12 Easy Ways To Download Research Papers For Free In 2024

The topic of today’s article will be how to download Research Papers for free. A research paper currently costs, on average, about $30. This is due to the current approach, which keeps publicly funded research behind paywalls set up by publishers, who don’t contribute much additional value on their own.

The best ways include downloading research papers for free in 2024 from:

  • Sci-Hub
  • Library Genesis
  • Unpaywall
  • Directory of Open Access Journals
  • Open Access Button
  • Science Open
  • Core
  • Education Resources Information Center

Many researchers and others aware of the problem have been searching for a superior replacement for the current system. You can also check the research paper writer at Essaypro. This is one of the best research paper writers. Some even go so far as to say that this approach is one of the biggest obstacles to human progress in the modern era. In this write-up, let’s dive deep and know the methods To Download Research Papers For Free.

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Download Research Papers For Free | 12 Easy Ways

This list of methods, along with the steps, will help you easily download research papers:


The OA in the name of this website stands for Open Access, and it’s a search engine for academic research. You get to search the papers you’re interested in based on the following:

– an author

– a topic

– a specific paper


They centralized a database that connected different universities and researchers who allowed open access to their papers. Once you filter the results and find what you need, OA.mg will take you to the original source, where you’ll be able to download the full research paper in PDF.

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Sci-Hub is a website that was developed in 2011 and has a set of academic and scientific research papers. You can get many sciences of related stuff there. The download requests for articles are more than 1,00,000 every day, and the website is a bit controversial as many countries have banned this due to copyright infringement.

If you still want to download academic and scientific research papers from Sci-Hub, you can use any VPN service network. Follow the steps to download free research papers.

  1. Go to Sci-Hub Official Webpage.sci hub official
  2. The site will ask for your full name and date of birth (DOB). Fill in your name and date of birth in the required sections. Type the URL of the research paper that we need to download.  Now press the “Open” button appearing in Red color.scihub download research papers

By following these steps, you can easily get a free online research paper download from SciHub.

Unique features:

  • It allows for bulk downloading of academic papers.
  • Access to a huge database of articles and reports.
  • It offers an easy-to-use search function.

Visit: Sci-Hub

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Library Genesis

The website Library Genesis has millions of science-related cool articles and various non-fiction books. The site also covers various magazines that deal with science and journal file papers. 

Many internet providers have banned Library Genesis because of some issues. However, you can still download articles and science-related magazines from the Library Genesis site using VPNs. Follow these steps to download the books, articles, and research papers.

  1. Go to the official website of Library Genesis.library genesis official
  2. Now, the home page of Library Genesis will appear on your screen. On your search bar, search for the required science or non-fiction research papers you want to download for free.library genesis research papers
  3. Press the Search button. Click on the download research paper and then save it on your system. You can now read them whenever you want. And write your own paper accordingly.search library genesis

Unique features:

  • Contains an extensive collection of scientific literature.
  • Allows for easy access to books and articles, also.
  • Offers a well-organized search function.

Visit: Library Genesis

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Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

If you’re looking for a research paper in social sciences or humanities, this database is made for you. SSRN provides access to more than 1.2 million research papers in over 70 different disciplines. 

social science research network

Search by title, abstract, keyword, or author, and you’ll receive a list of papers ready to be fully accessed and downloaded.

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Visit: Social Science Research Network


Unpaywall is one of the best websites for downloading research papers, academic articles, or any government-related resources you want to download and read. This app lets you download some mirrored versions of the research papers and articles which are banned in their original form, but because they are mirrored, you can easily download them from the Unpaywall site.

The archive section of the Unpaywall website has more than 80 percent of scientific write-ups and research papers. To download the research papers for free from Unpaywall, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the official website of Unpaywell or this link. https://unpaywall.org/products/extension so that you can be redirected there on the home page.unpaywell
  2. Allow the website to add a shortcut extension on the home screen of your browser. Click Add this to Chrome button. Be patient till the extension gets installed on your web browser. Use google chrome if possible.unpaywall

Now, the magic will happen automatically as the extension will do its work, and you do not have to do anything. When you hover over any research paper on the Unpaywall, it will automatically ask you whether you want to download it.

Unique features:

  • Searches for open-access versions of paywalled articles.
  • Offers a browser extension for quick access to articles.
  • Access to a huge article database.

Visit: Unpaywall

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Directory Of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

The Directory of Open Access Journals is, just as the name says, a Directory of tons of Journals and research papers. Many science-related articles on the Directory of Open Access Journals are free. You can easily download them from the official site of the Directory of Open Access Journals.

This website is rapidly gaining popularity because of its quality-based journals and good research papers. The DOAJ would also give an individual a lot of knowledge about research papers. Ton downloads research papers from the Directory of Open Access Journals and follow these steps.

Go to the official website of the Directory of Open Journals.  Then, the home page of DOAJ will appear on your screen. On your search bar, search for the required science or non-fiction research papers you want to download for free.

  1. doaj

Unique features:

  • This site provides a comprehensive list of free-access journals.
  • Allows for easy search and discovery of free access articles.
  • Ensures the reliability of maintaining a quality control system.

Visit: Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Open Access Button

Open Access Button is a well-known site made by a group of students. This site is known because it makes free-funded and paid research papers available to everyone. On the Open Access Button site, you can also see many science-related, political, and academic-related articles and research papers. They are also available and accessible to you for free on the Open Access Button.

