Download Retropie ROM Pack To Play Retro Games [2024]

We all like to play retro games on our modern computers. The invention of the Retropie ROM pack made it happen for you. You might think, ‘Why not use an emulator instead?’ You can, but an emulator follows the game’s instructions from a different server.

6 easy ways to install a new ROM on RetroPie:
  1. Go to Retropie Configuration.
  2. Choose Raspi Config.
  3. Go to “Advanced options” and choose “Expand Filesystem” (first option).
  4. Confirm your choice.
  5. Wait for the partition to expand.
  6. Then click Finish and reboot your Raspberry Pi.

On the other hand, ROMs are downloadable physical contents of the game that use your hard drive to store their files. In a nutshell, ROMs are physical games, while Emulators run virtual games. So, with a ROM pack for Retropie, you can download and play games from the 90s without any trouble. Consequently, if you want to transfer ROMs to Retropie through Network, there is a way to do that.

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Retropie ROMs

Retropie is not like any other ROM. You may use Retropie to run several emulators of different consoles to suit your nostalgic preferences! As a result, you have many options for selecting which games to play and which ROM sets to download.

retropie rom pack

Retropie ROM set, often known as Pack, is a collection of MAME ROMs you may run on emulators. MAME ROMs are unique. Retropie ROMs are far more sophisticated than standard ROM sets for other consoles. As you may know, ROMs are mirrored versions of arcade games you played on consoles. It’s also worth noting that you can play MAME ROMs on various emulators. The games in the MAME ROMs Pack for Retropie are from multiple systems and have been duplicated and saved as ROM files throughout time. The Retropie ROMset is identical to the MAME ROMset.

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What is a ROM?

ROM is an abbreviation for Read-Only Memory. A ROM is a system file that holds old support data. In our situation, it’s usually a duplicate of an old gaming console’s cartridges that allows us to play the game using an emulator (RetroPie or another).


Disclaimer: The video game industry is enormous and well-protected regarding intellectual property. So playing a licensed video game without first purchasing it is illegal and punishable by law. To avoid issues, choose free games wherever feasible. In any case, we cannot be held liable for your activities due to reading this content. This is entirely your fault.

Where to Find Retropie ROMS Download Packs?

Let us show you where you can find Retropie ROMs. In this part, you will see where to find ROMs and know the rules and disclaimers around them.

Free and Legal ROMs

If you don’t want to take risks, a well-known website lists free games you can play on RetroPie. It’s known as MAMEDev. You will find classic games in video game history (breakage, parachutes, pong, etc.). Select a game and click Download to obtain the matching ROM.

free legal roms


  • Free and authorized ROMs let you play classic video games without violating anyone’s property rights. You are guaranteed to abide by copyright laws because they are taken from legitimate sources or produced by game developers.
  • By maintaining the original game’s graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay, legal ROMs offer an authentic gaming experience. They guarantee an actual retro gaming experience by enabling you to play games as intended by the designers.
  • Legal ROMs create to be reliable and compatible with particular gaming systems or emulators. Since they have undergone extensive testing to ensure proper operation, there is less chance of bugs or compatibility problems than with unofficial ROMs.

Other Websites

When it comes to the ROM directory on the Internet, there are numerous places where you can discover almost any game from your childhood.

I’ve selected four websites that I recommend here:

  1. Cool ROM
  2. Coleco Vision Addict
  3. Rom Hustler
  4. Free ROMs

Each of these websites houses thousands of ROMs.


I have one more source where you can find Retropie ROMs mentioned: Torrent. Torrent is a brilliant, incredibly convenient protocol but is sadly well-known for the wrong reasons.

torrent (1)

And for video games, it couldn’t be worse, with a complete disregard for copyrights. So, while finding unusual ROMs on BitTorrent or elsewhere is possible, I strongly advise you not to.


