you’re interested in accessing Twitter on your desktop from a mobile device, you may also want to explore solutions like Twitter desktop on mobile. The article will take you to the best and most modest solutions to point out the fake Twitter Followers. Keep reading and move on. Additionally, if you’re curious about viewing protected tweets on Twitter, you might find useful information on how to see protected tweets. This knowledge can further enhance your understanding of Twitter’s features and functionalities.

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What to Look for in a Fake Twitter Account 

There are a few techniques to tell if a Twitter account has followers who are Twitter bots followers, some of which are clear and others that involve using third-party software and everything.

Fake or pre-made profile picture

The profile picture is the first and most crucial indicator of a fake Twitter or social media account. Because fraudulent accounts and bots won’t use the same profile image, it is easy to discern between them.twit fake

Of course, without their permission, the fraudulent ones either utilise someone else’s profile picture or use free online stock photos. One fundamental component of a false account is this.

If you’re curious about exploring someone’s network on Twitter, you might find useful information on how to see someones most recent followers on Twitter. This knowledge can provide insights into the connections and engagements of a Twitter user.

Incomprehensible Screen Name/URL Combination

How to check fake followers on Twitter by Combination of wrong URLs. A screen name should have a few characteristics that you should consider. The first instance is when you see the profile URL as “,” but when you read the profile, the first and last names provided above the bio have no connection to the URL.

twitter fake name

An illogical URL is the other cautionary sign when screen names and URLs are combined. When you view this URL, you’ll see that even if the profile has many warning signs, the first and last names given there have nothing to do with the URL.

While not all profiles will be directly related, it is frequently a hint that software rather than a human created the profile if the URL does not even contain real terms or phrases.

False Follower Count 

Using Bogus Followers Audit, find fake Twitter followers. This web application provides information about a Twitter account’s active, inactive, and bogus followers. How to utilize this tool is as follows:

1. Open any browser on your PC and go to Follower Audit.

2. Next, type the Twitter username you wish to check for a phoney follower count into the provided box and press Enter.

3. That’s all there is to it—you need to grant this tool access to your Twitter account.

twitter audit

This Fake Follower Audit will display the precise percentage of phoney followers, legitimate followers, and inactive followers for the supplied Twitter account after an audit. Though checking the usernames of such accounts requires the premium edition of this tool.

If you’re keen on managing your Twitter experience more effectively, you might want to consider the process of  export Twitter following list. This process can be useful for various purposes, such as analyzing your network or maintaining a record of your connections.

No confusing biography

Fake accounts or bots need a compelling bio that covers their bases. Most of the time, there is no bio, and the bio needs to be clearer or contain links.twit bio

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Utilise an external tool such as Botometer

How to check fake followers on Twitter with this tool? You can determine if a Twitter account is run by a bot or a real person using Botometer (formerly known as BotOrNot), a third-party program. There is a toggle that functions like a meter, and if the account scores higher on it, there is a greater chance that it is a bot or a phony account.

twitter botometer

1. Use a browser to access the Botometer website.

2. Next, type the account’s username into the field provided.

3. Clicking “Check user” will check the account.

When finished, a meter will appear next to the account in the tool. The likelihood of it being a bot increases, as was previously said if the meter reading is larger.

For those looking to manage your Twitter experience and connections more efficiently, consider exploring methods to mass block on Twitter. This can be a useful strategy for maintaining a positive and focused online presence.

Try to find the Blue Tick.

This one is for when someone impersonates or creates a parody account of a famous person or authoritative figure, leading you to believe they are that person. twitter blue tickThe blue tick is the only indicator that the individual is a phoney in these circumstances.


Too many retweets

Check fake followers through this method. These phoney accounts and bots are used to deceive users on Twitter or propagate misinformation. These bots only retweet with a specific word or hashtag.

twt retwt

If you’re also on twitter wondering how to pin a tweet to your profile, then this guide right here would be for you!

Fewer followers more follows.

To spread propaganda or defraud more people online, these bots or phoney accounts follow an excessive number of accounts. Because many of us can quickly spot them, these false accounts have a very low number of followers.

twt bot

The accounts that follow more people than that will have fewer followers; thus, there is a risk that the account you are looking at is fraudulent.

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How can you tell if an influencer has made up their following?

Brands may spot phoney followers by keeping an eye out for spam comments, wildly varying levels of interaction (extremely high or very low), and an uneven follower-to-following ratio. However, we'll get to those eventually. Free technologies can also be used to gauge audience authenticity.

How can you spot a follower purchasing scheme?

Nobody awoke with 10,000 new followers at random. If they added a significant number of followers in a single day, you could check their recent follower history to see if they were purchased. If they are rapidly losing followers, they employ phoney accounts.

Why do individuals have phoney followers?

Influencers and businesses frequently purchase followers to increase their credibility, reasoning that people are more inclined to follow an account with 20,000 followers than one with 200. However, no one will fall for your trick, and the users you are trying to draw will leave.

How does a fake follower operate?

Fake followers on social media are those who utilize their accounts to follow others to boost the number of their followers. Even though a real person does not own fake profiles, they show that this profile has a lot of influence.


Use social media tools for identifying phoney Twitter accounts. How to check fake followers on Twitter is highlighted above. There’s a list of 8 ways to check fake followers on Twitter. 

Although it is impossible to avoid fake Twitter followers completely, you can take steps to recognize the Twitter fake followers and block them. The ideal tool to assist you is FollowerAudit. Increase your Twitter strategy by automating these procedures and gaining access to insightful data. Develop an interesting and devoted fan base.