You just have to download the Browser Extension of the Open Access Button. To download research papers for free, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the official website of the Open Access Button so that you can be redirected there on the home page.open access button logo
  2. Next, allow the website to add a shortcut extension on the home screen of your browser. Click Add this to chrome button.oab download research paper Be patient till the extension gets installed on your web browser. Use google chrome if possible.

By following these steps, you can easily download research papers for free from Open Access Button.

Unique features:

  • Easily access free access versions of paywalled articles with this browser extension.
  • Allows users to request access to paywalled articles.
  • Raising awareness and advocating for open access.

Visit: Open Access Button


Academia is a brilliant resource for finding research papers, although not all of them are available to be downloaded for free.

acedemia edu

Still, they offer more than 47 million PDFs for free, so you’ll find something for yourself.

Visit: Academia.edu

Research Gate

Finally, ResearchGate is one of the most highly appraised and widely used databases for finding research papers in virtually any domain. They provide access to more than 160 million publication pages that you can access and read.

research gateNot all research papers that you find are available to be fully accessed and downloaded. When you get the results of your search, look for the green button saying ‘’full-text available’’ and the blue one saying ‘’download full-text’’.

You’ll find credible papers from researchers and scientists from all over the globe.

Visit: Research Gate

Science Open

The Science Open is one of the best and most popular websites known for collecting science-related research papers from all over the topics that cover science. You can easily get relevant science-related information and many other articles on the Science Open website. Follow these steps to download free articles and research papers from the Science Open website.

Go and visit the official website of ScienceOpen.  Now, look for the desired collection or the topics of the research papers you want to download.science open

Unique features:

  • Offers a search engine for articles.
  • Provides a database of over one hundred million open-access articles.
  • Offers a platform for collaboration and network building among researchers.

Visit: Science Open


The CORE is an open collection of articles and research papers that any citizen would want to download and read. It also covers government-related and taxes related research papers, and you can get it for free on the CORE site.

To download the research papers for free, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the official website of the CORE.core official website
  2. Then, in the search bar, search for the topic on which you want an article and research paper.core
  3. Now, you can get the desired research paper for free download.

Unique features:

  • Core research outputs include science, technology, medicine, and the humanities.
  • Searching in Core is simple and intuitive, making it easy to find information.
  • Core’s database is regularly updated with new research findings from various sources.

Visit: CORE

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

The ERIC is one of the most important and popular sites for student research papers. This website has many non-fiction and science-based research papers, which are very helpful. eric research papersYou can also get journal and non-journal material from the Education Resources Information Center.

Unique features:

  • Journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports are available in ERIC.
  • Users can easily find and access information using ERIC’s user-friendly interface.
  • The ERIC database integrates with other databases, making it easier to find related information.

Visit: ERIC

How to Use These Research Papers?

Now that you’ve seen the different resources for finding and downloading research papers, the question we need to ask is, how do you plan on using them?

Recent research showed that 76% of students copied assignments word-for-word from others. If you think you can just copy and plagiarize a research paper and turn it in as your own, you’re wrong. Your teacher probably has some sort of plagiarism checker or is simply experienced enough to recognize when students try to sneak in other people’s work.

research paper

Instead, use it the way you should:

– as credible resources for your original paper

– to find specific information and prove a point

– to learn about the structure, style, and rules of writing a research paper

You can use GrabMyEssay if you need someone to write an original paper for you. This is great when you lack time or find yourself stuck with a topic you know nothing about.

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How Can I Free Download Papers In 2024?

Several websites and platforms offer paper-free downloads. Some popular options include CORE, ResearchGate, and OpenAIRE. You can also use search engines such as Google Scholar to find open-access articles and papers for free download.

Are There Any Reliable Research Paper Download Sites?

Yes, there are several reliable research paper download sites available. It is essential to check the site's credibility before downloading a research paper to ensure the information you are accessing is reliable and accurate.

What Is The Process For Free Online Research Paper Download?

You can find open-access articles to download a research paper for free. Locate the document you are interested in, click the download button, and follow any prompts to save the document to your device.

Are Free Article Download Legally Allowed?

It depends on the source of the article. If the article is free through open access, it is usually legally allowed to download. However, it is vital to check the specific licensing and copyright information for each article before downloading it to ensure it is permitted. Downloading an article without permission can sometimes result in legal consequences.

Can I Download Research Papers For Free On My Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can download research papers for free on your mobile phone. Many websites and apps offer free access to research papers, and you can use them just like you would on a computer. Some popular options include the Open Access Button app and the Sci-Hub mobile site.

From Where Except These Sites Can I Download The Published Research Papers?

You can check Google Scholar with the keywords of the paper you want.

What Kinds Of Research Papers Are Most Downloaded?

Science and non-fiction research papers are most downloaded from the sites.

What Are Some Of The Types Of Research Papers?

The research papers can be Descriptive questions, interpretive or comparative questions, and many others.

What Is A Review Paper?

A research paper is made after reading various research articles and doing some research. Whereas a review paper is a study of already written articles.

Someone Can Charge You For Downloading A Research Paper Without Your Knowledge?

No, no one can charge you anything unless they specifically ask for your approval, card details, and more.

Can I Use These Research Papers To Write My Own?

Yes, but you have to list them in your resources list and add in-text citations if you're copying certain parts of it.

Is It Legal To Download Research Papers?

If you're using an open-access source to download the paper from, it's legal.

Are All Research Papers Available For Free?

Subscription-based research papers require you to pay for a subscription and purchase the paper to gain full access.


Research papers are costly when you download them after taking subscriptions from certain sites. However, after following the methods listed above in this article, you can easily learn how to download research papers for free. We hope you found this article helpful.

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