  • Torrent websites frequently offer search features that let users look for particular files, books, or categories. They often provide additional search options to simplify identifying requested information, including filtering by file type, size, quality, or popularity.
  • Users who use this function can choose which torrents to download with more excellent knowledge.
  • Torrent websites list the number of seeders and leechers. Users can assess a torrent’s health and availability using this information.

Preloaded SD Card

However, the easiest way to save time is to hunt for a preloaded SD card with Retropie and thousands of games installed. It has the best price/quality/quantity ratio and works with Raspberry Pi (even Pi 4).retropie


  • Preloaded SD cards may provide software updates and continuing support depending on the manufacturer or supplier. That guarantees that the associated software is kept current concerning bug fixes. 
  • Preloaded SD cards may come with user instructions or paperwork that explains how to use the preloaded software or material and how to browse it. SD cards with preloaded material may have a range of storage capacities, providing several choices to accommodate the size of the preloaded content or software.

How to Download a Retropie ROM Pack

Before downloading a Retropie ROM pack, ensure you have adequate hardware requirements to play those games. The requirements depend on what game you are planning to run.

Download the Retropie ROM pack.

Firstly, you need to download the Retropie game from its official site. There will be two versions, so choose one corresponding to your Raspberry Pi model.

download any one of the raspberry version

Note: We don’t recommend downloading the game from any other website. Even if you find websites having the same image and plug-ins, we have no assurance that we can trust downloading.

Flash Your SD Card

Once you have downloaded the images, continue with this process:

  1. To begin with, Place the SD card on your card
  2. If your computer does not have an SD card slot, you can use an inexpensive converter to plug it into a USB port.card reader
  3. If necessary, download and install Etcher (a tool for flashing SD cards).etcher
  4. Then, Begin Etcherstart etcher
  5. Select the image file on the
  6. Select your SD card in the card
  7. Then select “Flash!” to begin the SD card creation process.flash
  8. Your SD card will be ready in a few minutes.complete

First Boot

Start the Raspberry Pi by inserting the SD card. There is virtually nothing to do. Wait for the boot routine to complete. All that remains is to configure the first controller.

configure the first controller

  1. When RetroPie prompts you to connect your controller, please do it.
  2. Hold the one key for a few seconds until RetroPie recognizes it.
  3. Then, using the wizard, set up all of the controller keys.
  4. If you have a primary controller that lacks all keys, hold down one key for a few seconds until the wizard moves on to the next one.
  5. After customizing all keys, press “OK,” and the main menu will appear.

You can now utilize the main menu to complete the primary configuration method outlined in the following paragraph.

Basic Configuration

I’ll show you everything you need to configure this menu.

basic configuration

  1. Select the “Configuration” option from the main menu and enter (press A).
  2. It would be beneficial if you now have a full configuration menu like this:full configuration menu

You can navigate through all of the submenus to customize everything. But I only offer you the essentials to configure.


This menu is only for configuring Retropie’s audio output.

retropie audio setup

  1. Set the default sound output to anything you like. (HDMI should suffice for TV.)
  2. Choose jack 3.5 and plug-in speakers or earphones on a basic computer screen.


If you’re familiar with Raspbian, you’ll recognize this menu. You must return to the keyboard on my installation to access this option. You can’t make a choice using my gaming controller.

raspi config

Set your requirements in this menu:

Options for Localization:

  1. If necessary, begin by configuring the location, time zone, keyboard layout, and WiFi country.
  2. Setting the WiFi country is required before connecting.

Options for Network Connectivity:

  1. Functional if you need to create a custom network setup (WiFi or static IP)
  2. Nothing needs to be done for RJ45 using DHCP.


  1. Then select this one to bring the system up to date.

Retropie Setup

This menu will assist you in managing RetroPie components. At the very least, try to upgrade the system:

retropie setup

Retropie is Being Updated:

  1. In the first menu, select “Update.”
  2. Choose “Yes” to all of the questions asked below.
  3. This will bring your entire system up to date.
  4. Then select “Perform Reboot” to apply all of the changes.
  5. Return to this menu after the reboot.

