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This Tonor TC30 Microphone review will tell you how it provides a flawless audio input element that has improved my regular workflow. It is considered one of the best podcast Microphones. The mic is super easy to set up and works on both PC and Mac with no driver installation necessary, right out of the box. What could make this mic stand out even more than that? Well, it’s a pretty affordable price point for such quality, comes in several colors, and has excellent reviews on Amazon. That’s what.

Tonor TC30

The most promising part about this microphone is its size. It’s only 2-3 inches long to keep in your camera bag or backpack without much space. The mic comes in several colors, but I got the red one, my favorite. It’s easy to use and perfect for people who are new to vlogging. The sound isn’t distorted, but you can hear all of your breathing noises, which may be weird for some people, but I’m used to that, so I didn’t mind it. This great entry-level microphone does exactly what it suppose to do: record audio when you’re shooting videos on your camera. If you are a professional or need something better for some reason, I would invest in a higher-quality microphone. But if you’re looking to vlog on your phone and post everyday life happenings, this microphone is perfect! 

tonor tc30 microphone review

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This mic fits perfectly into my camera bag. You don’t need no big, bulky box! The mic is well made, and the overall sound quality is good enough if you are not looking to be a voice talent just yet. For the price, this microphone still has great performance over all my other microphones, which are triple the cost of this one. I recommend this microphone to anybody who wants to record audio while recording videos. I’m a beginner at vlogging, and this mic has helped me greatly with my audio quality

How is The Tonor TC30 Microphone Better Than Other Microphones?

Can this Tonor TC30 Microphone review help you decide whether or not this is the best microphone out there? And what is the best microphone for home recording? Let’s find out. It all depends on your needs, but some things set the TC30 apart. Read on in this Tonor TC30 Microphone review to learn more about this.

In this section of the Tonor TC30 Microphone review, I have compiled the pros of the best microphone, Tonor TC30. It helps you choose a great mic and a lower-priced option for your home recordings. 

  1. One thing that sets Tonor’s TC30 aside from some other models is that it comes with its shock mount, which can save you money down the road by not needing to buy one separately. toner tc30
  2. It’s a very affordable condenser mic, so it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a low-cost option. This mic also has more controls than other models we’ve seen to help you get the most out of it. If you have a limited budget, then be sure to consider this model and others like it. There are other options available from Tonor, with slightly different prices and features. 

The two in one use of Tonor TC30- Best for working from home as well as recording outside

Recording Needs

Further into our Tonor TC30 Microphone review, let’s look at how it fulfills your recording needs, both at home and outdoors. 

tonor recording needs

  1. Tonor TC30 is an innovative and modern microphone that combines various features to allow it to stand out in today’s marketplace. It has a wide frequency response range, detecting vibrations from people talking up to 30 feet away. It also has a built-in Precision EQ system, which allows users to adjust the treble and bass of the sound based on their environment or preference. You can also use this microphone with an external stereo studio preamplifier to boost the signal level and improve overall sound quality. You can operate it with a range of recording equipment, including PCs. tonor tc30 microphone
  2. The Tonor TC30 is designed and engineered in Taiwan from advanced materials that have been carefully selected for their sonic properties. The microphone’s body is made from aluminum for its strength and lightweight. For additional durability, the chassis is covered in a synthetic rubber material that prevents interference from the outside environment, making it perfect for use on stage with large amplifiers. The microphone head is made from a flexible material that effectively absorbs vibrations, reducing noise in the signal.


  1. The TC30 has been specially shaped to reduce wind noise. It has two brass vents to minimize air turbulence, and the rear of the microphone has a foam barrier that reduces back-pressure on stage. A large foam windscreen also provides additional protection against back-pressure and a dome-shaped pop filter that prevents wind blasts. The microphone’s on/off switch is at the rear of the unit, ensuring complete user control without accidentally turning the power off during
  2. The Tonor TC30 has an On/Off switch. It also has a High Power LED indicator at the rear of the unit. The microphone has a high-power button that is perfect for prolonged use. The LED indicator allows users to check the power status of the unit easily. A large windscreen provides additional protection against air turbulence. An adjustable kickstand allows the mic to position at different angles.
  3. The TC30’s precision equalizer system can guarantee compatibility with various equipment and settings. With low-frequency and high-frequency controls, users can now adjust their sound to suit live performances in large stadiums and recording sessions in a home studio. The precise frequency response of this microphone can also detect sounds from up to 15 feet away at distances up to 30 feet apart. This makes it suitable for use as a public address system or karaoke machine.

Installing & Unboxing:

But first, let’s look at what it includes before we get into the specifics. Will the cost of the accessories increase? It turns out that this isn’t the case because Tonor has provided all of the necessary components for a proper plug-and-play experience. The microphone itself, a USB connection, and—surprise—a shock mount and pop filter—which you often need to buy separately—are all included in the box. The pre-installed microphone and shock mount for the stand are other benefits. So, assembling is not particularly complicated.

All you have to do is connect the pop filter, plug one end of the cable to the base of the microphone, and link the other end into your Windows or Mac computer. Move the microphone back a little so that there is an inch of space between it and the pop filter.

Sound Quality:

Let’s now discuss the microphone’s ability to capture high-quality audio. We must admit that for the price, it sounds extremely amazing. The Tonor TC30 Microphone produced crystal-clear audio. Additionally, it employs a cardioid pickup pattern, which reduces frequencies behind the microphone and helps it take up everything in front of it. Additionally, the pop filter that comes with it aids in removing crackles and guaranteeing coverage in all directions.

We discovered that the microphone functions best when the volume is down on our PC’s control panel to roughly 70% or slightly less. Given that this is a condenser microphone with a wide frequency response, it will capture practically all of the noises in your immediate environment. You will therefore hear sounds like computer fans, keyboard, and mouse clicks when you increase the sensitivity to its highest setting. To make the most of this inexpensive microphone, avoid doing those things.


  • You receive everything you need, including a shock mount, and it is plug and play.
  • USB-C to USB-A 2.0 cable that is detachable.
  • Fantastic pricing range.
  • When used properly, the audio quality is excellent.


  • The mic itself has no mute or gain controls.
  • The threading on the shock mount is plastic.
  • 100% plastic construction.


I can declare with certainty that you get more than you paid for with the TONOR TC30 USB Microphone. It’s not better than the pricier, high-end microphones from well-known manufacturers, but it is unquestionably a product of excellent quality at significant savings.

You will have a difficult time finding a microphone that performs at the same level as the TONOR TC30 for the same price as US$34.99 or CAD$52.99.

Key characteristics:

  • Plug and Play: A USB 2.0 cable is included with the TC30. The user is now able to plug in their microphone while on the go. Numerous platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and even cellphones, are supported with the Tonor TC30.
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern: The TC30’s use of this pattern enables the creation of off-axis noise suppression. In other words, the microphone would filter out extraneous sounds and only pick up those that were right in front of it.
  • Another useful feature is the TC30’s anti-vibration support, which consists of a specific shock mount that greatly lowers noise from mouse clicks, keyboard presses, and other vibrations near the microphone.
  • Seamless Installation: As a consumer, you are free from additional installation concerns right out of the box. Add the pop filter, then USB-connect your microphone.


How do you use a Tonor TC30 on windows?

Just follow these steps: Plug the microphone into the USB port of your laptop/computer. Your laptop/computer will immediately install a driver after recognizing your USB device. Right-click on the 'volume' icon on the bottom-right corner of your screen and select 'sounds.' Go to 'Recording' and set Tonor TC30 Microphone as your default recording device.

Can a Tonor TC30 work on ps4?

Yes, it is compatible with a PlayStation 4. You will need an adapter to connect it to your PS4.

Is Tonor a good mic brand?

Tonor has a reputation for producing quality microphones without the hefty price tag of other brands like Sennheiser. They have a wide range of prices and features on their website, making them accessible for any budget. These mics are perfect for starting hobbyists who don't want to spend too much money. Tonor deals in a wide price range but ranges from $20 - to $240, with most of the mics being in the mid to low-$100s. Their models offer various body styles like handheld, lavaliere, shotgun, and more. Tonor also offers condenser and dynamic microphones plug-ins for macOS, Windows, and iOS devices. Unfortunately, they don't have apps for many other devices (Android and BlackBerry primarily) on their website. So, it's important to use their specs page to find out if it supports the device or not.


I hope this Tonor TC30 Microphone review helped you chalk out the pros and cons of a microphone before buying one for yourself. Link the microphone to an app and start tweaking the sounds. Given the popularity that Tonor has these days, we recommend you to try it and check the audio quality yourself!

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