Set up Retropie Management:

  1. Select “Manage Packages” from the Retropie Setup menu.
  2. After that, select “Manage experimental packages.”
  3. Locate “Retropie Manager” and download it from its official website.

Launch Retropie Manager:

  1. Select “Configuration/tools” from the Retropie Setup Menu.
  2. Retropie Manager” should be selected.
  3. Then select “Start Retropie-Manager now” and “Enable RetroPie-Manager on boot.”

IP Address

ip address blue

Later in this instruction, you must know your Raspberry PI IP address. Enter this menu and make a note of your current IP address.

Install games

Once you’ve downloaded a game to your computer, please send it to RetroPie. Check out some trusted sites from where you can download Nintendo games.

RetroPie Manager

RetroPie Manager is a web-based interface for controlling your RetroPie system.

retropie manager

  1. Firstly, You may access it using your web browser by going to HTTP://RASPBERRYIP>:8080.
  2. You might find it on the RetroPie configuration screen under the “Show your IP” menu if you didn’t write down your IP address.
  3. This interface contains a wealth of information about your machine.
  4. Finally, The monitoring screen displays the Raspberry Pi’s current status (memory, file system, and CPU)

Installing a New Game

Prepare the game files as follows:

  1. The majority of the time, you will download a compressed file.
  2. You must use your preferred software to extract it to another folder (for example, WinRAR or 7zip on Windows)

Upload the Following Files:

  1. Firstly, On the top menu, select “Roms.”
  2. Secondly, Choose the system that corresponds to the game.
  3. Drag the extracted files into the appropriate frame.nintendo entertainment system
  4. Finally, Wait a few seconds; games should appear in the list below.

Playing Your New Game

It’s now time to have some fun!

The Additional Games May Not Appear Until You Reload the Main Menu:

  1. Start your controller, then select “Quit” from the pop-up menu.
  2. Finally, like “Restart Emulstation” and click “Yes.”

Your Main Menu Should Now be Different, and Your New Game Should Be on The List:

  1. Choose the game system you want to play (in my example, Nintendo), then the ROM to start (there may be numerous versions in the ROM archive, choose the one you prefer).

nintendo game system

      2. Finally, you’re done.

tetris game on retropie

Follow the guidelines in this section for each game you want to play. Finally, you have learned how to do Retropie game downloads.


What do roms for retropie mean?

RetroPie is software that combines gaming emulators into one platform so users can play classic games on different gadgets like the Raspberry Pi. Answer 1: The digital copies of games the software may play on the RetroPie are known as ROMs. Together these are known as roms for retropie.

Can I customize the retropie roms pack?

You can customize the retropie roms pack by adding or removing ROMs according to your preferences. After transferring the ROMs bag to your RetroPie device, you can manually delete or add ROM files using the RetroPie interface or connect to your RetroPie through a network.

Where can I find rom packs?

Websites and online communities devoted to preserving and exchanging old games can find there. It's crucial to remember that sharing copyrighted rom packs can violate intellectual property rights. Thus it's advised to make sure you have permission to use any ROMs you download.

Are there legal implications when using nes roms for raspberry pi?

The legality of using nes roms for raspberry pi depends on the copyright status of the games and the jurisdiction you're in. Generally, downloading and using copyrighted ROMs without owning the original game cartridges or obtaining permission from the copyright holder is considered illegal. Understanding and complying with the laws and regulations regarding ROM usage in your specific country or region is essential.

Does utilizing rom packs for retropie include any risks?

Using rompacks for retroPie carries several hazards, especially when getting ROMs from unreliable or unauthorized sources. When working with ROM packs, it's essential to always download from reputable sites and to have antivirus software that is up to date. ROM files acquired from improbable locations may include malware with viruses or malware that harm your Raspberry Pi or compromise your data.


In conclusion, the steps above explain downloading a Retropie ROM pack. There are PSP ROMs on the Internet if you desire to check it out. Therefore, we hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading. Enjoy downloading games from free Retropie ROMS.

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